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Home Science as a Career

Earlier recognized as a ‘soft option’ for the not so academically inclined or to become a better housewife, this branding has long since been eradicate. The restricted domain of women, home science as an educational discipline is offered in colleges for women and only to women in agricultural universities. It is very greatly in command for the access it offers to a complete range of careers.

Home science provide one for jobs in many spheres hotel industry, food industry, teaching, canteens, health clubs, hospitals, social service institutions, and so on. The work is challenging, interesting and varied. There is also great scope for working on one’s own providing services and consultancy in any of the above areas.

Home Science Career Description :

Also known as home finances, home science covers a multiplicity of subjects associated with home and family life. The work of a professional in this field, therefore, ranges over nutrition and health, preparation of food, family reserve management, tools used in the home, home management, center embellishment and space management, fabric and clothing and may extend to consumer affairs, family problems and community work.

Home Science Career Specializations :

Areas of specialization ( usually at Master’s degree level ) are: Home Economics, Family Resource Management, Human Development, Home Science Extension Education, Food Science & Nutrition, Textiles and Clothing, etc.

  • Home Economics teaches feature of home management, child improvement, consumer finances, marriage and family relationship, textile and clothing, research methods and statistics, foodstuff and food, housing and home management.
  • Family resource management focuses on the theory of management, housing for family living, ergonomics, household tools, consumer in the market, coal technology and power management, interior design, research methods, statistics, etc.
  • Human development provides in depth learning concerning children with extraordinary needs, psychological testing, women’s studies, advanced child expansion, organization and management of women and child welfare, adulthood and aging, family studies, communication technology and entrepreneurship development for women.
  • Home science extension education focus on the socio – economic atmosphere in India, conservatory program management, research method and statistics, adult and non formal edification, maternal and child nutrition, nutrition in society, management and application of science and technology, organization and management of women and child welfare, etc.
  • Textile and clothing specialists work in material physics, consumer economics and merchandising of textiles, momentous costumes, draping for dress designing, development of paper patterns for garment construction, structure technique, fabric structure and analysis, textile chemistry, etc.
  • Food science and nutrition program focuses on knowledge of advanced biochemistry, food microbiology, food, clinical nutrition, food product development, food processing and technology, maternal and child nutrition, food adulteration and quality control, etc.

Skills for Home Science Career :

Caring about people and their superiority of life, home science specialized has an attention in the quality, presentation and safety of goods and services connected to the people who use the goods.

Common sense, expediency, organizing ability, above average intelligence, manual agility, scientific skill, ability to cooperate contentedly with all kinds of people, a sensible approach, ability to express oneself, a sense of humor and interest in social condition are important attitudes and quality for the home science proficient. Good self management and interpersonal ability are needed.

Home Science Career Professional Courses :

Home science can be taken up for study at the Plus Two stage at the initial. Specialization can originate at the graduation level throughout the last year of the 3 ( sometimes 4 ) years BSc ( Home Science ) courses accessible at many of the universities in the nation and a number of the agricultural universities too ( for girls ).

Admission to Agricultural University Home Science courses is on the source of Entrance Examination; eligibility is for girls after Plus Two with Physics, Chemistry and Biology. Eligibility for MA / MSc Home Science is BA / BSc Home Science. Admission is either throughout merit / entrance test.

Admission to State Agricultural Universities in their BSc Home Science is after Physics, Chemistry and Biology at Plus Two. Admission is on the basis of merit or presentation in an entrance examination as per the rules established in the state. Announcement appears from January onwards, while the sessions usually start off between July and September.

Indian Council of Agricultural Research [ Krishi Anusandhan Bhavan, Pusa, New Delhi – 110 012 ] conducts an all India Entrance Examination for admission to undergraduate courses in agriculture and allied sciences [ excluding veterinary science ] and including BHSc for filling up 15% of the total number of seats in State Agricultural Universities, Central Agricultural University, Imphal and 100% of the seats in National Dairy Research Institute, Karnal. Notification is expected in January – February and the test in May.

Home science as an educational authority covers the study of subjects in the biological and physical sciences. You will be taught biochemistry, basic chemistry biology, physics ( environmental ), individual composition, health and hygiene; the social sciences including economics, sociology, psychology; food and nutrition, cookery, general family unit skill, housekeeping, home management, household engineering, child development, couture, fabric and clothing.

With training increase over such a varied area, not surprisingly, it offers access to a complete range of careers in various industries and services.

After successful end of the BSc degree in Home Science it is probable to continue and take up the MSc Home Science course of two years’ period. During the MSc program mostly one can specialize in just one discipline.

Home Science Career Opportunity :

Home science training can guide to managerial cadre placements in industry ( hospitality, catering, food ), in teaching or in research, manufacture or service. Teaching ( at the college / graduate ) level is only open to post alumnae in the control. Home Science graduates can opt for coursework in teaching at the secondary level. Personal consultancy services in the wide field of this obedience can be very profitable and it is picking up sure and fast.

It is indispensable to study the market and set up either on one’s own or with some friends. Home Science graduates and postgraduates are found working in a variety of settings hospitality ( hotel and catering ) industry, social services, textile industry, child improvement services, teaching and training, management of various types of residential / care facilities such as hotels, hospitals, residential adjustment, etc.

Professional opportunities for specialists in home economics and family resource management are in research and teaching or as housekeepers / hostesses, supervisors in various hospitality centers hotels, hospitals, canteens, airlines, etc. In interior design and decorator organization, house remodeling consultancy, consumer therapist and apparatus demonstrators, and in private entrepreneurship in the teaching of the creation of art commodities.

Professional in human development can opt for teaching from pre – primary level upwards, administration and supervision in centers for the welfare of women and children, preparation of teaching aids / associated material consultancy services for the toy industry and for interest’s programs.

Professionals in home science addition education will be in social welfare as project officers and superintendent in community development, government scheme for rural women, in media, etc.

Fabric and clothing specialists find employment in textile laboratories and manufacturing, private enterprise, production of readymade garments, as textile and fashion designers.

Food science & nutrition specialist work in maternal and child health projects as administrator of such facilities in the government organizations as well as with NGOs. There is working in investigate and development sections of the food industries and in superiority control departments. These specialist could also work as dieticians” in hospitals, personal consulting, etc.

Home Science Career Path :

Advancement in one’s area of specialization may lead to advisory and consulting location after dynamic work experience. Many professional decide to become provider of services themselves by setting up their own agencies / offices, consulting bureaus or training establishments.

Updating in one’s area of expertise helps in continuing innovation. Jobs which begin at the administrative / managerial cadre usually lead on to upward association in a particular industry. However, career improvement depends upon the individual and his / her vision, adaptability and innovativeness to a large scope.

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