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Career in Book Publishing

Are you the proverbial bookworm who laps up the first chance to curl up with a good book? Do you desire that one day other people too enjoy reading your books? If the answer is in the affirmative, a career as a publisher is right for you.

You will not only enjoy reading a plethora of books by way of this but you will also get the chance to bring out books, the way you always liked them to be.

Here you will get a chance to make a book right from the inception of its contents to your creative feeling and put to test your managerial skills when you publish a book. And the joy is supreme when you find your adored by a serious reader.

Everyone at some point of time or the other must have had something to do with books so as to meet one’s curricular requirements at school, college and university levels. While some would have been bookworms, other must have read books out of compulsion.

At that stage, books relating to favourite subjects were relished while later on in life, reading novels and other magazines catering to different fields of interest was the favourite past time most of the people think that books are written by authors and they sell it in the market whereas, in reality, though the books are written by authors, they go through so many processes and find their way to the market.

There is the idea of a book in the author, and it is the skillfulness of the publisher to bring it out. When a writer completes one’s work, the writer approaches a publishing house, which deals in Book Publishing.

On the other hand if the author is a prominent one, he / she is approached by the Book Publishing house to write on some issue. A publisher is one whose business is Book Publishing.

The Book Publishing job of a publisher includes selecting and commissioning manuscripts; preparing the manuscripts for printing designing the final appearance of books, overseeing their printing and binding and finally marketing.

Book Publishing process is mainly divided in to editorial, designing, production, advertising, publicity and marketing. The publishers can be private or government run enterprises, specializing in text books, paperbacks, technical literature, art books and children books.

The publisher also looks in to the fact that the works published are sold off in the market.

In a Book Publishing house the editorial department is one of the most important departments, which deals with the making of a book from the manuscript stage to what finally appears on the book shelves in the market.

Book Publishing editor has to identify authors, consult specialists for their opinions on different subjects, prepare typescripts for the printer and liaison with the authors regarding copyrights and contracts.

It is the Book Publishing editors job to edit a manuscript, work closely with the author in order to understand what the author is trying to convey, make sure that the essence of the storyline is not lost and present the book in a manner that will appeal to the readers.

Book Publishing Editors and the chief editor direct the policy of the publication house, manage the staff and coordinate all the work. The editor’s job is very challenging.

The Book Publishing editor has to remain in constant touch with the author. Authors are difficult to deal with due to their idiosyncrasies. Therefore, to become a good editor, one has to put one’s ego aside and be in good control of one’s emotions.

Apart from an interest in the books, a strong command over the language one wishes to work in, an eye for detail and an overall general awareness are required to become a good editor. Though one has to be a graduate in order to apply, most Book Publishing Houses prefer postgraduates.

Most of the Book Publishing houses have specialists in various subjects called subject matter experts (SMEs). If they hire someone to work on books in economics, they would prefer a person with specialization in that particular subject.

Further, for a work of nonfiction or a textbook, a person with a transparent and fluid writing style is required. In some of the Book Publishing houses like Tata Mc Graw Hill, which is purely in to technical books, the editors need to work with the author, right from the project inception stage on the scope and versatility of the content.

Even the format, in which the author must develop and submit the content, is critical in order to avoid technical errors during production.

The production department has the responsibility of giving the final appearance to books. This department works in close liaison with the editorial department and decides about the look of the books, the typeface and the paper to be used.

They also have the paper to be used. They also have to coordinate the printing and binding of books.

The marketing and sales department is responsible for the sale of the books. In fact, Book Publishing job starts even before a book is commissioned, since books are generally commissioned only after the sales and marketing personnel submit market requirements to the publisher.

They arrive at their understanding of market requirements by conducting research on sales and feed backs. They also conduct sales campaigns whereby they inform libraries, bookstores and also the general public about forthcoming books.

Another important department is the design department which looks in to the graphics and artwork for the books this department might hire the service of freelancers to design illustrations and other visual elements of the book.

Publicity and promotions have now become an important aspects due to media type and glittering book launches. The publicity and promotions department looks into it, that a book gets its due publicity in the market.

It organizes book launch functions; holds book reading sessions and conducts media campaigns for the books. The accounts department deals with the financial matters of the Book Publishing house.

Besides the editorial department, production department and marketing and sales department, publishers also require freelance translators, illustrators and writers for various assignments.

Eligibility for Book Publishing Courses :

A Book Publishing Company is divided in to several departments. Getting in to any particular department requires a separate set of skills. Hence educational qualifications differ for acquiring different skills. Hence educational qualifications differ for acquiring different skills.

For example, in order to get in to the editorial department, a degree in journalism is more often than not, the required criteria. One has to complete one’s graduation in any discipline in order to get a degree in journalism is, more often than not the required criteria.

One has to complete one’s graduation in any discipline in order to get a degree in journalism. Graduation in any discipline in order to get a degree in journalism.

Graduates of art or design can join the art department, while a diploma in printing is required for the production personnel are expected to have a knowledge about the technicalities of the printing process, artworks, graphics / designers.

Similarly, in order to get in to the marketing and sales department one preferably has to have a degree one has to be a graduate in any discipline. However, there are several prominent institutions which offer courses in Book Publishing. The minimum eligibility condition for Book Publishing courses is graduation in any discipline.

Aptitude :

Love for books, voracious reading habits, business acumen, interest in marketing and literary and creative efforts are the most essential qualities which a person should have in order to get in to the Book Publishing career.

An eye for detail and an ability to analyse facts critically is another important aptitude that goes to make a good publisher. Moreover an interested in the latest social, economic so that as a publisher, one is able to produce books that cater to the taste of the society.

Book Publishing Courses :

Various institutions and universities offer courses in book publishing to students who have the required eligibility. Graduate courses in book publishing are offered by many colleges and universities. Some universities also offer postgraduate diploma courses in book publishing.

A six months post graduate certificate in copy editing and proof reading is offered houses with in house placements. Certificate course in creative writing is offered by some institutes, which can help one to get a job in the editorial department of a publishing management are also available at many Book Publishing Institutes.

Prospects for Book Publishing Careers :

With rapid increase in the print media and with people discovering a new joy in books, the publishing industry is on the road to prosperity. Any student who has done a Book Publishing Course will be inducted into the publishing industry with a good starting salary.

One can get employed in the editorial, production or marketing sections of private publishing houses. One can also find employment in the publications division of government departments or in universities and educational / religious / charitable institutions, who publish their own literature.

Publishing in India is a rapidly growing industry. It can be explained by the fact that most international publishing houses such as Penguin, Harper Collins, Picador, Random House, Oxford University Press And Mac Millan have either a full fledged office or their representatives in the country.

Book Publishing Job prospects are open for anyone with the right aptitude and the required skills in the publishing houses. With experience, one can set up a publishing house of one’s own.

As a owner of a reputed publishing house, one not only earns a high income but also comes to be well known among the noted writers and authors of the time.

Career in Book Publishing – Remuneration :

One can start one’s career in a Book Publishing house with a starting salary of Rs.5000 to 8000 per month. The salaries for freshers are higher in the editorial departments to big publishing houses and increase with seniority.

With an experience of 5 to 6 years in the editorial department, one can command a salary of 35000 to 40000 if one starts commissioning books. As an owner of a publishing house, one can earn in lakhs.

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