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Career as Audiophiles

If you are really keen in sound production, you can look for a Audiophiles job as an Audio Engineer

There is no doubt that everyone loves music. So, why not a career in the music industry? It is not necessary that only those who have learned to be professional performers can work in the industry.

If not produce music; why not help someone to produce it? Audio engineering is one such job that is important for producing music.

Audio Engineers Career :

Audio Engineers are the one who are involved in the production and manipulation of sound through analog or digital means. They are also used in the installation, design, sound equipments.

As a professional title, this person is sometimes designated as a sound engineer or recording engineer instead.

Often employed in recording studios, audio engineers apply these skills in recording, editing, mixing and mastering sound in order to create the final, finished product. Audio engineers may also be used in field such as movie and television sound production, advertising, and multimedia products.

An audio engineer will usually be trained in the use of various sound equipment including mixer consoles, signal processors, microphones, tape decks, digital audio applications, and speaker systems

How to become an Audio Engineers :

Getting an audio engineering degree or a diploma is the first step to getting a audio engineering job, or starting a career in audio engineering.

Additionally, there are institutes offering individual audio engineering courses related to audio communication. It can also be helpful to gain experience by working or interesting with the local radio or broadcasting station.

Audio Engineering Job experience and specialized education are also positives for those looking for employment.

Audio Engineers operate on the following equipments :

  • Mixing consoles
  • Microphones
  • Signal processors
  • Tape machines (mainly Multitrack recording tape machines)
  • Digital audio workstations
  • Music sequencers
  • Speakers
  • Preamplifiers
  • Amplifiers

The Audio Engineering Courses usually start with the learning of the basic sound theory and frequencies of sound.

Then the students are trained on recording and the concept of multi – track recording along with inputs about microphones and other audio consoles. The various formats of sound recording are an additional input.

The candidates are also trained on the hardware side of audio that includes the design and the installation of the audio console. The students will also learn to do live syncing.

It is not just music that the students will learn but also recording other sounds like learning the art of post production that includes mixing of sound etc.

School of Audio engineering, Nungambakkam and Tamil Nadu Film and Television institute, Taramani are offering courses in audio engineering.

Audiophiles Career Opportunities

  • Assistant Engineer
  • Broadcast Engineer
  • Dialogue Editor
  • Foley Recordist / Editor
  • Location Sound Engineer
  • Mastering Engineer
  • Mix Engineer
  • Music Editor
  • Music Producer
  • Pro Tools Operator
  • Re – recording Mixer
  • Programmer
  • Recording Engineer
  • Sound Designer
  • Sound Effects Editor
  • Sound Recordist
  • Studio Manager

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