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Career in Training and Placement

Of late, Training and Placement has emerged as one of the leading departments in most organizations, irrespective of their orientation.

It has become a department of utmost importance in corporate world as well as in academic institutions catering to the developmental needs of human recourses at each level.

The fundamental function of the Training and Placement department is to identify the training needs of different stakeholders in the organization and organize the need – based training programs in order to prepare them for taking challenges in different capacities.

For instance, in the corporate world, the department organizes aptitude training, soft skills development, and technical training for employees across the hierarchy while in academic institutions; the department emphasizes more upon developing students’ skills regarding group discussion, oral presentation, and job interview.

The department also maintains liaison with various industries and corporate companies and invites them for vocational training and campus recruitment programs.

There are three basic functions of Training and Placement department – to train and help the students place in reputed organizations, to cultivate the potential abilities of employees, and act as liaison agent between the institution and the employees.

Training and Placement

In an educational institution, Training and Placement department offers the students specialized training programs on how to structure their resume, participate in a group discussion, successfully face job interviews, and make good presentation, in order to enable each student to meet the corporate expectations and get them placed in reputed companies.

These programs aim at enabling the students to gain a competitive edge in the recruitment process, groom their confidence, and develop their personality.

In corporate world, the department offers certain kind of technical and behavioral training to the employees to become resilient, productive, and efficient.

It also helps in – house placement of employees in suitable position in the organization based on their competencies and skills.

Cultivating Potential Abilities

The Training and Placement department identifies the training needs of faculty and staff in the educational institution and employees in the corporate sector, through their performance and self appraisal.

For instance, there are a number of faculty members who are gifted with a lot of technical knowledge and potential but fail to communicate properly; such people need certain training in communication and presentation skills.

In order to fulfill these training needs, the department organizes various workshops, conferences, seminars, special lectures, and specific quality improvement programs.

This training is provided to cultivate their potential and contributes towards their professional development and improvement in career prospects.

As a Liaisoning Agent

The Training and Placement department also maintains liaison with various industries, organizations, and institutes. In the educational institution, it provides opportunities to the students regarding their summer / vocational training and internship.

These organizations are also invited for various industrial talks, visits, and final recruitment.

In the corporate world, the department interacts with reputed academic and research institutes in order to organize various management development programs and module based technical training programs.

Career Prospects

Training and Placement Consultant

After completing the degree in Human Resource Management from a reputed institute, one can go for independent consultancy services for various job – seekers by fine – tuning resumes, organizing training programs, supporting in job searches, arranging interviews and supporting their placement in suitable jobs.

In the contemporary times, there is a huge demand for consultants in various reputed consultancies to train the employees of various organizations. which can be a better career option for the candidate.

Training and Placement Officer

Most of the corporate and educational institutes are now providing technical training including training related to soft skills, interpersonal communication, problem solving, spirituality and work ethics.

This in turn has a very positive impact on employees’ personal lives on one hand and increases the productivity of the organization on the other.

So after completing a course in Human Resource Management, one can get a job of Training and Placement Officer in corporate world and educational institutions or earn handsome amount.

Event Manager

Recently event management has been recognized as an important area in corporate and educational institutions. In corporate world these events are generally in the form of arranging International conferences, workshops and various training activities related to technology, yoga, meditation and etc.

In educational institutions these events are generally organized in the form of job – fairs where students are exposed to various dimensions of training and placement in reputed companies.

Although people with degree or experience in event management are encouraged to make career in this area, however, after completing a course in Human Resource Management, one may also get an opportunity to work as a Training event coordinator / manager in educational institutions and corporate world.


In order to make career in the area of Training and Placement, the candidates are expected to have post – graduate degree or diploma in Human Resource Management, however, people with different background but sufficient work – experience in the area of Training and Placement, may also be given an opportunity.

Though there are a number of institutes and universities offering post graduate degree and diploma in Human Resource Management, here are a few institutes who offer specialized programs in Human Resource Management :

  • Indian Institute of Management, Ahmedabad
  • Indian Institute of Management, Bangalore
  • Indian Institute of Management, Lucknow
  • Indian Institute of Management, Kolkata
  • Indian Institute of Management, Indore
  • X L R I, Jamshedpur
  • Management Development Institute, Gurgaon
  • Indian Society for Training and Development, New Delhi*
  • Indian Institute of Technology, Kharagpur**

** Provides a special M. Tech. in Human Resource Development and Management. This degree is offered from the Department of Humanities and Social Sciences, IIT Kharagpur.

*Provides diploma in Training and Development with distance learning facility and this is useful for working employees / faculties, who want to shift or make their career in Training and Placement.
(The above list is indicative only)


After completing the degree or diploma in Human Resource Management from any of the above institutes, one can get a job in any public or private organization, educational institutions, or can setup his own Training and Placement consultancy.

Initially, the Training and Placement Officer can earn somewhere between 30,000 to 50,000 per month which increases over the years.

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