Skills Required for Career in BPO Sector

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Career in BPO Sector

Sl.No.CategoryRank of invited Candidates for BHU PET 2013 MCA Counselling
1.General`From Rank 1 to Rank 187
2.OBCFrom Rank 1 to Rank 153
3.SCFrom Rank 1 to Rank 110
4.STFrom Rank 1 to Rank 65
5.Employee WardFrom Rank 1 to Rank 32
6.PC ( OH )From Rank 1 to 22
10th March, 2014 Merit No. 1 to 100 10.00 A.M. onwards
11th March, 2014 Merit No. 101 to 200 10.00 A.M. onwards
12th March, 2014 Merit No. 201 to 300 10.00 A.M. onwards
13th March, 2014 Merit No. 301 to 400 10.00 A.M. onwards
14th March, 2014 Merit No. 401 to onwards
10.00 A.M. onwards

Health issues of professionals : In order to synchronize with the working day of the client countries, a number of BPO companies work either mid – day to mid – night or all – night. The psychosomatic stresses involved in working at hours contrary to human biological cycle, the number of complaints related to health issues among BPO professionals is perhaps the highest among all other professionals.

This is an important issue that may influence the ability to BPO companies in attracting and retaining the best talent. Conclusion BPO means different things to different people. Some perceive it is a golden business opportunity, while some others see it is an avenue to an exciting career. However, significant steps must be taken in imparting certain fundamental skills to a large section of the students before BPO can become the next big wave of gainful employment. In the long run, success of the BPO industry will depend on how well the talent pool of the country is nurtured as also on a number of socio – political and psycho – somatic issues.
Skills Required for Career in BPO Sector

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