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Career in Liberal Arts

Liberal arts offer a well – rounded exposure to lifelong skills that will enable you to adapt to new challenges and juggle diverse responsibilities effectively. Top liberal arts students will immediately use their strong analytical, communication, and problem – solving skills, which are necessary to thrive in a constantly changing working world.

A liberal arts education is an excellent preparation for a career with us because it offers students a well – rounded education and an opportunity to be the creative thinkers needed in the business world in the decade ahead.

Liberal Arts Career Programs

Coursework in liberal arts is varied; some students will seek to specialize, while others may take in the broad spectrum of knowledge the degree covers. Such programs will include various science and humanities courses to fill out the curriculum.

Classes that may be offered include :

  • Art History
  • Contemporary Literature
  • Logic and Critical Reasoning
  • Modern Political Thought
  • Expository Writing
  • Comparative Religion
  • History of Music
  • Principles of Economics

Someone pursuing a career with a liberal arts degree will be selling the skills he or she has acquired rather than a specific major. Often times those who have obtained a degree in liberal arts will find themselves working in a field that is far removed from there area of concentration.

It is important to note that master’s programs also tend to prefer those who have obtained a degree in liberal arts, mostly due to the research and writing skills that must be developed in order to graduate.

Career Opportunities for Liberal Arts

As the positions and opportunities for a liberal arts major are numerous and varied, the average salary will depend on the position acquired.

Some positions available to a liberal arts degree holder include :

  • Writer
  • Artist
  • Copywriter
  • Paralegal
  • Librarian
  • Teacher
  • Public Relations Specialist
  • Human Resource Specialist
  • Photographer
  • Production Assistant

Liberal Arts Eligibility

The right major is something only you can determine. If, however, you are a serious student, desire abroad liberal arts education supplemented by some practical courses in business, and want a degree that offers maximum career flexibility – you should give serious consideration to the ALA degree.

While you may find other degrees easier, few will provide so many options when you graduate. The Applied Liberal Arts degree is designed for the kind of change we must face every day in our modem world, and in this sense, it will never become obsolete.

Prospects of Liberal Arts

Natalie Jacobson, a former English Literature major here at UNH and current anchorperson and reporter at Channel 5, Boston, states that “nothing can beat a liberal arts education for my kind of

work. It is broadening. You learn how to read really read; I was an English Lit. major, and we learned to question and look for meaning. A liberal arts education develops a logical approach to problems which applies to everything.”

The myth of the “useless” liberal arts degree is just that : a myth. More jobs are available to liberal arts majors than to pre – professional majors! But you must learn what is available. And the jobs won’t come to you.

Campus job fairs, are often populated by representatives of companies who are attracted to the professional schools any university may have. In other words, those companies know that their investment of time and money to send representatives will more likely pay off with suitable job applicants.

And, if the economy is bad, even those companies won’t participate in job fairs. So job fairs aren’t necessarily a reliable indicator of the job market – for liberal arts majors or anyone else.

Liberal Arts Institutes / Universities

  • Acadia University, ( Nova Scotia ), Founded in 1838 with 250 acre small town campus
  • Athabasca University, ( Alberta ), Founded in 1970 with 480 acre small town campus
  • Bishop’s University, ( Quebec ), Founded in 1843 with 500 acre small town campus with easy access to Montreal. Research spending around $800, 256
  • Brandon University, ( Manitoba ), Founded in 1899 with 30 acre small town campus. Research facility available.
  • Brock University, ( Ontario ), Founded in 1964 with 540 acre urban campus with easy access to Toronto .
  • Concordia University, ( Quebec ), Founded in 1974. Noteworthy research facility.

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