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Career in Fashion Photography

Fashion Photography is a genre of photography devoted to displaying clothing and other fashion items. Fashion Photography is most often conducted for advertisements or fashion magazines.

Over time, Fashion Photography has developed its own aesthetic in which the style and beauty of the clothes and accessories are enhanced by exotic locations and story lines.

Fashion photographers are employed by catalogues, magazines, websites and fashion houses to conceptualise, shoot, develop and print still photos and / or videos to show off clothes and accessories in a creative manner that catches the eye of consumers.

Professional fashion photographers must have a good eye for style and beauty and be skilled at working with models to achieve the best possible poses and photos.

In addition to taking pictures, photographers may also be responsible for scouting locations and hiring models and personnel for the photo shoot.

Fashion Photography Career Overview :

Fashion Photography, recognized as an extremely glamorous profession, is a highly creative and well – paid career.

Fashion photographers take pictures of models wearing the latest clothes, accessories, hairstyles and make-up, for commercial use. Images may also be of fashion accessories.

The photographs are used in a variety of media, including books, reports, advertisements and catalogues. This photography is undertaken in studios, and frequently in outdoor locations.

It is one area that photographers with existing careers can diversify into.

The various avenues for progressing in this direction include freelancing, with or without an agent; gaining employment with a retailer, fashion publication,, fashion house, advertising company, fashion manufacturer or direct mail company; or by opening one’s own studio.

Daily Tasks for a Career in Fashion Photography: Typical work activities include:

  • Taking photographs of models on location and in studios.
  • Building up good relationships with the models, so that they can relax and work well for the camera.
  • Being able to work well with studio lighting to bring out the best in skin tones and textures and colours from different fabrics.
  • Working well with natural bright light (location shoots often take place in sunny places).
  • Establishing good relationships with stylists, art directors, agents and fashion editors.
  • Identifying and securing future assignments.
  • Developing a personal, recognizable style.

Would a career in fashion photography suit you?

The attractions of fashion photography are obvious: exotic locations, plenty of foreign travel and personal publicity in fashion journals and other magazines.

There is also the chance to work within the whole world of fashion and design and to associate with the glamorous people who inhabit it.

To become a fashion photographer, you need to have a keen eye for aesthetic detail, a thorough knowledge of cameras and the technicalities involved in taking pictures, of light, distance and perspective.

You should be inventive with the ability to visualise and communicate your ideas. At the same time, you need strong interpersonal skills in order to work with models and be sensitive to their moods.

Although entry to this career is possible, you first need to have developed a name for yourself and to have accumulated considerable experience in mail order or editorial and advertising work.

As well as artistic flair, you need to be extremely confident and have the persistence to gain the work. Stamina is needed for coping with long hours and uncomfortable conditions.

Freelance photographers need technical proficiency, whether gained through a degree programme, vocational training, or extensive work experience.

Salary and Prospects in Fashion Photography :

Very few photographers get to work with the exclusive agencies that deal with the top fashion work. Those who succeed in attracting enough work to earn a living are likely to be the most creative, who are able to adapt to rapidly changing technologies, and are adept at operating a business.

They are also excellent at building and retaining relationships with other professionals.

Entry level positions are rare, so gaining a position as a photographer’s studio assistant is desirable. A college degree in photography and a strong portfolio is usually essential.

Increasingly, photographers need to know how to use computer software programmes and applications that allow them to prepare and edit images.

Photographers should develop an individual style of photography to differentiate themselves from the competition. Some photographers enter the field by submitting unsolicited photographs to magazines.

Fashion Photography Courses : You do not have to be a graduate to become a fashion photographer. What you need is passion for photography.

There are many institutes which provide diploma / degree courses in Fashion Photography, but in many cases people opt for apprenticeship with a senior photographer.

To be a fashion photographer you must have a strong visual imagination, an eye for detail, attentiveness to colour, shapes and shadows, artistic sensitivity, creativity and the ability to work in difficult conditions.

Remuneration in Fashion Photography : The income will depend upon the calibre of the person as a fashion photographer, and therefore, it differs from person to person.

Generally, the fashion photographers employed with fashion houses or ad agencies usually start with a salary in the range of ₹ 6,000 to ₹ 9,000 per month.

Freelance fashion photographers can get between ₹ 8,000 to ₹ 12,000 per day. The established ones can get a little more.

Finally, it is not just the regular camera and lenses. The digital revolution has been ushered in, and with newer fields like the Internet coming up even in the area of fashion, fame for photographers may just be a click away.

Where To Study Fashion Photography Courses :

Diploma and Certificate Courses in Fashion Photography are available at :

Ghaziabad ( Head Office ) : 3015465 / 480 / 492Delhi ( CP ) : 9711005080Hyderabad : 40204366, 9491161120Kolkata : 22811332, 9830326969Mumbai ( Navi Mumbai ) : 40809248, 9322677316
Nagpur : 3227228, 9923594888Noida ( Sector - 62 ) : 2403160, 9871533022Agra : 4013030, 4013040Ahmedabad : 9377576768, 9377576769Alwar : 5120425, 9413632549
Aurangabad : 2443344, 2452000Bahadurgarh : 699428, 9354257191Bangalore : 32512000, 9845300725Bhubaneswar : 2436656, 9861061012Chandigarh : 2714929, 9872634929
Chennai : 32948000, 9444029005Chhindwara : 222525, 9300093555Dehradun : 2721984, 9897012665Delhi - Lajpat Nagar : 26223135, 9313690593Ramesh Nagar : 25454921, 9810140581
ITO : 23370989, 9811711699Mukherjee Nagar : 27651110, 9810312454Munirka : 26174351, 9811115312Ashok Vihar : 27456699, 9810084417Karkardooma : 22372233, 9810545646
Janakpuri : 41574117, 9811511253Rohini : 27518324, 9810198470Malviya Nagar : 26691318, 9810264496South Campus : 9810529340, 9810592547Faridabad - Sec - II :4001253, 9811283239
Faridabad - Sector 35 : 4018895, 9810427390Ghaziabad - Rajnagar - Sec - 8 : 9871877603, 9810894140Ghaziabad - lndirapuram : 3145111, 9871319351Ghaziabad - Sahibabad : 2657229, 9560201888Greater Noida - Gama II : 4350332, 9810915774
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Thiruvananthapuram : 2700171, 8527437556
Seoni : 9425888876, 9425174990Sonepat : 2257768, 9896051044
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