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History as a Career

History is at once one of the most commonplace and understated of subjects. It is a rigorous discipline made no easier by the fact that the more you learn, the less you may seem to know. For the historian, this is a challenge, not prevention. The mental training that history provide you assist to teach you to think clearly, widen your understanding and academic sympathies, and hopefully, deepen you as a person.

Historians and students of history look to know, analyze, understand and explain the past. The historian must draw on the knowledge and experience of the present as well as the past. Knowledge of history also helps us to understand the present. Possibly one of the most sobering lessons is that human beings are not totally free agents but bound by time, place and circumstance.

To explain does not always justify, but it makes us slower to denounce. The historian’s aim is simply to tell the truth, an absorbing task but full of pitfalls. That is why history is so mentally challenging. History is above all a subject that should develop your powers of suggestion. In the 20th century history has been revolutionized, partly through the donations of other disciplines, such as science and anthropology.

Researchers and archaeologists have traced improvement in pre – history. Oral historians who interview participants in historical events, both the well – known and the obscure, to record their memories and opinions, provide another precious fund of information. History is an exceptionally popular subject for Civil Service aspirants, for teaching place in schools and colleges and also for openings in institutions like the Indian Council for Social Science Research ( ICSSR ), Indian Council of Historical Research, etc.

History Career Description :

A student of history learns to read and listen critically since they learn that there is no such thing as an objective source of historical information. In the pursuit of the past, historians have been helped always by archaeologists, buildings, castles, and geographical terrain. Of late, the work of photographers and cameramen, the potentialities of cinema, television series and documentaries has added a new measurement to historical study.

Indian Council of Historical Research enunciates and implements a national procedure on historical research and encourages methodical writing of history it function research projects, finances research projects by scholars, awards and fellowships and assume publication and translation work. History has a lot of applications in the detection of different careers.

It is all about awareness of our heritage. It is a historian’s privilege and responsibility to safeguard, respect, cherish and protect archaeological monuments, arts and crafts, oral and printed literature, living tradition, natural features and atmosphere all of which constitute our heritage. How we go about educating present and future generations about our past, safeguard and conserving our heritage depends upon historians

History Career Expertise :

Historians often specialize in a country, province or period or a particular field such as social, economic, supporting, etc. Historians may also specialize in archaeology ( discussed in a separate chapter ), archival studies, musicology or genealogy. Archaeologists attempt to increase knowledge of the past from the study of ancient coins, armaments, sculptures, earthenware and other objects.

Most archaeologists specialize in meticulous objects of study and they become specialist on coins, weapons, sculpture, deciphering of inscription, etc. An archaeologist’s work is either research – oriented or field – oriented. Excavation is only one aspect of archaeology. Techniques of excavations are also very specialized.

Archivists are worried with the assortment, preservation, agreement and explanation of documents. They assess the value for future historical significance of papers currently produced by various bodies and individuals and prepare, for reference purposes, records which were produced in the past. Musicologists work in museums and much of their work is a combination of research, administration and public relations.

They help members of the public, teachers, investigate students and the like – with their research they must understand the methods of conservation and repair of parchment and paper. They should also be talented to deal with the microfilming of documents. Such a discipline requires handling of immediate and practical tasks along with a skill to manufacture long – term research work.

Genealogist’s proposition lines of descent from ancestor to ancestor and also study pedigrees. Their work is often useful to the legal occupation in cases of intestacy or disputed will claims. Sometimes their work is used by doctors when trying to set up the origins of a disease. Genealogists may also work for private clients interested in tracing their family trees. Knowledge of history is helpful for a genealogist.

Skills for History Career :

A strong sense of history, liking for painstaking research, intellectual curiosity, patience, organizing ability; meticulousness, communication ability to be able to interact with a wide variety of people. History requires intellectual ability; a love for knowledge for its own sake; detachment; objectivity and detachment.

History Career Professional Courses :

Those concerned in an occupation in history or associated areas have to be equipped to study beyond the postgraduate level. For history graduates there are no growth prospects in any occupation allied to history unless they continue for higher studies. Higher studies in history would mean taking up graduation with History as a subject.

If available choose history as a main / honors subject. Master’s degree programs in History are of 2 years’ duration. Admission may be on the basis of marks obtained in graduation and / or Pre – Exam examination.

Post graduation in history is offered by most universities in the country but when one wants to get ready for a career in history it pays to research the prospects of specialization offered in the different universities so that educational study may be directed. For those who aspire to specialize in archival learn, musicology or protection, there are specialized courses presented, though admission is always bloodthirsty.

History Career Opportunity :

History graduates and postgraduates are often concerned to careers in library, archives or museum work and heritage organization. History is a very popular choice for the civil services examinations both at the Union and state levels.

Placements of historians may be in educational institutions, or in research organizations such as the Indian Council of Historical Research. Depending upon an individual’s interest, postgraduates in History can make a decision to go ahead and specialize in the related specializations mentioned above.

With increasing public interest in art, history, science and technology archivists may hope to gain a few more openings; also as more public and private organizations decide to put more importance on establishing archives, organizing account and information. Musicologists and conservationists will have limited new openings but there will be need to return retiring employees from time to time.

History students are skilled to learn, to distinguish and form their judgments. They develop analytical and communication skills vital to many careers. Thus, there are many history students who have productively made a profession for themselves in administration, sales and marketing, in the Armed Forces, in the civil services, as journalists, in mass communication and in the defense forces through added training or assortment through competitive examinations.

History Career Path :

There is scope for improvement in a career as a historian in educational and research institutions as also when employed in the civil services, defense forces, in library service or the business sector. The straight up career path is dissimilar for each area of work.

In Government organizations, endorsement is mostly time – bound except at the very senior levels when it gets discerning. In private industry, proficiency and private drive can put one on the fast track.

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