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Career as a Company Secretary

A Company Secretary ( CS ) is relatively different from a secretary to a managerial. Company Secretaries as officers of a company, play a most important part in the organizations governance. Acting as in house legal counselor, they have a good understanding of accountancy amid a resonance grip of the company’s financial policies.

They are the financier legal specialist in companies who act as the link between the board of directors and shareholders. A intimate of the Board of Director, a very important link between the company, board of directors, shareholders, governmental and additional narrow agencies, formulator of short period and long range commercial policies, a registrar for the company are some of the roles a Company Secretary gets to play as an important adjunct in corporate administration pecking order.

Company Secretary Career Description :

They are accountable for calling meeting of the board of directors and position shareholders’ conference for practice schedule, information, and summary for gather information on financial, technological and legal question and for preparing intelligence on these subjects in clear, brief language. They attend meetings, make a payment to discussion and supplement orally the information already prepared in the reports and memoranda.

They are responsible for keeping a register of shareholders and other statutory books, and for the payment of dividends. They process applications for managerial appointments and remunerations, incorporate investments, loans, etc.

Company Secretaries, thus occupy a pivotal and versatile position in companies. The Company Secretary has an integrated knowledge of multiple disciplines law, organization, finance and corporate governance. A CS, therefore, acts as an integrated corporate manager for giving advice and guidance to the company on legal aspects of business that may intimately concern areas such as creation, sales, promotion, and administration.

Skills for Company Secretary Career :

Administrative aptitude, ordinary sense and sound judgment, official aptitude tact discretion interest in current relationships brevity and clarity in expression, confidential and assured manner are qualities and attitudes required of a CS. High level of organizational skills and a flair for administration are also important along with muscular communication ability and an understanding of statistics and information technology.

Company Secretary Career Expertise :

A Company Secretary may be concerned in position the promotion, configuration and incorporation of a new company or incorporation, redeployment or winding up of others. A CS may act as :

  • Authorized delegate of a company with admiration to filing, registering, presenting, attesting or corroborate any certificate by or on behalf of a company.
  • Share transfer agent and issue house.
  • Share and stockbroker.
  • Secretarial auditor or consultant or an adviser to a company.

Company Secretary Career Professional Courses :

The Institute of Company Secretaries of India ( ICSI ) is a constitutional body ( constituted under the Company Secretaries Act, 1980 ), which expand and regulates the profession of Company Secretaries in India. Anyone who is troubled in becoming a connect Member of the Institute of Company Secretaries of India has to pass the Foundation, Intermediate and absolute test conducted by the Institute of Company Secretaries of India.

In calculation, one has to undergo handy training and possess specified practical experience. Then they are careful to be qualified Company Secretaries. ICSI has its command center in Delhi and its regional office is situated in Mumbai, Kolkata, Delhi and Chennai. It has around 40 offices all over India throughout which it conducts the education and training method of Company Secretaries.

The Company Secretary’s course is conduct by the ICSI through Postal / Oral coaching and training. Postal coaching for the course is available by communication and this is necessary. The Institute also extends to its students the ability of Oral Coaching in addition to compulsory Postal Tuition. The Oral coaching facility is available through the 40 offices of the ICSI increase out all over the state. Admission to the course is open all through the year.

The course of Company escritoire is intended in a way so as to give a comprehensive introduction to areas of accountancy, finance, management and law to enable the CS to handle all these feature of corporate activity. The first stage when an aspiring CS can join the CS course is right after passing the Senior Secondary Examination, Plus Two or corresponding examination ( in any stream arts, science or commerce ).

At this phase students can join the basis Course [8 months duration]. Short term admission to the basis Course is possible for students who have appeared for the Senior Secondary / Plus Two assessment and are pending results. Such students have to put forward proof of having passed the said assessment within six months of conditional admission.

This capability allows students to join the basis Course right after completing the Plus Two or equivalent examination. The course can be full alongside a ordinary B.Com course as it is demeanor through Postal education. Admission is open round the year.

The Foundation Course provides basic and conceptual knowledge in :

  • Business Communication
  • Business Laws and Management
  • Principles of Accountancy
  • Economics and Statistics

On successful achievement of Postal / Oral Coaching applicant take the Foundation Exam. Foundation Examination is conducted twice every year in June and December. Cut off date for December exam. 31st March of the same year Cut off date for the exam in June 30th September of the preceding year.

