Career in Remote Sensing and Geoinformatics

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Career in Remote Sensing and Geoinformatics

Remote Sensing in India has developed in the last twenty – five Years. India entered the space age in 1972 with the establishment of the Department of Space. Since then, there has been a systematic growth of this program resulting in a well integrated system having space, ground and application segments.

After the success of the first Indian Satellite, Aryabhatta, in April, 1975, a program was initiated for launching experimental remote sensing satellite Bhaskara I and II ( June 7, 1979 and November 20, 1981 respectively ).

The experience gained through these two satellites and Apple, the experimental phase was over. The situation was ripe for launching operational remote sensing satellite. Simultaneously, data reception station was established in Sadh Nagar, Hyderabad, Andhra Pradesh.

Why Remote Sensing :

The concept of National Natural Resources Management System ( NNRMS ) was mooted to find possible solutions of the pressing problems in India concerning the increasing population and diminishing resources.

Such a step was necessary because of phenomenal growth of population. Obviously there was pressure on natural resources which got reduced.

The productive utilization of wastelands was considered as a possible option to meet the demand of the teeming population.

In order to bring more land under production, it is necessary to assess the status of different natural resources such as water, land, soils, vegetation etc.

At this juncture, remote sensing became an essential tool for management, development, and planning.

Application in Remote Sensing and Geoinformatics :

Institutes Offering Course and Training in the Field of Remote Sensing and Geoinformatics :

Job Opportunities in the Field of Remote Sensing and Geoinformatics :

1. State Government :

Every state has a Space Application Center in which Remote Sensing and Geoinformatics post graduate as well as Ph.D. holder can apply for the post of Scientist, Junior Scientist, Project Coordinator, Project Scientist, Scientific / Technical Assistant, GIS Programmer, Research Scholar etc.

2. Central Government :

Central government organizations / agencies such as Space Application Center (SAC), Ahmedabad, National Remote Sensing Agency (NRSA), Balanagar, Hyderabad, North East Space Application Center, (NESAC), Shillong, Regional Remote Sensing Application Center (RRSAC), Kharagpur, Dehradun, Jodhpur, Nagpur and Bangalore, ISRO, Bangalore, ADRIN, Hyderabad all are under Department of Space, Government of India which advertises for the post of Scientist, Research Associate and Senior Research Fellow etc., Indian Agriculture Research Institute (IARI), New Delhi, Indian Council of Agriculture Research (ICAR), Ministry of Agriculture, Government of India advertises for the post of Scientist and Research Scholar.

3. Academic Institutes :

Candidates having M.Sc Remote Sensing / Geoinformatics, M.Tech Remote Sensing / Geoinformatics or Ph.D. degree in Remote Sensing / Geoinformatics can apply for the post of Lecturer, Reader or Professor. Few academic institutes have a center for Remote Sensing and Geoinformatics which can apply for the post of Scientific Officer, Research Scientist and Research Scholar etc.

4. Overseas :

These is scope for Professional / higher education in Remote Sensing / Geoinformatics in countries like USA, Canada, Netherlands, Switzerland, China, Malaysia, France, Germany, Australia, there are a demand for Remote Sensing professional in various field.

There are number of Remote Sensing professionals doing jobs as well as business in foreign countries.

5. Private Sector :

The demand of Remote Sensing and GIS professional is increasing day by day in private sector. Remote Sensing and GIS professional can start his / her Career as Project Manager, Senior System Executive, System Analyst, GIS Engineer, Image Analyst, GIS Programmer etc.

6. Self Employment :

As an entrepreneur, after obtaining the professional degree like M.Sc Remote Sensing / Geoinformatics, M.Tech Remote Sensing candidate can start their own enterprise.

The financial support can be obtained through nationalized bank as well as private bank.

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