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Semiconductors, which are referred to as integrated Circuits, Contain Numerous Pathways, which connect thousands or even millions of transistors and other electronic components. These transistors store information on the semiconductors. Mostly today’s chips are built on silicon wafers silicon being a Natural Semiconductor. It is the job of a chip designer also called Very Large Scale Integration ( VLSI ) design engineer who designs these chips, which are later sent for manufacturing.

The Integrated Circuit ( IC ) or chip design industry pegged to grow into a multi – million dollar industry in India. Though IC is hardware, the IC design work is in “software” form and can be exported over the Internet. Therefore, India at present is seeing a huge potential in the market.

There are many reasons for this. Besides the global boost in he chip designing segment, availability of talent is one main reason why IT majors in India are turning to this segment and why global majors are looking to India for skills in this area. Besides, it comes with a cost advantage for them.

Indeed, with consumer electronics firms needing cost – effective chip designs, outsourcing chip design – related work from countries like India is expected to grow rapidly especially as embedded chips get incorporated into more and more devices. According to analysts, India has an advantage in terms of skill – sets in the area of software bundled with chips. And according to industry executives, the skills of the Indian chip design engineers are being recognized globally.

Also, as their salaries are much lower than their US counterparts, it gives them a competitive advantage, analysts feel. VLSI Designing and Embedded Systems Design differ to some extent. However, the concepts and job hierarchy in the two are related. VLSI Design is basically a hardware – oriented course ( with facility of Software designing tools ) in which internal digital circuitry of a chip is designed and a hardware description code for the same is written.

This course is specifically meant for people with electronics as their specialization and those who are more interested in internals of chip designing. Design involves study, programming and interfacing external circuitry to the chip for performing a specific function using both hardware and software in real time environment, and components like Digital Signal Processing ( DSP ) and Micro controllers.

So, this course mainly deals with external circuitry and programming of chips, and thus is suitable for people possessing a specialization in Electronics / Computer Science / Electrical, and who have an interest in hardware systems designing and programming.

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