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Career in Nanotechnology

Nanotechnology, though a relatively new field is fast emerging, it is the ‘favourite of all’ kind of technological arena due to its application in almost every field, from medicine to fabrics.

Any particle when reduced to nanodimension shows drastic changes in Physical, Chemical, Magnetic, Optical, Mechanical and Electrical properties.

This promises exiting applications in bio-science, medical science, environment, electronics, cosmetics, security and variety of other fields.

At present, though scientists are able to move molecules and atoms in a mass yet they are still not able to precisely manipulate them, but in future, Nanotechnology will allow as redesign easily and create what we want exactly.

Moreover, nanomaterials would be very light, strong, transparent, and totally different from bulk material because they are a thousand times smaller than the diameter of human hair.

Nanotechnology Applications

Scientists feel that the 21st century would be the Nanotechnology century. The technology has the potential to produce garments which can block chemical and biological weapons from touching the skin of a person. Nanobiotechnology can make :

  • Tiny medical devices and sensors with fantastic military and civilian use.
  • Converting sunlight into power.
  • Targeting a drug to a single malignant cell.
  • Cleaning ponds.
  • Creating sensors in the form of biochip.
  • Help detect narcotics and fingerprints of suspects in crimes.
  • Make canonised robots and repair damaged and diseased tissues.

Thus, it is estimated that there will be no sector of industry which will not use nanotechnology in future.

Nanotechnology Career in India

Nanotechnology is an interdisciplinary subject which essentially combines Physics, Chemistry, Bioinformatics Biotechnology, etc.

There is a great demand for students who do their MTech in Nanotechnology because a large number of industries and laboratories in India and overseas would lab them up.

The many exciting new fields which will open up for the nanotechnology experts include :

Health Industry research and consulting-pharmaceutical, medical, agriculture, food and beverage, environment industries, Research and development in government, universities and private research institutes, Education and academic, Entrepreneurial, management and investment advisors in biotechnology and research and development industry, Product development and advising, Communication and media, interfacing of new technologies.

Nanotechnology Job Prospects

Anticipating huge gains in future, countries like USA, UK, Japan, China, Germany and France have invested a lot of funds and have also focused program at the national level.

The USA, under its National Initiatives in Nanotechnology, is planning to invest $1 trillion by 2015. The Indian Government has started a scheme “S&T Initiatives in Nanotechnology” with a capital of Rs.100 crore for five years.

There is a growing demand for nanotechnology, you will start with a monthly salary of Rs.20,000 to Rs.30,000. The further rise is manifold and perks could be much more.

Nanotechnology Institutions in India

First Round of Second Phase ( subject to availability of vacancies )

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Second Round of Second Phase ( subject to availability of vacancies )

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Third Round of Second Phase of Admission
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