Career Opportunities in Video Editing

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Career Opportunities in Video Editing

The term video editing aim to selection, re – arranger and modification of segment video / visual footage derived various sources, in order to from refined and meaningful visual it is, an important part in the post production work in any audio – visual media.

The work involves editing of soundtracks, film and video for motion pictures; cable broadcast visual media industries. There are two categories video editing : Linear and non Linear video editing.

The Iinear video editing is the process of editing which involves just copying of required portions of a film one video tape to another (tape to tape); whereas in the non – 1 video editing, both video and audio data are transferred into a computer hard disk or any other electronic storage device for editing using varieties of editing software computer.

With the advancement of computer and soft technologies, the non – linear form of video editing has become faster flexible, and comparatively expansive and time consuming in comparison to the traditional formal of  linear video editing occupying the place replacing the traditional form of editing.

Career in Video Editing

People who wish to pursue their career in media and entertain industry, the subject video editing is one among the best for the creative people.

Choosing a c in this field is an interesting challenging task. To pursue career in video editing, one not require any specific educational qualification to enter into the field is open for all creative and imaginative people.

Since this is highly competitive, the editors should be ready and need alert for tough competition However, for getting good job video editing, one should complete a course from the below listed programs in video editing offered by many institutes in India by choosing these courses, then chance of increasing employ prospect in media and film industry.

  • Certificate Course in Digital Editing
  • Certificate Course in non Linear Editing
  • Certificate Course in Professional Video Editing with Avid Media Composer
  • Certificate Course Professional Video Editing with Final Cut Pro
  • Certificate Course in Video Editing
  • Diploma in Film Editing
  • Diploma in Video Editing
  • Diploma in Video Editing and Sound Recording
  • Post Graduate Certificate Course in Video Editing
  • Post Graduate Diplomas in Editing
  • Post Graduate Diploma in Post Production (Editing)

Most of the above named programs range from one to two years or maximum three years duration.

Students are given opportunities to learn how to handle camera, use of non – linear digital editing systems, video production, organisation of video scenes, arrangement of sound tracks, authoring and storyboarding, concept development, lighting and motion graphics editing. Students are given opportunities to develop a film on experimental basis to demonstrate knowledge and technical proficiency in the various areas of film and video production.

The Digital Video Editors should hold a bachelor’s or master’s degree in media arts, multimedia, computer science, information technology, and / or animation.

Generally video editing jobs involve is with computer systems, therefore an individual in this field must have additional advanced knowledge on computer editing software and digital camera technology.

The video editors must always be alert and up – date with their skills to meet the new and advanced technologies changing day-by-day. Practically, a course in video editing provides detailed knowledge of software like Final Cut Pro, U Lead Media  Studio, Avid’s Media Composer, Xpress Pro, Adobe Premiere, Photoshop, Flash, Movie – Makers, 3DsMax which are extensively used in video editing.

Other Career Options

A qualified degree holder’s entry – level position may be in video editing or video production.

Most qualified and experienced graduates work at production studios, privately owned businesses or in government organisations may eventually hold the positions which include : Director, Producer, Motion graphics developer, Storyboard artist, Videographer, etc.

Job Prospects in Video Editing

The job prospects in video editing are growing day-by-day with the demand of good and technically skillful video editors. The demand is  not limited to a particular sector rather the work is diversified ranging  from art designing to post – production of videography.

Television centres, news channels,  film and music video industries, advertising agencies, multimedia and web designing companies, internet portals either hiring or recruiting video editors.

The emerging field of music video and movie clips on websites has widened the scope of employment and varieties of job opportunities for the professionals (video editors) on part – time and full – time basis in these sectors.

As the jobs in video editing involve high levels of creativity, imagination, self – motivation, and good knowledge of camera technology; there is stiff competition among the aspirants to  get a good job easily in the field.

Freelance video editing jobs are becoming very common, particularly because digital media is fastest – growing and cost – effective alternative to traditional form of movie  making.

The growing popularity of digital videos, freelance video  editors are enjoying a wider and better job employment market. The days are gone when asking freelance video editor jobs meant always having to work on site.

If anyone has the right  skills and own an editing system (computer), he / she may do the editing job as a freelance video editor at his / her comfortable time  from home or elsewhere. This means instead of one need not confined to looking for local jobs, rather he / she are exposed to freelance video editing jobs on a worldwide basis.

There are various types of freelance video editing works which include online and offline video editing, audio editing and mixing, special effects editing and compositing, digitising and logging media, DVD editing, image clean – up, and colour correction.

It is the duty of the video editors to remove unwanted and re – arrange pictures, insert captions, improvement in audio and visual qualities, music or other audio effects.

The profession requires a lot of creative input. The ability to get the job done on time and to the client’s specification and satisfaction are generally going to be a lot more important than one’s creative ambitions.

Freelance video editing jobs can earn well. Acquiring a good reputation as a reliable freelance editor, will help ensure one’s success in freelance video editing jobs.

Job Characteristics of Video Editing

Video editors generally work on a set for long hours in order to meet deadlines. Editors always work indoors in projection rooms, cutting rooms, and shooting stages, all of which are well lit and ventilated.

Editors who specialise in specific areas of television or film may work on editing music videos, commercials, or educational / instructional films. Others may specialise in the creation of soundtracks (the audio portion of a film; music and / or dialogue) and larger projects such as documentaries or feature – length movies.

Video editors often work with co – workers, they generally spend much of their editing time working alone; they also collaborate with the film creators.

A video editor spends large amounts of, his time in front of several monitors in a closed office environment. An individual in this profession is expected to possess and display certain skills, traits, and attributes.

They are : Reliability, Responsibility, Initiative, Persistence, Cooperation, Originality, Creativity, Sound judgment, Independence, Team player, Deductive reasoning, Eye and attention for details, Tolerance for stress, Communication skills, and Flexibility and adaptability.

Having a clear understanding of expectations is crucial for a video editor, as it drives how he / she will do the job to successfully meet the vision of the film’s creator / director.

Institutes offering Courses on Video Editing

With the growing demand for good and efficient video editors, many professional institutions and universities are now imparting high standards of technical education in the video editing.

Many universities and institutions both government and private offering undergraduate and postgraduate courses in journalism and mass communication have included video editing as a part in their course curriculum.

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