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Whenever a discussion on social change and uplift of the society as a unit the world over is carried out, everybody comes to the conclusion that education is the single / most important factor responsible for all the advancement that can be thought or even dreamt of.

In the context of education as a means of enlightenment, one at once accepts India’s role from time immemorial that had been decisive in the blossoming and shaping of a civilized world.

In course of its age – old history, India underwent lots of changes and added many new things to its ever evolving tradition that enhanced its knowledge of different dimensions of human endeavour and comprehension.

Political upheavals and social turmoils that have affected it badly throughout the ages have, however, had some effect on its unbroken tradition of expansion in different areas of knowledge.

But with the arrival of foreign people India has also benefited from the experiences of which it would have been ignorant. In other words, political changes also brought in their wake the knowledge about the outside world in almost all the spheres of human activity.

For instance, India would not have enriched its treasure of knowledge, if it had not been ruled by the British. The British, no doubt, exploited and coerced the Indian, but one cannot deny the fact that they introduced many new systems of knowledge into India.

It is the knowledge of English which has given the Indian people an opportunity to gather knowledge about all new trends in the fields of education and come up to the global level.

After more than six decades of Independence, if we evaluate the achievement made by India in the field of education, we at once become aware of the contribution made by a number of institutes meant for imparting knowledge in various areas.

As the economy has been identified as the most important determinant of a country’s strength and power at the global level, India has also set a great store by the branches of knowledge that are necessary for building a sound economy.

The two of the main branches of knowledge – Management and Engineering have emerged as the most important branches which are not only necessary for the sound foundation of economy but also as the foundation of sound systems of knowledge that open a door of opportunity for the aspiring millions of Indians.

If the contribution of all the Indian institutions imparting Management education is considered as a whole, one cannot help mentioning the names of the Indian Institutes of Management, which are nine in number.

IIMs, as they are popularly known, are graduate business schools that also provide consultancy services in the various sectors of Indian economy and conduct world – class research in the field of Management.

They were created by the Indian Government with a view to identifying the brightest intellectual resources needed for the growth of Indian economy.

Only a few amidst the vast student community can have access to these globally renowned institutes which train them in the best management techniques available in the world.

Through them, India ultimately creates a pool of elite managers to look after and lead the various sections of the Indian economy.

IIMs play the role of a leader in the nation’s managerial manpower development and carry out research in emerging areas of Management education.

They are considered and recognised the world over as premier management institutions comparable to the best in the field for teaching, research and interaction with industries.

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