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Career in IT

With an increase in demand for IT professionals it is important to understand the scope of the industry.

IT End User Industry

In this industry, businesses utilize IT as a value add to complement their core competencies. With IT, they are able to make themselves more efficient by streamlining their workflow and processes. And they’re always on the lookout for new and innovative ways to do this.

IT in Manufacturing

In the Internet era, manufacturing industries today confront a highly dynamic interactive business environment. It is important to effectively manage the flow of information across key operational interface IT assists by manufacturing dedicated software products services for manufacturing and process industries.


Large retailers today opt for global sourcing and joint product development. In such case Information Technology helps them operate efficiently by streamlining vital process such as procurement, assortment planning, distribution and merchandising.

Career in IT Telecommunication

Thanks to IT, Telecom users can avail of facilities such as voice, data and video communication though a single instrument or media, as well as utilize technologies such as WAP and GPRS.

Career in IT ERP Solutions

IT in ERP or Enterprise Resource Planning helps integrate all the departments and functions across a company onto a single computer system that has been designed keeping the unique needs of each department in mind.

IT Enabled Services Industry India

The amazing performance of this sector has astounded even industry experts. Registering as much as 60% growth as far back as 2002 – 2003, this sector is one of India’s most successful and the amazing performance, logged in by the companies operating in this space has even reversed many expected trends and global forecasts.

Business Process Outsourcing ( BPO )

With the current focus on core business capabilities, many companies are outsourcing select business functions to expert partners. In Banking and Finances, IT enables the bank’s functioning and computing to occur at a remote location, thereby considerably cutting operational costs. The advent of IT tools and services in Healthcare has dramatically improved the quality and speed of service in the healthcare industry.

Customer Interaction Services Definition

Back Office Operations and Management Information Systems ( MIS ) are important facets of ITES ( IT Enabled Services Industry ), providing crucial support towards quicker decision making. Given this, there is a huge demand for MIS professionals today.

This section gives you an overview of the manifold choices that are available the field of IT.

Career in Enterprise Application Development ( TEAB )

Computer applications developed today are complex and demand expertise in the areas of database modeling, client – server programming and networking with wireless features.

Database Designers

As a database designer, your task would be to model and design databases suited to serve multiple people located across different geographical locations.


Enterprise applications programmers work with complex software facilitated by Integrated Development Environments ( IDE ), VS.NET, Net Beans and Sun Java Studio Enterprise, etc.

Networking Engineers

Networking Engineers need to ensure smooth operation of Enterprise Applications.

Careers IB Embedded Technologies

An embedded application is that adds intelligence to electronic devices such as cellular phones, washing machines, microwave, MP3 players, etc. The requirement for programmed chips demands resources having expertise in designing miniature circuits.

ASIC Designer ( Application Specific Integrated Circuit )

As an ASIC designer you would be responsible for designing chips.

ASIC Developer ( Application Specific Integrated Circuit )

The task of an ASIC developer is to develop applications for embedded devices using languages like C, C++ or Java.

Careers in Open Source Technologies

The most important open source technologies include Linux, PHP, Perl, MySql, Apache, and Java. Open source technologies enable many minds to work together. Different programmers read, distribute or modify software simultaneously which enables faster development of software.

Embedded Software Developer

As a developer, you are responsible for developing software applications for embedded devices. However, these software applications will be developed to work on open source operating systems like Linux.

Career in IT System Administrators

As a system administrator, you are responsible for designing, administering, troubleshooting, securing the network of computers, and configuring application servers and web servers used for deploying enterprise applications.

Biotechnology is the use of organisms to provide useful products like milk, beer and skin. It is used in the mining industry for bio – leaching. At contaminated sites, biotechnology is used to recycle, treat and clean waste.

IT Careers Research Associate

As a laboratory assistant, the task involves making detailed observations, analyzing data and interpreting the results.

Plant breeder

As a plant breeder, you will be responsible for design, development, execution and implementation of plant breeding research projects.

Media Prep Technician

As a media prep technician, you will be responsible for keeping a record of experiments performed and for documenting the procedures followed to conduct experiments.

Careers in Multimedia Technology

There is a growing demand for Multimedia Artists in diverse fields like publishing, advertising, education and software development, to name a few.

DTP Operator

As a DTP operator your task would be to type in the data and to align the data in the predefined format required for printing.

Graphics Designer

The task of a graphic designer is to create graphic to be used in a brand logo, layout designing, websites, GUIs, and similarly various others in the group.

Art director

The art director gives a professional look and feel to a product developed by the graphic artist.

Career in IT Enabled Services

It is an outsourced service that involves IT in various sectors such as banking, telecom, insurance, etc. and services like medical transcription, back – office accounting, insurance claim and credit card processing.

Technical Support Associate

As a technical support associate, you would be responsible to provide technical support for a product over the phone, chat or email.

Voice and Accent Trainer

In case of voice – based processes, they teach students to speak in a non – regional accent, to be courteous over the phone and in similar other job requirements.

Career in IT Industry

Project Manager

As a project manager your responsibility would be to plan and execute a project within a given budget and time.


As a tester, your role will be to verify and validate the functionality of software, ensuring good results.

Technical Architect

As a technical architect your task involves providing solutions to different kind of software needs.

Systems Analysts

As a systems analyst your task involves pointing out the deficits in a project and to provide a solution.

With IT career options available in abundance, acquiring right qualification from right institute is necessary.

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