Career Opportunities in Small and Medium Enterprises

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Career Opportunities in Small and Medium Enterprises

Professional Self – Employment Opportunities :

Self – employed people work for themselves. They neither work as employees of any company nor do they receive regular salaries from an organization.

They run their own business serving many different clients and customers. It may be a conscious decision to be self – employed or it could be forced upon you because you need to stay at home or because you are unemployed or have just been given the pink slip.

But you have to look within yourself to find out in which direction your talents lie. You can take up some related courses based on your abilities, talents and interests but you have to look for work on your own. We will discuss various professional opportunities available. The focus would be on enterprises where working space is either your home or in which you move to deliver service at the client’s doorstep.

Various Options Career / Job at SME :

There are many types of occupations available now a days and during career planning due care has to be taken for selecting the right professional. Some examples are given below :

Production, Retailing, Medical Transcription, Multi – Media Application etc ( Animation ), Logistic, Hardware and Software Support Business Commerce – Management – Professional Training can be held as a Chartered Accountant, Financial Analysts, I.C.W.A., Marketing Export Management etc.

They can work as consultant or have their own business and get employed in SMEs, Engineering & Computer Science – Various professional courses are available, degree and diploma courses, which help students to become professional and also as consultant and establish small – scale industry.

Para – Medical Science : After specialization one can work as independent consultant as Physiotherapist, Beauty Therapist etc.

Other Options : Fashion Designer, Dietician, Advertising (Media), Employment in Travel & Tourism Performing Arts, Crafts – Manship etc.

Own Business : Direct selling, Construction, Real Estate, Renovation, Architectural and Interior Designing, Insurance. Many more options are there depending on the persons inclination to venture into them.

In the era of globalisation, people are expected to be knowledge workers – entrepreneurs.

SMEs in India are the real drivers of the economy, Sample some facts – there are over 1.18 crore units of which Manufacturing / Assembling / Processing Units comprise two – thirds of the units.

The SMEs generate a turnover of 4 lakh crore, 88% of the SMEs are proprietary owned, and about 8% of them being women managed. SMEs witnessed an overall growth rate of 11.5% and employ over 2.82 crore people. SMEs account for 39.42% of industrial output and 34% of the country’s total exports.

In the US, Europe, Japan, Korea and Taiwan, which account for nearly 75% of the World’s GDP, SMEs account for nearly 50 – 75% of the GDP and exports in activities of the GDP and exports in activities such as manufacturing trading and services. As India’s economy integrates with markets globally, exciting opportunities have opened up for SMEs, from outsourcing to increasing access to hitherto protected markets.

Recognising SMEs potential, the Government has initiated numerous programs to nurture high growth, resilient SMEs. Simultaneously, SMEs have enhanced competitiveness, benchmarked against the best and taken full advantage of the Government’s facilities and regional efforts in SAARC, ASEAN and APEC.

With this quantum growth across sectors, the perspective for SMEs has shifted from domestic markets to cross – border trade and emerging markets like the South East, Middle East and China.

Conclusion :

Success in business, personal relationship and social interactions requires us to reinvent ourselves to meet the ever – increasing demands of an ever – changing new era.

This is accomplished not by fighting change, but by embracing it. Our reaction to change is the most important thing for business managers as well as common people.

To be successful, we have to cultivate a fundamental reaction to embrace change rather than fight it. Embracing change does not mean that we compromise our values of integrity, honesty and goodwill.

In fact, these values are unchangeable and are the foundation stone for a harmonious and prosperous human society. As we embrace change, we must also look forward and consider taking actions for leading the change rather than passively wait for the change come to up.

Finally our motto should be – World is our Market, and my advice to all concerned is – Work and Win.

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