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Engineering is one of the most sought – after careers today. In fact, having an Engineering background is really very helpful for one’s entry into a vast job market.

Even otherwise, Engineering has great futuristic prospects for progress both in India and abroad.

Students from the IITs (Indian Institutes of Technology) always have bright chances to get the cream of the jobs abroad as highly paid Software Engineers and they have, to say the least, made their mark bringing credit to their alma mater as also to themselves.

The environment at the premier engineering institutions, like IITs, helps the students to build a solid foundation of knowledge, to develop personality, and to build confidence.

It also provides measures to accomplish excellence and self – discipline which help them, to achieve super success in professional and social life. At present, the alumni of these institutions are occupying key positions in the topmost industry / academia in India and abroad.

If you are charged with the desire to be a part of the globally known galaxy of IIT alumni, go places and get to the zenith of distinction, you have, to get selected in the IIT – Joint Entrance Examination held every year.

Besides the hard work you put in for the entrance tests, you should also know about these institutes in terms of the quality of the courses offered, infrastructure, teacher – student ratio, etc., so that you can make the right choice regarding the course and the institutes simply because your future depends on such a decision.

Since it is a tough call, as complete information is not available, we try to help you in this regard. The ranking of the institutes is based on perception and recognition of the potentials realised and otherwise, of the institutes.

What you need to Make a Cut

Engineering as a career is getting immensely popular among students for the wide range of career options it offers in fields such as Construction of Buildings, Bridges, Roadways, as also various other components of a country’s infrastructure, Telecommunication, Nuclear Power, Space Technology, besides Research and Development in a number of allied areas in Business Management, Information Technology, etc.

It’s hardly surprising, therefore, to note that lakhs of students across the country appear for the IIT JEE, AIEEE (All India Engineering Entrance Examination) and other Entrance Tests to seek admission in the IITs as well as other reputed engineering colleges in the country.

As the standard and selection criteria applied in the IIT – JEE as also other Entrance Examinations suggest, cracking it is not everyone’s cup of tea, as it calls for a high level of preparation and consistency on part of the candidates.

Mind you, even a marginal error can prove to be costly enough to deal a fatal blow to your success prospects. So, what’s most important is the way a candidate secures for himself / herself the winning edge vis – a – vis several thousands of his / her competitors. In this regard, an extensive preparation alone cannot have the last laugh.

Instead, what matters more, is a planned preparation with a calculative approach, some sort of a combination of sound grasp over the subject matter, good foresight to tackle unexpected questions without getting fidgety and the ability to perform the task ahead in a coherent and intelligible way.

Success, as the men of practical wisdom hold, is meant for those who have the will to succeed. And the will to succeed, as far as a top – notch career such as IIT is concerned, necessarily implies a well – directed endeavour on the part of the aspirants to get through the challenging ordeal of Entrance Test.

It essentially accrues from the readiness to take on the challenges thrown up by the new pattern of IIT – JEE as also the patterns of AIEEE and other Entrance Examinations. Considering the vastness of the syllabus, it is natural that the aspiring students are under tremendous pressure.

So, you need to get your aspiration armed with perfect chemistry of systematic preparation and positive mindset which can help you sail smoothly through the torrents of tooth – sweating tribulations and come out with flying colours.

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