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Careers in Voice & Accent Training

Voice and accent training is one of the most popular Training Programs in the BPO industry. It is designed keeping in mind the diversified globalised culture and the need of business outsourcing.

The speech skills of Indian BPO employees are groomed and refined and they are taught how to improve their overall English conversational skills to meet international standards. Voice and accent training enables the BPO industry to step forward and introduce the concept of American / British accent versus the Indian accent. The way an American speaks is different from the way an Indian speaks. Now’s your chance to unleash the power of your voice and find out what it takes to be a voice and accent trainer.

Training, unlike any other profession does not have any specific course or syllabus to study. It is purely based on individual expertise and one’s proficiency of the skill sets. Voice and accent training starts at a basic level in the BPO industry.

Voice and Accent Trainer :

Trainers need to have a natural instinct for the language, sound knowledge of grammar and voice, an ability to accept feedback while training, assertive yet positive body language – as the old adage still holds true “a picture is worth a thousand words” people closely observe the actions of a trainer in a classroom, which makes it essential for a trainer to understand that people tend to follow their favourite trainer for specific styles. Strong thought connectivity, an good sense of humour, and a suave speaker with the idea of transforming individual potential with the power of voice.

There are no specific educational qualifications required to be a voice and accent trainer. A basic graduate degree is generally the prerequisite although a degree in linguistics would give most aspiring trainers a headstart. A voice and accent trainer polishes the already present linguistic skills in an employee. The trainer helps to improve communication skills, trains on the concept of listening and dealing with various customer types by using voice modulation, and other soft skills.

Job Profile & Opportunities :

Voice and accent training is an essential component of the BPO industry. Pioneers in the industry, believe in constant learning and development of their employees and empowering them to succeed. Most large BPOs have an in – house training and development team to facilitate continuous learning. Organisations with large training teams include – Convergys, IBM Daksh, HCL, BPO, Genpact etc. There are several corporate training organisations as well, which hire trainers to serve the training needs of their clients.

Voice and accent trainers come from varied backgrounds – senior associates from BPOs aspiring for training roles, quality analysts from BPOs aspiring for training roles, subject – matter experts from BPOs, people with good communication and grammar skills, people who know how important it is to create magic with one’s voice can potentially aspire to get into the profession.

Due to a crunch of resources in the market, a lot of companies these days hire people who need intensive language training workshops before they can start interacting with a global customer base. Voice and accent trainers are a “one – stop solution” for all language skills; they hold the responsibility to groom raw potential with skill sets that enable them to draft a career in the industry. “I joined a call centre as an executive and took calls for two years before getting selected for the job of a voice and accent trainer”, says Priya Ritwik, a 25 Year – old who works for an American BPO in Noida.

She however cautions aspiring candidates that trainers, too, have erratic timings and have to do night shifts as well.

Remuneration :

Remuneration for a trainer is fairly good, for a beginner it starts with 18,000 to 20,000 ( associate voice coach or communication coach ).

A voice and accent trainer start with 22,000 to 30,000, Senior trainers earn anywhere from 30,000 up to 40,000, and then step further into managerial roles. A lot of professionals also choose to turn freelancers or independent consultants earning anywhere between 1,500 to 3,500 per day of training depending on experience and expertise.

Certification Programs for Aspiring Trainers :

Today, there are a variety of “Train the trainer” Programs available for aspiring trainers. A lot of reputed multinational companies offer Training Programs on voice and accent, but such courses are generally given in – house, to employees who have been assessed as being right for the training.

That is a candidate after being absorbed with the company can get trained in – house. Most external workshops last between 4 – 7 days and are conducted by several training and consulting organisations. A ‘Train the Trainer’ Program primarily covers overall grooming, successful classroom training styles, different training methodologies, content knowledge, and facilitation skills. So, if you have the gift of the gab and love interacting with people, Voice & Accent Training can be a rewarding career option for you.

The globalisation marathon has not only enabled a developing country like India to grow, but has also opened up numerous doors to success and career development. As the BPO industry evolves, training and development stands out as a domain to identify, polish, groom and promote talent through people management skills. A large chunk of training resources in any BPO is constituted by voice and accent trainers.

How does Voice and Accent Training help?

Voice and Accent Training imparts the basic concepts of the English alphabet and its corresponding letters, which further represent their respective sounds, and thereby improves overall conversational skills. A native English speaker uses vertical lip and jaw movement while speaking; on the other hand, an Indian uses horizontal lip and jaw movement while speaking. This small difference affects the overall speech clarity and the ability to pronounce a word correctly.

Besides incorrect mouth or jaw movements, several other factors like the rate of speech, pronunciation, grammar and MTI (mother tongue influence of any native language over English) are major bottle necks for an individual to overcome while he / she goes through voice and accent training. Overall, this Training Program enables employees in an organisation to unlearn and relearn the English language in the correct way. This is important, as front line employees in a BPO interact with a global customer base.

How does one become a voice and Accent Trainer?

The career path of an effective voice trainer starts with a focus on understanding the fundamental concepts of language learning and pronunciation. Voice and accent training isn’t just about making a fancy speech in English or demonstrating the accent of a native English speaker; the job of a voice and accent trainer is to train and groom people, who are not only different from each other but also represent different cultural backgrounds and language dialects.

People who already know how to speak in English, however, miss out on the small aspects of the language, as small as the Hindi to English translations of their own ideas and the fact that Hindi is a phonetic language, whereas English is not. Phonetically, the Hindi language is spoken the way it is written and written the way it is spoken. On the other hand, the English language is not spoken the way it is written, nor written the way it is spoken. Opportunity areas like this give voice and accent training its next milestone.

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