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Career in Acting
“All the world is a stage, and all men and women merely players.” These lines penned by the maestro of English drama, William Shakespeare, have been immortalized by numerous people who have accepted Acting as their calling in life.

Acting is the profession that is best suited for those who are endowed with immense creative potential and possess the spark to stand out in the crowd. If you have the passion to connect with millions of hearts by acting out the crowd.

If you have the passion to connect with millions of hearts by acting out the several emotions glamour, and the fun and excitement, derived out of being a part of the entertainment industry, is unbridled.
You will hog the like light wherever you go and attain celebrity status in society. Moreover, this is a highly paid profession that enables you to rake in the moolah for following your passion in life.

Acting is the art, profession, or activity of those who perform in stage plays, motion picture, soap operas, folk theatres, etc. An Actor is a person who acts in stage plays, motion picture, television broadcasts, etc. It is that form of art of which mirrors the human condition vis-รก-vis social and cultural milieus.

Unlike other art forms such as singing or playing musical instruments, the art form of Acting is collaborative and multi – faceted art form. It is a collaborative art form because of performance of an actor is created out the actor’s synergy with co-actors, technicians and the director.

In a live performance, like a theatre or a stage show, an actor’s performance is even more synergistic, which arises out of the actor’s response to the reaction of audience. It is a multi – faceted art form as a thorough study of the multitude of human emotions, and their proper enactment, is necessary.

The Actor needs to have sound skills in emotion by the proper use of the mind, the body the language and the diction. It is a very subtle art form in which creative decisions have to be taken at every step.

These decisions emerge from a discipline of informed and reasoned enquiry. Contrary to the glamour, and glitz, as seen on the screen, Acting is a tough profession and requires good nerves to emote feelings, which are more often than not incongruent to what one actually feels.

The success of a film or television presentation depends largely on the presentation depends largely on the work of actor and it is through one’s work that an actor brings life to the screen.

The objective of acting is to create something believable, humane and to make the audience think while they are being amused, moved, enlightened, informed or scared out of their wits.

The actors have to try to experiences of their character and to do this, they have to use a number of techniques and several skills that enables them to convey their understanding of a character and allows a great variety of expressiveness.

These techniques and skills include among many others, accurate voice, speech and the language; expressive use of body and movement and the ability to bring these together.

Quite apart from the physical skills that one actor must acquire, the actor requires training of the mind; the actor has to learn to concentrate; to think and respond creativity; to observe; to recall and recreate emotions in a selective way; the actor also has to think deeply about a text and analyse it by and large, the audience is attracted by the actors on the screen and expects them to give a believable and moving performance.

The actor in the profession survives by the use of talent allied to great skills, which can only be learnt through systematic training.

Eligibility for Acting Courses:

Several premier institutes in the country offer courses in Acting to eligible candidates. The minimum eligibility criteria to pursue a Postgraduate Diploma Courses in Acting at the FTTI (Film and Television Institute of India) in Pune (Maharashtra) is the successful completion of the Bachelor’s Degree in any discipline.

In order to enroll oneself at the Roshan Taneja Actors Studios in Mumbai (Maharashtra), one needs to have successfully completed the Matriculation or equivalent level of education.

One should be between 18 and 30 years of age (through the age limit is relaxable in some cases) and should have good knowledge of English and Hindustani i.e., Hindi and Urdu.

In order to study at the Actor Prepares acting school in Mumbai, one should have successfully completed the 10+2 or its equivalent level of education. This condition might be waived in case of exceptional circumstances.

One should be above 16 years of age and should be fluent in one’s own mother tongue with a fair degree of proficiency in Hindi and / or English, both written and spoken. Competitive auditions and interviews are held to select and finalize candidates for the Acting course.

Candidates are required to perform two pieces – one piece is chosen by the candidate while the other piece is decided upon by the institute. The maximum time allotted to perform one piece is three minutes.

The primary criteria for admission to the Acting institute are talent and potential, which the candidate must be able to display amply at the time of audition and interview. The selected candidates are required to provide medical proof of good health before the commencement of the Acting course.


Creativity and discerning eye that identifies the various emotions and situations of life are the first and foremost qualities required to be a part of profession. One should have good command over one or two languages and excellent communication skills.

The ability to work with variety of people and get along with them amicably in spite of individual idiosyncrasies is also required. One should have a strong desire to connect with people and should always be open to new ideas, learnings and experimentations.

One who has profound interest in art and literature will stand in good stead in Acting profession. One should have a charming and pleasing personality. Lot of hard work, diligence, discipline, devotion, patience and perseverance is required of the one who aspires to make it big in Acting industry.

Acting is, more often than not, an in-born talent and it is required that one identifies this talent at a young age and then hones the skills to become successful in the competitive industry. One should also have a fair bit of interest and knowledge about other performing arts like singing, dancing, etc.

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