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Biomedical Engineering is the application of engineering principles and techniques to the medical field. It combines the design and problem – solving skills of engineering with medical and biological sciences to improve healthcare diagnosis, monitoring and therapy. It brings together the most talented biologists in an intimate and highly collaborative environment, empowering them to step out into bold new areas of Biomedical Research.

Similar to this is pharmaceutical engineering, a branch of science that uses the concepts of Chemical Engineering deals with the development of the components needed by the pharmaceutical industries. Prominent applications include the development of biocompatible prostheses, various diagnostic and therapeutic medical devices ranging from clinical equipment to micro – implants, common imaging equipment such as MRIs and EEGs, biotechnologies such as regenerative tissue growth, and pharmaceutical drugs and biopharmaceuticals.

Discoveries in genetics, genomics, stem cells, cancer and developmental biology, and for building powerful tools used by the scientific community worldwide being pursued through Biomedical Research. It is a highly interdisciplinary field, viz. Bio – mechatronics, Bioinstrumentation, Biomaterials, Biomechanics, Bionics, Cellular, Tissue, and Genetic Engineering, Clinical Engineering, Medical Imaging, Orthopaedic Bioengineering, Rehabilitation engineering, Systems Physiology, Bio – Nanotechnology, Neural Engineering.

Biomedical engineers takes care of the commercialization of its items and their placements in pharmaceutical companies useful as medical devices essentially covering all healthcare products that do not achieve their intended results through predominantly chemical ( e.g., pharmaceuticals ) or biological ( e.g., vaccines ) means, and do not involve metabolism. It is intended for use in diagnosis of disease or other conditions, or in the cure, mitigation, treatment, or prevention of disease.

Some examples include pacemakers, infusion pumps, the heart – lung machine, dialysis machines, artificial organs, implants, artificial limbs, corrective lenses, cochlearimplants, ocular prosthetics, facial prosthetics, somato prosthetics, and dental implants. Biomedical used in monitoring low voltage biological signals, an example of a Biomedical engineering application of electronic engineering to electrophysiology.

Biomedical scientists can focus on pure research, pre-clinical, or translational research, they exercise a greater knowledge and depth of biological and clinical science than their more patient orientated counterparts. Scientists educated in fields other than biology also contribute to overall medical knowledge, including organic chemists, biochemists, and in some cases physicists.

In academic medicine medicos pursue research as a career or combine clinical practice with research, to gain both the necessary clinical and academic qualifications in the course of their training. It involves patients, to elucidate the symptoms or course of a particular disease or to provide an evidence base for a new drug or therapy in a clinical trial, it also involves Laboratory – based research which increases knowledge about disease processes and providing leads to new ways of treating them and study Epidemiology to understand public health issues and the status and causes of diseases in populations and Health Services Research to benefit patients.

Biomedical Research Career Opportunities :

According to the Indian Bureau of Labour Statistics, Biomedical Engineers have excellent job prospects and earning potential as there has been an increasing demand for sophisticated medical devices. Most of the biomedical engineers are employed in medical equipment and supplies manufacturing. Large employing groups include pharmaceutical and medical manufacturing, scientific and research development services and general medical and surgical hospitals are behind the predicted employment increase.

The kind of institutions that employ biomedical engineers include medical research institutions, hospitals, industrial firms and teaching institutions. Biomedical engineers often use their background in engineering and medicine to perform a coordinating role. They find employment in companies that manufacture equipments used, in hospitals and diagnostic centres or centres for research and development, manufacturing, quality control and testing and also installation, maintenance or sales and marketing departments.

In corporate hospitals they can be employed for selecting, handling, maintaining sophisticated equipment in addition to building customized devices for special needs or work in institutions involved in research. Government agencies can recruit biomedical engineers for product testing, safety and establishing safety standards for devices.

In universities, colleges they become faculty members, and are involved in teaching after earning doctorate education. In teaching and research at the university level good promotion prospects exists. Even in non – academic research institutes, private industry and government agencies find good avenues.

There is a huge demand for biomedical engineers worldwide. Clinical engineers engaged in monitoring and maintaining the data bases of instrumentation and work with physicians to adapt instrumentation for the specific needs of the physicians and hospitals. Rehabilitation engineers who develop hardware and software computer adaptations provide cognitive aids to assist patients with memory impairment.

Opportunities also awaits for orthopaedic engineers who improve the quality of life of patients by developing prosthetics, artificial limbs, hips and other organs. Post Graduate and Ph.D candidates can work abroad to pursue Ph.D and Post Doctoral Fellowship (PDF) in foreign universities and R&D institutes which are highly paid and respected profession in western countries.

Other positions include Senior Research Fellow ( SRF ), Research Associate (RA) and Research Assistant (RA), in various government and private research institutions after completion of B. Tech / B.E / M.Tech / M.E / Ph.D., involved in the field of biomedical engineering has to focus on unmet clinical needs which are the need of the hour to combat various chronic conditions like diabetes, hypertension, high cholesterol or asthma.

Now the engineers are equal partners sitting with medicos benefiting medical imaging or equipments invented by physicists and engineers who have contributed to medical treatment and diagnosis.

Biomedical scientist who could be MD / Ph.D can conduct research in a clinical setting, identifying diseases and problems that can be studied in the laboratory and bring discoveries in the lab back to the bedside. As a scientist he can work in a university or a college, academic health centre, government laboratory, pharmaceutical company, biotechnology company.

