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Career in Computer / Cartoon Animation

The process of making Films / Movies, Videos and Computer Games in which drawings or models of people and animals seem to move we all have grown up watching ‘Tom and Jerry’, Mickey Mouse’ and Spider Man on our televisions. But have we ever thought who created these Characters? Who made them move? How they can do such impossible tasks about which can’t even dare to think of? The answer to all these questions lies with Animation.

All thanks to the Animation that has been providing such source of entertainment to us since long time. Animation is, in fact, a combination of various aspects like Music, Lightning, Computer Generated Graphics and Videos. Film like ‘Hanuman’, ‘My friend Gnashes’ and ‘Shrek – 3’, which are the range among Children are the magnum opuses of animation of silver screen.

The word ‘animation’ is derived from the Latin adds another dimension to the Entertainment, Presentation, Advertising or Public Relations. In today’s techno – savvy world, when everything is becoming highly advanced, Animation has become an integral part of our education and lives. So, if you are interested to be a part of the Cutting Edge Technology, the Animation Industry could be perfect for you.


Animation can be defined as the manipulation of static images to give the illusion of moving pictures. This happens when a sequence of pictures is passed through the projector at a rapid speed of 24 frames a second. Talent, knowledge of requisite software and the passion to succeed are some of the prime traits which make a good animator.

The ability to detect the incongruous is an added advantage for an animator. The professional training to manage animation and multimedia software like 3D Studio Max, Maya for 3D Animation, Animo and US Animation for 2D Animation, along with skills set in Photoshop, Adobe after Effects, etc., is the most prized asset in Animation sector.

Animation has applications not only in entertainment industry ( movies and TV ), but also in education ( classroom – based and web – based training ), advertising ( print and TV Commercials ), Engineering, Virtual reality for simulations in Defence, Business ( Marketing Demonstration and Product Promotions ), Web Design, publishing ( Graphics and Printing ), Interior and Fashion Design, etc. Animation plays a pivotal role in designing of graphics and illustrations in advertising.

The Entertainment industry, on the other hand, requires animation for 2D, 3D Animation, Cel animation, Claymation, Character animation, for Post Production and Special Effects. Publishing Houses use animation for Page layout and Colour separation. Web Development comprises of Web Graphics design and animation. Few of the skilled professionals required in this field are Visualisers, Ink and Paint Artists, Compositors, Scan and Render Artists, in between Artists, Character Animators and Modelling Artists.

Animators are also required in Motion Picture Studios, Television advertising and Software Development Companies. Availability of highly qualified professionals having proficiency in English makes India a hotbed for the companies dealing in Animation. The costs of real sets, studio space and outdoor locations, etc., are few of the factors which attract the Western world to come to India for the business. The Job Opportunities for skilled Professionals in Animation Sector are in Movie Production, TV Software Companies, Entertainment and Agencies, Educational Multimedia Segment and Product and Architecture Design.

Following the great success of the Animation Motion Pictures like Beauty and the Beast, Lion King, Aladdin, Winni and the Pooh and the very recent Monsters Incorporated, Animation Industry is increasingly growing in popularity at a Global Scale. If you are interested in it and have inquisitive eye for myriad technological experiments going on in this field, it is sure to pay you rich dividends.

So, if you are competent, creative, talented and Techno – Savvy, Animation, the Process of making Films / Movies, Videos and Computer Games in which drawings or models of people and animals seem to move, is the right career option for you.

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