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Newspapers and magazines :

Almost all the national and local dailies have a regular column for satirical cartoons. Some newspapers are popular just because of their cartoon column. That is why there is always a need of cartoonists on a regular / contract basis in the newspapers and magazines. Children’s magazines have been and continue to be the potential employers of cartoonists. The characters like Chacha Chaudhary, Sabu, Pinkey, and Phantom are the icons of Indian cartooning and people love them. This is the success of their creators.

Toy industry :

Toy brands also require cartoonists in order to produce the miniatures of popular cartoon characters. Series of Barbie dolls, toys of He Man,. Mickey Mouse, Donald Duck, Minnie Mouse etc. are some creations that have been originally created by cartoonists and then took the shape of toys with the help of machines.

Animation film studios :

2D animation is entirely dependent on cartoonists. Hindi films ‘Hanuman’ was a miracle of 2D animation. With the success of such movies, the art of 2D animation has obtained a new role of passing on the cultural legacy to the younger generation in an interesting way. That is why the genre of 2D is expected to flourish further in our country.

Advertising agencies :

Use of 2D and 3D animation is gradually increasing in print and audio – visual advertisements and even movies. This trend will increase in order to woo the segment of child – consumers. With this, the demand for the cartoonists will also increase.

Television production companies :

There is a flood of animated programs on the TV channels. With the advent of specific cartoon channels like Cartoon Network, Disney and Pogo, only the sky is the limit for the cartoonists.

Publishing Houses :

There are specific publications base on cartoons. These publications have become a part and parcel of childhood in urban areas. With the unlimited stock of Indian mythology and timelessness of the characters, the cartoon publications will maintain their popularity and so will the cartoonists.

Free lancing :

You can also set up a unit of commercial cartooning. The adventure will make you a bread winner as well as an employer for other.

Future of cartooning as a career :

Availability of a giant pool of talented and creative cartoonists / animators in India has made our country a hub for outsourcing. With more and more mediums making use of cartooning / animation, the demand for professional cartoonists is expected to multiply in the years to come. It is thus emerging as a very creative and highly paid career. That is why the field has a very bright future as well as immense potential to absorb innumerable cartoonists. The increasing importance can be understood with the increasing attention being given to the sector.

The Indian Institute of Cartoonists, Bangalore was set up in 2021 specifically to promote professional cartooning in India. It has been doing a commendable job to encourage the genre. The efforts include organisation of national conference of cartoonists and felicitation of cartoonists for excellence every year. The National Cartoonists Conference discusses problems and issues of cartooning in India and explores the possibilities of developing the field. Such patronage and encouragement will certainly bring Indian cartooning at par with the International.

Types of Cartoons :

Apart from having a good artistic skill; you will have to possess some other qualities for being successful in different streams of cartooning. Some of these qualities are inherent while some you may acquire by learning and practising.

  • General Humour Cartooning : You will have to be witty at heart with an ability to see the things through a comic vision.
  • Political Cartooning : You need a good knowledge of politics and also the journalistic temperament.
  • Children Cartooning : A sound knowledge of child psychology and children’s perspective to see the things and people.
  • Editorial Cartooning : Journalistic experience added with an analytical ability as well as a sound knowledge of different spheres of life.
  • Economic / Science cartooning : You are not expected to be a Science or Economics wizard but possessing functional knowledge is necessary.
  • Computer graphic – based cartooning / Animation : Knowledge of computer graphics, ability to operate various multimedia softwares and of course imagination and creativity is required.

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