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Career in Bank PO Probationary Officers

Bank Probationary Officers Jobs :

With the roaring success of various new – age business models and methods in India and elsewhere, the scope and reach of banking services have widened like never before.

As the areas of operations and functions of banks are constantly on the rise, it has triggered an unprecedented demand for qualified professionals for the posts of “Bank Probationary Officers”.

Various banks conduct Bank PO Entrance Examinations at frequent intervals for filling up the vacant posts. It has opened a veritable floodgate of opportunities for aspiring candidates who have a flair for banking services and are at ease with the ever – growing demands of this highly competitive sector.

If you think you have the panache to cope with these demands successfully, then banking jobs would be a great career option for you.

Banking Functions :


Gone are the days when banks performed simple functions like accepting deposits by opening an account and disbursing money to the account holders and extending loans to trade and industry.

Aside from these, banks today play a very important role in promoting merchandise, raising international loans for their clientele, ATMs, etc. With the globalisation of the Indian economy, banking in India has undergone a sea change.

Banking Sector Jobs :

Public Sector Banks in India have now to gear up for competing not only with foreign banks but also many private banks to corner a share in the market. An influx of multinational companies together with dilution of Government equity through FDI in banks, has led to a tremendous metamorphosis in the banking sector.

Presently banks are trying to lure as many clients as possible through various new – age services like online banking, securities and investments, asset management, corporate banking, etc.

Unlike in the past, banks in India today offer services to the corporates that can be compared to the best in the world. As a result, there is a growing demand for talented personnel with lucrative pay – packets for the deserving. Indeed, the banking sector has become one of the biggest recruiters in the country as also the biggest in financial sector.

The banking sector in India consists of public sector banks and private sector banks which also include multinational banks like City Bank, HSBC, etc. Their recruitment processes are different.

You can join a public sector bank at two levels – Probationary Officer ( P.O. ) and Bank Clerk. For the Probationary Officers the minimum eligibility criteria is graduation from a recognised university.

Bank Probationary Officers Examination 2011 :

Each bank recruits its own staff through its personnel division through a written test, group discussion ( GD ) and interview. The written test consists of objective type questions that test a student’s general intelligence ( test of reasoning, numerical ability, knowledge of English and Current Affairs ).

There is a provision of negative marking. Therefore, you should be careful while marking your answers and avoid too much of guesswork. The second part of the written exam is the descriptive one. Here students have the choice to attempt three out of four questions. The interview and group discussion mainly test leadership and communication skills of the candidates.

Bank Clerks Exam 2011 follows a similar pattern for which the eligibility is 10+2. For further details regarding the nature of the exam and eligibility – criteria, regularly keep in touch with Employment News I Competition Success Review and Bank PO General Knowledge Today ( Competition Opportunities ). In addition to these two general types of vacancies, these banks also recruit Company Secretaries, Chartered Accountants, MBAs, etc., for their specialised services.

With increasing automation across the sector, IT professionals also now find a place of pride in various banks. Bank Probationary Officers have to undergo a two – year probation period, during which they have to perform various functions such as those related to loans, foreign exchange, savings and current account. In many cases, a candidate’s performance during the probation period determines his / her position after the completion of the period. Most of the Probationary Officers reach senior positions such as Deputy Managers and General Managers after about 10 years of service.

As a manager, one is responsible for the functioning of a particular branch. The manager is the sole in – charge of matters such as staff welfare, various legalities and the profit margins of the particular branch. One important point to note in this regard is that while seniority is one of the main considerations for promotion, there are also other opportunities of promotion like the departmental exams held at the interval of every 3 – 4 years.

Banking Professions continues to be one of the most attractive careers for young graduates. It remains to be in the most – wanted job category because of the fact that bank employees like Probationary Officers enjoy much respect in the society. The essential qualities that are needed to be a Probationary Officer include being receptive and alert to all the happenings inside the bank, and also to the training being imparted to new employees. He should also be cooperative and friendly towards the staff as also towards the customers. He also needs to develop a humane kind of leadership.

He should have the ability to influence the staff and the customers alike. He also should be able to motivate the employees of the bank so that they can discharge their duties to the highest of their abilities. He should coordinate with the employees to smoothen the work process. Whenever a problem arises, he should have the ability to come up with a solution instantly. In short, he should develop an attractive, sincere and industrious personality. The public sector banks provide job security to a very large number of people. Transfers are regular affairs ( every three years ).

Easy availability of interest – free loans and other perks lure lakhs of students to apply for these jobs. To join the banking sector, you must possess a few of these qualities. You should have broader business understanding with good inter – personal skills. A good marketing mind with good accounting and writing skills do help you in your job. High grades do not necessarily make much difference as your performance is what ultimately counts.

However, a degree in management or finance would ensure your quick progress up the hierarchy. In the public sector banks, promotions to higher pay scales are time – bound and fixed. But in the private sector, promotions are fast and quick for hardworking people and sky is the limit. Last, but not the least, the working hours in public sector banks are generally fixed but in private sector banks, you may have to put in extra hours of work at the office in addition to the regular hours.

And, if you join multinational banks, you may even get foreign postings after a few years of excellent work with the bank. Thus, in the banking sector, though the challenges are big, yet the opportunities are excellent, making it one of the most exciting careers.

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