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Career in Agricultural Meteorology

Agricultural Meteorology is an applied meteorology which deals with the Influence of weather on crop husbandry as well as animal husbandry. It is concerned with the physical processes of the above environment, which can be exploited to solve the problems relating to sustainable agricultural production.

Role of Agricultural Meteorologists :

Agricultural Meteorologists are trained to deal with soil, water, weather, crops and meteorological principles to agriculture.

As the success or failure of agriculture depends upon the chains of five factors viz, seeds, soil, weather, technology and farmers skills. Any weak link in the chain finally determines the agricultural production.

Scope of Agricultural Meteorology :

  • To study climatic recourses of given area for effective crop production.
  • To develop weather based effective farm operations.
  • To study crop weather relationship in all major crops and forecast yield.
  • To establish the relationship between weather parameters and crop pest and disease infestation.
  • To modify the microclimate through various means to raise agricultural productivity and also to get off – season crops.
  • To delineate agro climatic zones for defining agro climatic analogues so as to make effective and fast transfer of technology for sustainable development of agriculture.
  • To prepare crop weather diagrams and crop weather calanders for ease of farmers.
  • To develop crop growth simulation models for assessing / obtaining potential yield in various agro climatic zones.
  • To monitor droughts on crop wise as well as area wise for effective drought management and finally.
  • To develop weather based agro advisories to sustain crop production by utilizing various weather forecasts and climatic forecasts.

Status of Agricultural Meteorology in India :

A separate division of agricultural meteorology was started in 1932 as one of the division of the India Meteorological Department ( IMD ) Pune, to deal with the studies of Agricultural

Meteorology under the auspice of Indian Council of Agricultural Research ( ICAR ) and got the status of permanent department of the IMD in 1943.

The National Commission on agriculture ( 1976 ) has recommended a separate department of Agricultural. Meteorology in all State Agricultural Universities ( SAUs ) and ICAR research institutes to strengthen Teaching, Research and Extension in Agricultural. Meteorology and to train the technical personnel.

The ICAR has started a separate “All India Coordinated Research Project on Agrometeorology” ( AICRP on Agrometeorology ) in 1985 under dry land agriculture and attached to the Central Research Institute for the Dry land Agriculture ( CRIDA ).

The ICAR also supports research project in Agricultural Meteorology under ICAR ad – hoc schemes and National Agriculture Technology Project ( NATP ).

The Department of Science and Technology ( DST ) Government of India has a mission mode research project under the national center for medium range weather forecasting ( NCMRWF ) and Agro meteorological advisory services.

Career Opportunities for Agricultural Meteorologists :

Meteorologists can work in academia for research and developmental activities in private and government agencies such as Central and State Agricultural Universities, Indian Council of Agricultural Research ( ICAR ), Indian Space Research Organization ( ISRO ), Space Application Center ( SAC ), National Remote Sensing Agency ( NRSA ), Department of Science and Technology ( DST ), Food and Agriculture Organization ( FAO ).

In private sector Agricultural Meteorologists work as consultants to many organizations including NGOs involved in water shed management, command area and rural development programs.

The job opportunities in government sector includes teaching, research and development and extension activities as Scientists, Assistant Professors, Research Officials, Subject Matter Specialists and Agricultural Meteorologists at senior level in various universities, SAUs, KVKs, ICAR, DST, ISRO, NRSA, SAC, FAO and other organizations involved in high level research, development extension consultancies, planning and policy framing activities.

Postgraduate Degree in Agricultural Meteorology :

Professional degree at PG and Doctorate level in Agricultural Meteorology are offered by State Agricultural Universities ( SAUs ), Deemed Universities ( DUs ) and other universities, which are listed below :

Table – 1 : Addresses and Phone Numbers of Institutes, Universities and State Agricultural Universities offering PG and Ph.D program in Agricultural Meteorology.

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