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Career in Plant Taxonomy

1. Taxonomy is the science of identifying and naming plant and animal species, and organising them into systems of classification.

2. Taxonomy deals with identification, nomenclature and classification of objects of biological origin.

3. Though Taxonomy is an age old profession, Carolus Linnaeus, a Swedish botanist is regarded as Father of Modern Taxonomy.

4. Plant taxonomy is a branch of botany that is concerned with the identification, nomenclature and classification of plants.

5. Plant taxonomy is the science that finds, describes, classifies, identifies, and names plants.

6. Plant taxonomy is sometimes referred to as Systematic botany.

Common taxonomic divisions :

  • Families
  • Genus and species
  • Variety and cultivar

Career Plant Taxonomy courses :

  1. B.Sc. Botany
  2. M.Sc. Botany
  3. M.Phil. Botany
  4. Ph.D. Botany
  5. Doctor of Philosophy (Ph.D.) in Pharmacognosy
  6. Master of Science in Pharmacognosy
  7. Bachelor of Science Degree with a Major in Biology: Plant Taxonomy
  8. PhD in Taxonomy
  9. Applied and Pure Sciences
  10. Health and Medicine
  11. Agriculture and Veterinary Medicine
  12. Business and Management
  13. Social Studies and Media
  14. Creative Arts and Design
  15. MSc in Taxonomy & Biodiversity

Career Plant Taxonomy Conservation Courses :

  1. Applied Plant Taxonomy, Identification and Field Skills Course
  2. Millennium Seed Bank Training Programme
  3. MSc partnerships
  4. MSc Plant and Fungal Taxonomy, Diversity and Conservation
  5. Tropical Plant Identification Course

Career Plant science courses :

  1. Applied Plant Taxonomy, Identification and Field Skills Course
  2. Botanical Nomenclature Training Course
  3. MSc partnerships
  4. MSc Plant and Fungal Taxonomy, Diversity and Conservation
  5. Tropical Plant Identification Course
  6. Wood Identification Course

Career Plant Taxonomy Horticulture courses :

  1. Apprenticeship in Botanical Horticulture
  2. Historic Glasshouse Apprenticeship
  3. Kew Diploma in Horticulture
  4. Kew Modular Courses in Horticulture
  5. Kew Specialist Certificates in Horticulture

Career Plant Taxonomy Institute :

  1. Acadia University, (Nova Scotia)
  2. Brandon University, (Manitoba)
  3. Carleton University, (Ontario)
  4. Concordia University, (Quebec)
  5. Lakehead University, (Ontario)
  6. Mcgill University, (Quebec)
  7. Nova Scotia Agricultural College, (Nova Scotia)
  8. Redeemer College, (Ontario)
  9. University of Alberta, (Alberta)
  10. The University of Calgary, (Alberta)
  11. University Of Guelph, (Ontario)
  12. University Of Manitoba, (Manitoba)
  13. University Of New Brunswick, (New Brunswick)
  14. University Of Toronto, (Ontario)
  15. University Of Victoria, (British Columbia)
  16. University Of Waterloo, (Ontario)
  17. The University Of Western Ontario, (Ontario)
  18. Alabama Agricultural and Mechanical University
  19. Andrews University
  20. Arizona State University
  21. Arkansas State University
  22. Auburn University
  23. Ball State University
  24. Brigham Young University
  25. California State Politechnic University, Pomona
  26. California State University, Frenso
  27. California State University, Stanislaus
  28. California State University,Fullerton.
  29. Christopher Newport University
  30. Eastern Michigan University
  31. Fort Hays State University
  32. Fort Valley State College
  33. Howard Universit
  34. Idaho State University
  35. Iowa State University of Science and Technology
  36. Kent State University

Plant Taxonomy Careers :

  • Assistant Curator
  • Plant Biocurator
  • Associate Scientist – Microbiology/Fermentation
  • Botanist
  • Arboretum Specialist
  • Research Scientist
  • Research Scholar
  • Agronomist/Soil Conservationist
  • Rangeland Management Specialist
  • Rangeland Management Specialist
  • State Prog Admin Supervisor Sr
  • Senior Research Scientist – Microbiology/Fermentation
  • Horticulturist
  • MDM Specialist
  • Food Science Technician
  • Plant Biochemist
  • Agricultural Manager
  • Health Specialties Educator
  • Clinical Researcher
  • Medical and Health Service Manager

Career Plant Taxonomy Latest Government Job Notifications :

  • The National Botanical Research Institute, Lucknow
  • Junior Research Fellow – Rain Forest Research Institute
  • Indian Council of Forestry Research and Education
  • Scientist or taxonomist in research institutions
  • Ashoka Trust for Research in Ecology and the Environment
  • Narendran Trust for animal Taxonomy
  • Society of Herbarium curators

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