After passing basis Examination winning candidates who are above 17 years of age are eligible to seek register for the C S Course as students for the Intermediate Course.

You can get exemption from Foundation Course if you hold a:

  • Degree or master’s degree in Corporate Secretary ship or Commerce.
  • Pass in the final exam of ICWA or ICAI or any other recognized Accountancy Institution in India / abroad,
  • Degree or Master’s degree in any obedience other than Fine Arts.

Such applicant can look for direct registration as apprentice for the Intermediate Course.
Non – Commerce students have to face the subjects covered in the establishment Course before coaching for the Intermediate Course.

Company Secretary Salient features :

  • The ICSI holds the Foundation, Intermediate and Final Examinations twice every year in June and December.
    Registration for the CS course is valid for five years from the month when submission is accepted. A registered scholar has to absolute the Intermediate and Final Exam within the register period.
  • Cut off dates Intermediate Exam:
  • If registered upto February you can appear for both groups of the Intermediate Exam, held in December of that year.
  • If registered upto August you may appear in June exam the next year.
    If registered uptil May, you may appear for one group in December.
  • If registered uptil November, you may appear for one group in June next year.
  • On passing the Intermediate Examination, a record student is admitted to the Final Course.
  • Appearing for the Final Exam is potential only after 9 months have elapsed since temporary Intermediate Exam.
  • Study substance is obtainable only in English.
  • Response sheets to test papers under compulsory instruction and the question paper may be reply either in English or in Hindi.
  • Each paper is of 3 hours, duration and carries 100 marks.

Company Secretary Career Prospectus :

The Company Secretary prospectus include almost every aspect an industrial, saleable or service undertaking has to face relating to financial, tax and commercial laws, consumer protection laws, industrial and labor laws, finance, costing and accountancy, organization of public issues, etc. Not only is the CS fully trained to deal with company laws and financial matters but also a host of other legislation and regulations. A law degree is a preferred value addition for a CS.

Practical knowledge ranging from 2 – 3 years or organization Training of 15 months under a whole time practicing CS or in a firm of practicing CS plus 4 months practical training in a corporation arranged by the Institute. This includes 15 days necessary Secretarial Modular Training Program ( SMTP ) planned by the Institute.

During the training the effort is to develop executive abilities with a thrust on legal / secretarial / finance bias, saleable orientation, difficulty solving approach and insight into the emerging business environment and to supply general practical disclosure of the diverse functions to be performed by a:CS.Included in the practical training component always is 15 days in a specialized agency such as the Registrar of Companies.

Stock Exchange, monetary or Banking Institution, or Management Consultancy Firm. Employment Prospects practiced company secretaries can find well paid location in the private sector and public community sector; banks and financial institutions; stock interactions; the Department of Company Affairs; company law boards; and government departments.

The larger the company and the wider its field of activity, the better the emoluments earned by the CS. Private Consultancy jobs are a very lucrative option. A CS could also become an adviser to a single company or too many companies.

Liberalization and globalization have given an enormous boost to corporate activity and along with it the openings for Company Secretaries carry on growing. In the near age of mergers, acquisitions, and tie – ups this vocation looks forward to rich dividends. Company Secretaries may be selected to superior posts and services under the Central Government, or be recruiting to the Accounts bough of the Central Company Law Service of the section of Company Affairs.

Company Secretary Career Path :

Company Secretaries can ultimately dwell in positions as Managing Directors, whole time Directors, Presidents and Vice Presidents by virtue of professional expertise, initiative and drive. In self employment the sky is the limit.

The ICSI is going forward with plans for superior opportunities for CS by signing an MOU with the Institute of Chartered Secretaries and Administrators ( ICSA ), London so that CS from India can by appearing for three papers offered by ICSA become qualified for opportunities of employment abroad as also with MNCs in India.

The ICSI has also set up the Centre for Corporate Research & Training to serve as a seat of higher learning in Corporate Laws, Economic Legislation, Taxation, etc.

As per recent initiatives CS ability and membership makes one eligible to register for PhD at National Law School of India University ( NLSIU ), Bangalore ( a premier centre for legal education ).

The ICSI itself offers a Post Membership Qualification Course in resources Markets and economic Services to permit the members to develop proficiency of a high degree in the emerging region of capital markets and economic services.

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