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Seafaring has long been a profession for the brave and for the ones who wanted more in life. From the era of wooden boats with sails to the modern ultra large sea going vessels, the sea has always given opportunities to explore trade and develop the world. In doing so, the shipping industry has modernized and ships have grown bigger, stronger and are fine works of science and technology.

The shipping industry gives an excellent opportunity to the young brave hearts who wish to carve and achieve a motivated, self-disciplined and an adventurous career. The work on a ship may broadly be classified under two streams the Deck and the Engine room. These two departments function together in close harmony and make the ships reach across high seas to their destination. The deck department is instrumental in the navigation or piloting of the ships and also for the loading and discharging of cargo.

Modern vessels are much diversified and range from dry bulk carriers, tankers, containers, LPG / LNG carriers, passenger ships etc. The career growth in the deck department commences from becoming a cadet who completes a three year Bachelor of Science Nautical Science degree. A new aspirant joining the sea slowly develops to reach the ranks of a Mate and eventually becomes a Captain of a Ship.

The engine department is responsible for the maintenance and running of the ship’s engine. A marine engineer is a complete engineer as he does not believe that a problem on a ship cannot be tackled. The career growth in the engine department commences from a trainee engineer who has completed a four-year marine engineering course. An engineer joining the sea slowly develops to reach the ranks of a Class I – Chief Engineer.

In modern times, the value of money cannot be denied, this profession is one such which allows the liberty to its disciples to work hard and get handsomely paid for their efforts. It is a satisfying experience for every seafarer to see his family reach a new economic status. An average seafarer settles down in life by the age of 40 where he has earned sufficient.

The training over the years gives seafarers many opportunities to serve ashore as well. Training, surveying, hospitality, quality audits and ship yards are a few areas to mention. This career can be chosen by students passing Std XII exam with physics, chemistry, mathematics and English as their subjects. Desirous students must obtain a minimum of 60 % marks to be eligible to join a career at sea.

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