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Career in Fish Study

You choose from an array of 60 – plus subjects under departments like Aquaculture, Fisheries Biology, Fisheries Environment, Fishing Technology, Fisheries Engineering.

In each semester you do 5 – 7 courses. In the 7th semester ( final year ) it’s all experiential learning: in different groups you try your hand at aqua – culture or fish processing. In the next six months you get RAWE ( Rural Awareness Work Experience ) where with college funds and infrastructure you rear, sell fish and keep the profit.

In the 8th semester you get attached to a private / State aqua – culture farm for industry internships, overseas training. The IV – year syllabus contains practical experience like sea cruise for Data Collection & Fishing. Excellent lab facilities are available for individual projects.

Then join the Fisheries College and Research Institute ( FCRI ), Tuticorin, Tamil Nadu, or apply to a number of fisheries colleges under State agricultural universities. You can complete UG, PG and Ph.D in the same campus and come out assured of a job, avenues for research or private business.

Fish Study Eligibility

Meritorious students in UG go to Indonesia, Bangladesh, Vietnam, China for field – study. Study Biology / Botany – Zoology in the 12th, and apply for a degree in Fisheries.

Fish Study Career Prospects

As for jobs, the new university will need manpower. You can apply for government jobs or in aqua – based companies. In inland fisheries / aqua culture, India stays at the number two spot. Nearly 30 per cent of the total fish products are exported. In fisheries our annual rate growth is higher than in the industrial sector. All this is good news for students. In research, new disease – free varieties of prawn are being bred. Bio – flock technology tackles problems of pollution. Ornamental fish culturing in marine water has enormous export potential. And there is the crab / lobster cage culture.

Institute Offering Fish Study Courses

Fisheries is a sunshine sector in India. India is equipping its research and administrative capacities in its various sub – sectors. For the next decade we can be sure of regular government vacancies in central and State sectors. There is hardly any competition in fisheries jobs. Many of the African / Gulf fish – processing firms are occupied by Tamil BFScians. We are sought – after in European research institutes.

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