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Career in Data Warehousing

A Data Warehouse ( DW ) is a collection of technologies and techniques aimed at enabling the knowledge worker ( executive, manager, analyst, etc ) to make better and faster decisions using various analytical tools. It can be defined as ‘subject – oriented’, integrated, time – varying, non – volatile collections of data that is used primarily in organizational decision making.

Hence in general it can be considers as a power full tool for analytical processing. Nowadays, data Warehousing has become an important strategy in integrating heterogeneous information sources in organizations, and to enable Online Analytic Processing ( OLAP ) and Online Transaction Processing ( OLTP ). The DBMS based present day systems used for the data collection ( accumulation ), storage, retrieval and further processing, doesn’t seem to be completely credible, reliable and dependable.

When it comes to the areas of OLAP, OLTP, ad – hoc query processing data formatting and data cleaning, decision makers need some system which function beyond the capabilities of an ordinary Database Management Systems ( DBMS ). Hence it will be incorrect to see Data warehouse as a bigger form of DBMS or simple upgradation of DBMS.

There is limited number of people available who have worked with the full data Warehousing system project “Life Cycle”. In view of fast economic growth and industrial progress in our country and in the future we need more decision makers. Our small ( Small and Medium Enterprises – SME ) business organizations are growing to big organizations and to the level of Indian multinational companies.

Consider the resent large scale acquisition or consolidation of Indian companies both in India and abroad even from industrialised European countries and in the coming time, we can see this trend will gain momentum. To successfully complete the acquisitions or consolidation and to run the emerging big organizations, we need more data Warehousing professionals for analyzing the past and present data, and for making future prediction in the industry.

Such activities are called Business Intelligence ( BI ), which is a highly demanding IT application area in the industry. Banking, Insurance Health Care, Credit Card Service Providers, academicians, scientist and researchers are widely using data Warehousing and data mining technology for their various analytical activities. In view of the above and the proposed Indian banks consolidation and merging, Data Warehousing is going to generate lot of new opportunity for the IT professional, which are lying under utilised now.

It is estimated with reliable amount of evidences that India is going to become a super power in coming few decades. The economic progress is accelerated the reverse brain drain process, which is going to accelerate the industrial sector further. It means that their will be an increased demand for data warehouse users, employees and professionals in the future. Good quality successful data warehouse systems require a considerable amount of time and expertise to develop and implement successfully at the user end. In other words, it takes some time to gain experience with the usual problems that develop at different phases of a data Warehousing effort.

Now we will examine few areas, which are expected to generate Job Opportunity :-

Few specialised areas of Data Warehousing Profession :

  • Customer Relation Manger ( CRM ) – Analytic Development and Management
  • Senior Data Warehousing Consultant.
  • Principle consultants and Data Miner.
  • Data Warehouse Project Leader.
  • Data Warehouse Designer and Architect.
  • Data Warehouse Team Leader.
  • Data Warehouse Administrators.
  • Data Warehouse Manager.
  • Data Modeler / Architect.
  • IDBM ( IBM Data Wareshousing and Business Modeling ).
  • Oracle Warehouse Builder
  • SAP BW ( Business Warehousing )

Role and Skills required in brief :

Extraction, Transformation & Loading related to Data Warehouse, Data Mining. It requires the ability to work on Data warehouse Design and Micro Strategy based Business Intelligence / Data Warehousing Projects.

Responsibilities :

  1. Develop applications for Data Extraction, Transformation, and loading optimized for maximum scalability with minimum maintenance requirements.
  2. Develop business intelligence applications for data analysis optimized for the best performance and scalability requirements using Micro Strategy technology.
  3. Work directly with the overseas Data Warehousing users and partners.
  4. Work closely with the onshore team to create a client – focused software development culture focused on professionalism, productivity and flexibility.

Experience :

Since all areas mentioned above, needs communication with oversees users and Indian users, high level verbal and written communication skills in English is an essential and general requirement.

  1. Nearly five years of experience on Data Warehousing projects with any of the following databases – Oracle, Microsoft SQL Server, DB2, Teradata.
  2. Experience with one or more of the following Business Intelligence tools : MicroStrategy, Cognos, Business Objects.
  3. Experience with one or more of the following tools : Informatica, Datastage, DTS, Oracle Warehouse Builder.
  4. Strong SQL, Data Modeling and Analytical Skills.
  5. Experience with Unix / Linux Shell Scripting is desirable.
  6. Experience with Multinational software development organizations in India or overseas is desirable.

Any data Warehousing professional should be self – motivated and able to excel in a fast – paced environment. The ability to prioritize tasks and work concurrently on multiple tasks is essential. Education Qualification required becoming a data Warehousing professional is B.E / B.Tech, MBA, MCA, M.E / M.Tech / MS, PGDCA, PGDM.

Training Institutions :

In India most of the Universities, IITs and other Engineering Colleges are offering formal courses at various UG and PG degree in Computer / Systems Science with Data Warehousing as a principle subject. In the higher education segment, lot of research has been conducted and many are in the progressing stage. In this context our young researchers and academic institutions should provide opportunity for Research and Development in Data Warehousing.

For getting commercial and industrial training one has to depend on Private Institutions. Few such institutions are listed below.

S.No.Name of the cityAddress of enquiry officeEnquiry office date and time
Centre for Distance Education,
Anna University,
Chennai - 600 025,
Phone No. : 22357216 / 17 / 18 / 19 / 20 / 21 / 22
27th July, 2013 ( 10.00 AM to 5.00 PM )
Kumaraguru College of Technology,
Chinnavedampatti post,
Coimbatore - 641 006,
Phone No. : 0422 - 2669401
27th July, 2013 ( 10.00 AM to 5.00 PM )
KLN College of Engineering,
Pottapalayam - 630 611 ( 11 km from Madurai City ),
Phone No. : 0452 - 2090971 / 2090972 / 9843319763
27th July, 2013 ( 10.00 AM to 5.00 PM )
Jamal Mohamed College,
No. 7 Race Course Road, Khajanagar,
Trichy - 620 020,
Phone No. : 0431 - 2331015 / 2333235
27th July, 2013 ( 10.00 AM to 5.00 PM )
Chinnu’s Pentech Computer Solutions,
No. 217, Phase-1, Next to Narayani Clinic,
Near Vallalar Bus Stop, Vallalar,
Vellore - 632 009,
Phone No. : 9244907666 / 9364207666
27th July, 2013 ( 10.00 AM to 5.00 PM )
6.NagercoilUniversity College of Engineering Nagercoil,
Konam, Nagercoil
Kanyakumari District - 629 004,
Phone No. : 0465 2260510.
27th July, 2013 ( 10.00 AM to 5.00 PM )

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