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Career in Acting in India

The Barry John Acting Studio offers a wide range of Acting courses and workshops that answer to the educational needs of both beginning and experienced professional actors, as well as writers, directors, designers and teachers.

Barry John is one of the few trained teachers of Drama in the country, and with almost forty years of experience at the highest levels, he has evolved his own unique system of training that is highly sought after.

The Barry John system incorporates the most up to date and comprehensive techniques and methodologies that have proved to be inspiring and empowering.

Devoid of academic theory and jargon, the system is a progressive series of exercises and projects that are practical and experiential.

It is carefully designed to equip students with a mature level of physical, mental and emotional skills to meet the demands of professional engagements with film, television and theater.

The Acting courses are rigorous and intensive, demanding a high degree of commitment, energy and perseverance. When these qualities are in evidence, the objective of encouraging actors to be self – aware, self – reliant and self – confident is achievable.

The overriding mission of The Barry John Acting Studio Mumbai is to further enhance its reputation of being the foremost training centre in India, and to assist in raising the levels of professionalism in the media to compare with the highest in the world.

Features for Barry John Acting Institute

1. The highest quality of teaching and the most modern methods.

2. A spacious, well – equipped studio in a well – appointed location.

3. The most imaginatively designed syllabus that guarantees a progressive and balanced range of practical studies to cover all aspects of an actor’s needs.

4. Sustained monitoring and assessment of each student’s progress through each unit of study, with personal tutorials and feedback.

5. Performance projects with live audiences.

6. Documentation on film of all major exercises and performances for purposes of analysis. Compiled into a showcase CD and presented to each student upon completion of a Acting course.

7. Training in a professional film – shooting project. The film is edited and included in the students’ showcase CDs.

8. Along with a Diploma or Certificate and a showcase CD, each student receives a Report detailing grades for each unit of study, an overall grade, assessment of all criteria of training, and teachers’ comments.

9. Successful students are automatically registered with the Imago Casting Agency, whose function is to assist in the securing of professional engagements and contracts.

10. Opportunities for further development are available through the range of allied specialization workshops that cover direction, design and scriptwriting, or through membership of the Imago Theatre Group (a registered society) or the Imago Theatre – in – Education Company.

Barry John Acting Courses & Workshop

The Diploma Courses in Acting

A 3 – months, full – time Diploma Course in acting that offers intensive training in all aspects of the actor’s craft sufficient to qualify students to undertake assignments in film, television, radio and theatre.

The Certificate Courses in Acting

A 3 – months, part – time course in acting that offers a basic training in key aspects of the actor’s craft. It is useful for beginning actors and for those who are working. There are no public performances.

Master Classes

A one month, part – time series of classes for experienced professional actors who wish to overhaul their skills, or inject fresh inspiration and vitality into methods that have become dull and mechanical.

Advanced Courses in Acting

A one month part – time Acting program for actors who need to move beyond the basics.

New Integrated Acting Courses

A one month, part – time Acting course for aspiring and experienced actors, directors, designers and writers who wish to learn about each others disciplines, and collaborate in the devising of original and experimental methodologies and forms.

Drama Teachers Training Courses

A one month, part – time Acting course for aspiring teachers of Drama. It offers awareness and training in the basic tenets and methods of using Drama for educational purposes with children and adults.

Customised Training Workshop for Film & Televison Productions

Specially designed workshops of variable duration for the bonding of a team of actors, honing of skills, explorations of themes, characters, relationships and action of a given script, prior to the commencement of shooting.

Admission Procedure for Barry John Acting Courses

The first task is to read carefully all the information given in the Prospectus or on the company’s website. Any further concerns or questions should be addressed to the office administrators.

Secondly, students should consider the following important requirements. Although participants typically are post – graduate students, academic qualifications and previous acting experience are not compulsory requirements for Acting Courses admission; but the following are :

  • To be fully committed and focused for the total duration of a Acting course, free from other commitments and distractions.
  • To be in a state of good physical and mental health.
  • To be willing and able to work in a group with trust, mutual respect and maturity.
  • To be able to be ruthlessly honest and to accept criticism.
  • To be disciplined about regular and punctual attendance.

If you decide that you wish to undergo a course in Acting, then proceed to filling in the Barry John Acting Studio Application Form and arranging for the following supplementary materials :

  • Medical Certificate from a registered doctor.
  • Photocopies of educational qualifications and certificates.
  • Reference letters from at least two persons who are competent to assess your character and abilities.
  • Three passport – size photographs, one of which is to be affixed to the Barry Johns Acting Studio Application Form.

The Barry Johns Acting Studio Application Form and supplementary materials, together with the fee in full should be delivered by hand or by registered post / courier to the Studio office. Barry John Acting Studio Barry John Acting Institute may be paid in cash or by demand draft in favour of Imago Media Company Pvt. Ltd.

All incomplete applications will be rejected. Applicants completing these formalities will be registered on a course in Acting on a first-come-first-served basis. Barry John Acting Studio Barry John Acting Institute once paid are not refundable under any circumstances. Selection of the person is at the sole discretion of the Production house.

This Casting Agency is exclusively for the Barry John Students. The age eligibility is 18 years and above. Barry John Acting Studio Application Forms can be downloaded from this website : The Registration Fee is INR 500/-.

For details, please contact :

Roshni Chugh,
405 – A, Kotia Nirman,
Link Road, Andheri (W),
Mumbai – 400 053,
Phone No : 9967977966.

Above Mercedes Showroom Near Fun Republic / Yash Raj Studios.

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