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Career in Cosmetology

‘Beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder’, a famous Shakespearean phrase discusses about the external and internal beauty of a human being. When you talk about external beauty be it your face, skin, hair or even nails- every one, no matter men or women are beauty conscious and want to look perfect. This has led to the flourishing of the field of Cosmetology, generally known as beauty care.

Derived from the Greek word ‘kosmetikos’, which means ‘skilled in adornment’, Cosmetology is the study and application of beauty handling. ‘Beauty care’ that helps people look their best, is a field for those who have an eye for beauty and enjoy interaction with others. With the work environment getting increasingly competitive and professional, and the growing awareness of health and beauty among men and women, the need to appear well-groomed and attractive has assumed greater importance in today’s world.

This has resulted in the growth of beauty products and beauty treatments, turning beauty care into a fast growing and lucrative career. Broadly Cosmetology includes every thing from beauty therapy to health care. Work in this field involves the knowledge and use of a range of treatments and equipments to enhance the appearance of the face, body and hair. The main task of a beautician is to give an attractive appearance to their clients.

Cosmetology Career Eligibility

Cosmetologists take care of our beauty professionally. They may be Medical professionals and Non-medical cosmetologists. Even though both of them in the broad sense do the same job basically, they possess completely different qualifications and methods of application.

To be a Medical Cosmetologist or Cosmetic Dermatologist one needs to have a Post graduate degree in Dermatology ( MD or diploma / DNB ) after MBBS, but a Non-Medical Cosmetologist doesn’t need any professional qualifications as such, besides good hands on experience. Those who have a keen interest and inclination in beauty care can enter the field after completing schooling at a minimum age of sixteen years.

Rather than high academic inputs, a beautician requires practical skills, which can be gained not only by professional training, but also with a great deal of hands-on practice. This can be acquired either by working at a good saloon or by enrolling for a course at a reputed beauty school.

There are short – term diploma and certificate courses in beauty and hair care available which if taken will be an advantage for budding beauticians in their career growth. The duration of the courses depends upon the specialisation and varies according to the institution. In USA and Europe, Cosmetologists need to be licensed to practice in their field.

Cosmetology Job Prospects

Cosmetology has a variety of fields such as hair styling, aesthetics, manicure, pedicure and electrolysis which one can specialize in. This is a profession, possible to practice in more than one specialisation concurrently. To achieve professionalism and a good reputation in this field, a beauty specialist must blend their technical skills with a dash of creativity and imagination.

Hair styling : A specialized area of cosmetology, hair styling deals not only with cutting but also with other services such as shampooing, colouring, texturizing, perming, straightening, bonding and also restorative treatment. In hairstyling alone, one can specialise in cuts, colour, or perms and even choose to be a wig stylist. Hair specialists use a wide range of techniques to make hair look healthy and attractive. They advice clients on suitable hairstyles and teach them how to care for their hair. They are required to know about the care and application of hairpieces, wigs and other accessories.

Aesthetics : Estheticians deals with the skin care treatments such as facial treatment, massage, waxing, peeling etc. The estheticians also do aromatherapy, spa treatments, make ups, body wraps, and also laser treatments. They should be aware of skin types and also knowledgeable to recommend skin care products for their clients apt for their skins. Qualified estheticians can even work in hospitals by training patients how to take care of their skin after surgery.

Manicure and Pedicure : Derived from the Latin words ‘manus’ (hands) and ‘cura’ (care) a manicurist take care of hands and nails. They beautify the hands and nails by cleaning and shaping the nails. Besides putting nail polishes some manicurist may decorate nails with paintings or designs or even with imitation jewels. The same treatment done on feet is called pedicure. One could even specialize in mehandi designing, which is used to decorate hands and legs.

Electrolysis : An electrologist removes unwanted hair permanently using a method called electrolysis that uses an electric probe. Laser treatment is an advanced form of hair removal by radiation of light.

Cosmetology Career Salary

The remuneration depends up on the size and reputation of the business one works for. One starting out with beauty parlours can take home any thing from₹ 3000 to 10,000 per month. But you can demand your price, as far as you practice all the aspects of the job and become successful and popular.

A make-up artiste charges anywhere from ₹ 500 to ₹ 4,000 to do a bridal or photographic make-up. During season the pay scale may increases twofold. For make up and hair dressing in advertising campaigns one can earn around ₹  1,500 to ₹ 2,500 for a day’s work. In modelling assignments, the pay scale is much higher and it would be around ₹ 3,500 or more per day depending on the top-line-professionals.

Institutes Offering Cosmetology Courses

In India some institutes such as Annamalai University offer Post Graduate Diploma in Health Science for medical cosmetology. And the nation also has a number of saloons offer certified courses in beauty care and hairstyling. There are several training schools for beauty and hair care courses and most of them require no particular academic qualification. The duration of the courses depends upon the specialization and varies according to the institution.

Details of Indian Institutes :

  1. Certificate Course in Beauty Therapy – Neetu’s Hair and Beauty School, Mumbai – ( Maharashtra ), Studio Profile Academy, Adyar – ( Tamil Nadu ).
  2. Certificate Course in Hair Dressing – Grace Hair Academy, Ludhiana – ( Punjab ), Mc31 Salon and Academy, Mumbai – ( Maharashtra ).
  3. Certificate Course in Trichology – Mc31 Salon and Academy, Mumbai – ( Maharashtra ).
  4. Diploma in Beauty Therapy – Vibgyor Education, Amritsar – ( Punjab ), Seasons5 International Institute, Amritsar – ( Punjab ).
  5. Diploma in Hair Dressing – Vibgyor Education, Amritsar – ( Punjab ).
  6. Foundation course in Beauty Management – Vivid Techno, New Delhi – ( Delhi ).
  7. Intensive Course on Hair Styling and Beauty – Habibs Hair Academy, New Delhi – ( Delhi ).
  8. Post Graduate Diploma in Beauty Technology and Cosmetology – International Polytechnic for Women, Chandigarh – ( Chandigarh ).
  9. Special Course on Chemical Hair Processes – Habibs Hair Academy, New Delhi – ( Delhi ).

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