Biomedical Research Career in Non – Academic Sector :

Animal Behaviourists study animals to collect data on their behaviour and activity. Animal Care / Laboratory Animal Technicians provide food and water, clean housing, and enrichment for laboratory animals and monitor animal health on a daily basis. Animal Facility Supervisors and health technicians oversee the animal facility setting, ensuring that all laws and regulations are followed, and monitors animal health and provide medical care as prescribed by a veterinarian.

Cagewashers and Facility Maintenance personnel keep research facilities and equipment clean, dependable, and safe. Clinical Trials Associates organize the testing of new drugs and technical procedures on humans. Computer Scientists and Programmers create and design programms for use in research. Biomedical engineers work in the practical application of engineering as it relates to health and medicine and design & create equipment, facilities, devices, and materials used in a research environment.

Researchers / Scientists study medical conditions and conduct experiments in all fields of biomedical research to develop new medical techniques, devices, treatments, and medicines. Technical Writers record and publish the results of research, the protocols for research, and the specifications and procedures for using new medicines and surgical advances.

Veterinary Technicians assist veterinarians with veterinary care. They can work in private animal clinics, animal hospitals, zoos, or research facilities. Laboratory Veterinarians provide medical care to animals, perform independent research, and serve as consultants and collaborators to research investigators. Laboratory Assistants help technicians, veterinarians, and researchers in the laboratory setting.

Biomedical researchers have the potential to improve the lives of countless people and animals all over the world and work from engineers to scientists, from nutritionists to computer scientists, and from technical writers to laboratory animal technicians, these people have chosen to accept the challenge to care.

Thus biomedical research offers a wide range of positions and fields, jobs can be found around the world and in a variety of work environments as positions in : Research corporations, Biotech firms, colleges / universities, Pharmaceutical companies, Hospitals / Medical schools, Veterinary schools, Military / Government agencies, Non – profit associations, Voluntary health organization.

For any career in biomedical research, a strong foundation in the life and physical sciences and maths in high school is important. While some jobs in research require only a high school diploma, others need specific training, certification, or a college degree, and still others require education beyond the four – year college degree.

Institutions Offering Courses in Biomedical Engineering :

Department of Botany
M.Sc. BotanyPh.D.  
Department of Zoology
M.Sc. ZoologyPh.D.  
Department of Physics
M.Sc. PhysicsPh.D.PGDCA proposed 
Department of Chemistry
M.Sc. (Previous & Final)MCIE (Master of Chemical Analysis in Industry & Environment)Ph. D. 
Department of Mathematics
M.A. (Previous & Final)Ph. D.P. G. Diploma in Women & Child Welfare 
Department of Biotechnology
M.Sc. Biotechnology   
Department of Economics
M.A. EconomicsPh.D. D. Litt. 
Department of Geography
M.A. GeographyPh.D.Certificate Course In Remote Sensing 
Department of History
M.A. HistoryPh.D.  
Department of Psychology
M. A. PsychologyPh. D.Diploma in Clinical & Counseling Psychology.Certificate Course in Yogic Studies.
Department Of Industrial Relations & Personnel Management
M.A. IRPMPh.D.D. Litt. 
Department Of Sociology
M.A. SociologyCentre For Studies In Population & Human Resource DevelopmentPh. D. 
Department Of Rural Economics & Co-Operation
M.A.Ph. D.D. Litt. 
Department Of Home Science-Food & Nutrition
M.A. / M.Sc.Ph.D., D. Litt.P. G. Diploma in Women & Child Welfare 
Department Of Gandhian Thought
M.A.Diploma Course (Management of Voluntary Organization and Social Development)Ph.D 
Department Of Ambedkar Thought & Social Work
Department Of Ancient Indian History, Culture & Archaeology
M.A.Post Graduate Diploma in ArchaeologyPost Graduate Diploma in Museology & TourismPh. D.
Department Of Anthropology
M.A. Anthropology   
Department Of Library & Information Science
M. Lib & Inf. ScienceB. Lib & Inf. SciencePh. D.  
Department Of English
M.A. EnglishPh.D., D. Litt.Certificate Course in Business Communication & Spoken English 
Department Of Hindi
M.A. HindiPh.D. , D. Litt.  
Department Of Sanskrit
M.A. SanskritPh.D.Saral Sanskrit Sambhashan Kendra (Certificate Course) 
Department Of Urdu,/strong>
M.A. UrduPh.D., D. Litt.  
Department Of Bengali

M.A.Ph.D., D. Litt.  
Department Of Maithili
M.A. Maithili   
Department Of Philosophy
M.A. PhilosophyPh.D., D. Litt.P. G. Diploma in Philosophical Foundations of Applied Yoga 
Department Of Music
M.A. Music   
Department Of Persian
Department Of Angika
Department Of Commerce
M.Com. (Previous & Final))Ph.D.  
Department Of Law
LL. M.Ph. D.  
Department Of Business Administration
Post Graduate Pragramme in Business AdministrationCentral Health UnitAdvanced Diploma in Paramedical Course in DMLT, DMRT, DPT 
Department Of Statatistics and Computer Application
BCAM.Sc. (Previous & Final)Ph.D 

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