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Career in Consultancy

Women are more suited for a career in consultancy as they possess several inherent qualities like patience and an analytical bent of mind.

Those having sound knowledge of a subject and its domain and strong application and analytical skills supplemented by good communication skills can look forward to a career in consultancy.

According to industry experts, women are better suited for this profession than men. “Women possess many inherent qualities required for a consultant, like patience, sensitivity and an analytical bent of mind.

As consultancy is a respectable job and consultants are revered for their knowledge and skills, women don’t hesitate to enter this field,” says Nirmala, CEO, Ascent Leadership Management Consultants Pvt, Ltd., Hyderabad.

How to start a career in consulting?

“To be successful in this profession, one should clearly know one’s capabilities and weaknesses. One should be really competent and should not try to experiment on clients,” Nirmala remarks.

“Most women are not able to move forward in their careers beyond a certain level for various reasons that include marriage and family commitments. Such women can continue to work as consultants from home.

Whenever they want to get back to their jobs, they can do so”, says Sunil Abrol, Director General of Consultancy Development Centre (CDC), New Delhi.

In this profession, one needs to give more than what the client asks for. A positive sign is that consultancy firms headed by women are on the rise and many women want to be independent consultants. “The field is also spreading to newer areas like hospitality, tourism, legal sphere and architecture,” says Karuna Gopal, CEO of Confluence Consulting.

Currently, there are two professional bodies – Consulting Engineers Association of India (CEAI) headquartered at Delhi, and Institute of Management Consultants of India (Mumbai) – which maintain data on engineering and management consultants in India.

However, there is no specific data about the consultancy sector, which is why CDC is going to undertake a study to unravel its status in the country, its market share and the impact it has on economy.

The CDC plans to come out with a detailed report within the next three months regarding the status of women consultants, the kind of support they require and other issues, thereby chalking out an action plan to promote consultancy as an area of entrepreneurship as well as employment.

To begin with, the CDC is conducting awareness workshops in various cities. It has already conducted one in Chennai and another in Hyderabad, and is going to conduct one in Bangalore in December.

The CDC has been working in association with Indian Technical Consultants Organization of Tamil Nadu, Andhra Pradesh Industrial and Technical Consultancy Organization (APITCO) and RV Institute of Engineering and Management, Bangalore.

“We want to build a large network of women consultants across various disciplines by utilizing the large pool of qualified women at homes, beginning with awareness workshops,” says Dr Sunil Abrol, Director General of CDC.

In view of this, educated women can consider consultancy as a career option and approach the above agencies for guidance. Further information can be obtained by mailing queries to Sunil Abrol on

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