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Museology ( also called museum studies ) is the study of organizing and managing museums and museum collections. In other words, museology is the science of Museums, and museum studies denote academic programs, generally graduate programs, in the management, administration, or theory of museums.

Museum being the repositories of our heritage and culture, this career is most suited for those with an analytical bent of mind and those who love or have an interest to know about the past. It is a profession where history is revealed not through history books but first hand through solid artifacts of history lined across museum walls.

It ensures that our precious heritage and culture are not only well-preserved but also made attractive and accessible to the layman. One who is responsible for museum management is called museologist.

Museology Career Eligibility

Minimum requirement for a course in museology is Graduation or Post Graduation in Science, History or Art History or Fine Arts and Archaeology. At least Fifty five percent marks at graduate and postgraduate level are needed for M.A and Ph.D courses. Knowledge of one classical or foreign language such as Sanskrit, Persian, Arabic, Greek, Latin, German, French and Italian is an advantage. Admission to Master’s degree program is based on admission test followed by interview.

The Museology graduate program is designed to provide generalized training, knowledge and skills necessary to pursue a professional career in museum work. The program is directed toward the training of museum professionals interested in curation and management of collections in anthropology, art, botany, geology, history, and zoology as well as in interpretive programs and museum administration.

Coursework is divided between the theoretical and practical aspects of museum operations. Course areas include History of Museum, Collection Management, Documentation, Presentation and Interpretation, Museum Architecture, History & Archaeology of India, History of Art, Folk art & culture of India, Preservation of Natural History specimens, Conservation of Cultural Properties etc. Classes take the form of lecture courses, seminars, special lectures by guest speakers, field trips, laboratory and collection management courses, practicum’s and internships.

Museology Job Prospects

Museologists usually work in the government sector in museums run at the state and national levels such as National Museum, New Delhi; Indian Museum, Kolkata; Salarjung Museum, Hyderabad, RBI Monetary Museum etc. Museums are also opening in the private sector and are creating more employment opportunities for museologists.

Main employers of museologists apart from various central and state museums, can be by art, history, archaeology, textile and numismatic societies, Sanskriti Foundations and private museums set up by large corporate groups. They can also find jobs in private museums like Aziz Bhat Museum in Kargil, ONGC’s second oil museum at Guwahati, Sachin Tendulkar museum in Mumbai etc.

One can enter the government sector through UPSC or SSC examinations. Moreover the student can also take up SLET and NET for going into research and teaching profession.

Museologists can work as curators in museums, where they are in charge of cataloguing and organising the museum artifacts. More importantly, they are also in charge of classifying and describing museum articles. Curators help students and researchers with reference material. They are also involved in research or processing of records, general administration and supervision. A curator can go on to become a Director of a big museum.

Those of you in art, art history, history, education, educational administration, and public relations are very likely to find the museum field rewarding. Librarians, historians, and archivists looking for new careers will also find the field challenging, research being such an important aspect of museology.

Museology Career Salary

The initial pay package may not be very alluring especially in the government sector. However the private sector may give considerably good package when compared to the government sector companies. The basic package is between Rs.15,000 to Rs.30,000.

Institutes Offering Museology Courses

Some of the major institutes in India that offer degree and diploma courses in Museology are National Museum, Delhi , Maharaja Sayajirao University of Baroda, University of Kolkata, Banaras Hindu University etc. Of these National Museum Institute, Delhi is one of the most sought-after centers for Museology. It offers an MA degree in Museology and also a Ph.D.

Details of Indian Institutes :

  1. Advance Diploma in Archaeology and Museology – Union Christian College, Aluva -(Kerala).
  2. B.A. History with Archeology and Museology – St. Thomas College, Palai -(Kerala).
  3. B.A. Museology and Archaeology – Assumption College, Changanassery -(Kerala).
  4. M.A. Museology – National Museum Institute, New Delhi -(Delhi).
  5. M.Sc. Museology – University of Calcutta, Kolkata -(West Bengal).
  6. Ph.D. Museology – National Museum Institute, New Delhi -(Delhi).
  7. Post Graduate Diploma in Museology- M.S. (Maharaja Sayajirao) University of Baroda : Faculty of Fine Arts, Vadodara -(Gujarat).

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