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Careers in Logistics

Logistics is a process of managing goods, information and other resources, from their origin to supply, in order to fulfill the requirements of the customers. In other words, logistics can be defined as careful management of procurement, transportation, storage and distribution of goods and materials. It is a part of supply chain, which involves the integration of information, transportation, inventory, warehousing, material – handling and packaging.

There are different types of logistics such as third party logistics, business logistics, production logistics and professional logistics. A logistic manager is bestowed with the responsibility of interacting with other personnel of the company as well as monitoring the production and supply of the products.

Nowadays, logistics forms an important part in supply chain management of a business organization. Therefore, a number of job opportunities are available in this field. Logistics, as a career option, bring with it challenges, responsibilities, travel opportunities and a satisfactory remuneration too.

Logistics Career Courses

Several educational institutions in India are imparting courses in logistics. These courses are offered at generally available in part – time mode, at the diploma, certificate, and postgraduate degree and post graduate diploma levels. While pursing the course, the students are given training in the field of supply chain management, transport management, analysis data and other business related issues. Talking about eligibility, the candidates must have passed in 10+2 level examination and graduation, from any recognized Institution or a University.

Logistics Career Prospects

Many business organizations and companies, whether small or big, are looking for talented logistics managers. Students who have the ability of managing, coordinating in supply chain management, have the knowledge of analytical, numerical and geographical location and have the knowledge of electronic communication devices can excel in this field.

Institutes Offering Logistics Courses

In the present time, a number of institutions are conducing courses in the field of logistics. Some of the premier institutions in India are Asian Council Logistics Management ( Kolkata ), Indian Institute of Materials Management ( Navi Mumbai ), The School of Business Logistics and Indian Institute Of Logistics ( Chennai ) and CII Institute of Logistics ( Chennai ).

Logistics Career Salary

At the early stage, one can get salary between ₹ 10,000 and ₹ 15000 per month. Those, who have two to three year’s of experience, can earn around ₹ 20,000 – ₹ 25,000 per month.

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