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Career as ASP Programmer

Active Server Page ( ASP ) programmers design interactive functions on web pages such as database registries, survey voting platforms and online shopping carts. ASP programmers often work directly with customers, sometimes in person or over the phone. Some workers are employed by web hosting and design companies, whereas others work as independent contractors. The majority of workers hold certificates or undergraduate degrees related to computer sciences and programming.

Career Profile for ASP Programmer Job Duties

Information from the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics ( BLS ) states that computer programmers, including Active Server Page ( ASP ) programmers, use various computer languages to design computer programs and applications ( ). ASP programmers work specifically in website design. In order to program the right interactive tools, ASP programmers talk with clients and assess website needs. For example, if the client is a business owner, a programmer might ask the client if the site will be used for purchasing items or for advertising business operations, if not both.

After the programmer determines what interactive features a client needs, the programmer begins incorporating those functions. Programmers create interactive features by writing or borrowing specific computer language codes. After creating the application, programmers must test it and make sure it works. Usually, once the programmer has completed creating these interactive applications, his or her work is finished. Some clients employ ASP programmers as website administrators, which means that the programmer maintains a website and makes updates or alterations to the site as needed.

ASP Programmer Career Requirements

Educational requirements for ASP programmer career vary by employer, but most employers require job candidates to complete some post secondary training prior to employment. Individuals can choose to earn a certificate in ASP programming or earn an undergraduate degree related to computer science. ASP programming certificate programs include coursework such as active server pages and databases, HTML coding, Web page creation, program installation, server control and system maintenance.

Programmers also require strong communication skills for ASP programmer career field. Workers need to be able to listen to clients and figure out what the client needs. Likewise, programmers often have to explain advanced computer concepts in simpler terms so that clients understand what services are being provided. Although programmers can work independently, those who work with team members need to utilize clear communication techniques to determine who is in charge of which tasks.

ASP Programmer Salary Statistics

Looking at computer programmers from all fields, the BLS records indicated that in May 2010 the average annual median salary for ASP programmer career field was $71,380. During that same year, computer programmers who reported earning the highest annual average salaries worked in the following states :

  • Massachusetts = $90,620
  • Washington = $90,090
  • California = $84,470
  • New Jersey = $82,800
  • Vermont = $81,090

Since ASP programmers represent a particular niche of computer programmers, these numbers may not accurately indicate the average annual salary. Examining salary statistics from industries more likely to employ ASP programmers may provide a more accurate salary estimation. For example, the industries of data processing, web hosting and related services are more likely to hire ASP programmers, and programmers from these industries reported earning an average annual salary of $75,420 in May 2010.

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