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Veterinay Science Career

In the last few years, Veterinary Science and Animal Husbandry have attracted much attention, rather the ‘due’ attention across the country. Despite animals being the backbone of agriculture, animal husbandry and veterinary science were neglected until recently.

However, when crops failed and farmers suffered deep financial losses, animal husbandry came to their rescue. With this the unlimited opportunities available in field of veterinary science have come to light.

Apart from failure of agriculture, there are other factors that increased focus on veterinary science and animal husbandry. These include growing concerns about food safety and increased awareness about the need to raise the nutritional levels of food consumed by people of our country.

Human healthcare research and need to protect animals, especially the endangered species to help ecosystem maintain balance, are some more. In the recent years, cases of zoonosis ( diseases that spread between species, especially from animals to humans ) have increased. In the effort to control the speared of infectious diseases among animals and from animals to humans, veterinarians play an important role. And last but not the least, people are increasingly rearing animals as pets.

Veterinary Science is the branch of medicine that deals with diagnosis and treatment of diseases in animals. Doctors who treat animals are called veterinarians, veterinary surgeons or vets.

To become a veterinarian, a candidate must pursue his Bachelor’s degree in Veterinary Science, Surgery or Medicine ( BVS, BVSc, BVetMed or BVMS ). For those interested in studying further, there are Master of Veterinary Science ( M.V.Sc ) and PhD courses. M.V.Sc comes with specialisations like Surgery, Medicine, Gynaecology, Poultry, Dairy, Anatomy, Pathology and *Microbiology.

Employment Opportunities Career opportunities for veterinarians depend on aptitude, area of specialisation and aspirations of candidates. Usually, students who opt for clinical specialisations like Surgery and Medicine, work as doctors.

Specialisations related to production, Poultry and Dairy may lead to entrepreneurship. Para – clinical subjects like Anatomy are usually opted by students who aspire teaching or research. Specialisations like Microbiology may lead to career in labs and diagnostic centres.

Veterinarians can practice at government or private veterinary hospitals or start their own clinics. Animal Husbandry departments of state and central governments hire veterinarians. Job roles in these departments come with a variety of responsibilities and wide scope for learning.

Another option for Veterinary Science graduates is to take up a job in animal food and allied companies. These days, earning an MBA degree, is a fad among veterinary science graduates. The combination qualifies them to assume product development, sales and marketing roles and grow in the corporate world. Pharmaceutical and biotechnology organisations and companies that are into animal or human healthcare research are some more options.

Here it is important to note that results from animal healthcare research, often, directly influence human healthcare research. Data from animal health research is extrapolated to produce information that is critical to progress in human health research. Also, new medicines, diagnostic and treatment procedures meant for human beings are first tested on animals.

So animals are extensively used for experiments in pharmaceutical and healthcare research organisations. These organisations require services of veterinarians during the experiments and also to take care of the animals. Zoos, kennels and animal care centres, which are usually NGOs, are some more places veterinary science graduates can explore for employment opportunities.

Veterinary Science Career Success Factors

To succeed in this field, the candidate should have genuine ‘interest in Veterinary Science. He should be passionate about animals and empathetic towards farmers and pet owners. Apart from strong technical skills, willingness to learn, and commitment and dedication to work are imperative. Some jobs, especially with the government departments,, may require the candidate to work in rural and semi-urban areas.

So candidates aspiring such jobs should be willing to relocate and work at any time, situation and place.

Veterinary Science Career Remuneration

The average salary for most of the entry-level roles ranges between 20,000/- to 30,000/-. Nature of employment, employer, location of workplace, job role and competence of the candidate are some factors that determine the remuneration. Benefits and growth go up with education, experience and skills.

Challenges in Veterinary Science Career

Having to depend solely on clinical signs for diagnosis of diseases and treatment is one of the challenges faced by veterinarians. Also, they are under the risk of getting affected by diseases while treating animals. Sometimes, when animals are too old or sick to fend for themselves, veterinarians face the challenge of administering them euthanasia.

Veterinary science professionals working for government departments and business organisations sometimes have to deal with nontechnical work like helping farmers with paper work or collecting data for research from owners of animals. Veterinary science has a plethora of opportunities to those with genuine interest in the field.

Against the common belief, the field actually provides remuneration and growth on par with several ‘glamorous’ fields. Also, disproving the myth that the field is not suitable for women because it requires stamina, these days, many women veterinarians are confidently handling complicated technical procedures successfully.

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