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Career in Digital Marketing

Digital marketing is promotion of brands through digital media like the Internet, mobile phones and game consoles. It encompasses advertising, engaging and servicing through digital media. Internet marketing constitutes a major component of digital marketing. It is based on advertising through emails, social media websites, online communities, forums, blogs, graphic banners, floating ads and pop – up ads. Some more tools include targeted advertisements, articles, discussions, links, comments and polls.

Digital Marketing Career Description

In today’s era, digital marketing is the perfect means to reach out to a big audience. With growing Internet penetration, traditional marketing mediums are losing their brilliancy. After all, for most of the time, people are engaged, directly or indirectly, with the web. Therefore, it makes right sense for marketers to connect with them through the same medium.

The goal behind digital marketing is the same as traditional marketing – to influence, persuade or coerce the target audience to buy your product or service. However, the likeness almost ends there. Digital marketing differs from, traditional marketing right from the strategy to design, process, technology and channels involved. It goes beyond creating an online presence to monitoring the public image, analysing activity and preferences of netizens, devising and executing marketing strategies accordingly and turning simple web users to customers. It includes everything from creating excitement about a product or service, getting people to talk about it, building fan loyalty and generating traffic to websites.

Digital marketing is useful to companies of any size and any kind of requirement – be it product launch, promotion, sales, brand building, public relations or customer service. Thanks to the high – impact, flexibility, ease and affordability it offers. The fresh, appealing and creative features it offers help you reach out to the existing customers and mine untapped markets. Little wonder then that companies that do not embrace this novel technique lose out business eventually.

Digital Marketing Career Scope

The rate and scale at which digital marketing is integrating into business explains the scope of career opportunities the field can offer. Digital marketing is gaining momentum as a promising career choice, especially among professionals in traditional marketing and tech – savvy youth. This field provides opportunities to experts in different fields like copy editors, storyboard artists, animators, programmers, web designer and media managers. It is fast becoming the most sought – after profession with its fascinating and rewarding returns.

As a digital marketer, you can be associated with the complete process or one of the stages of digital marketing. Opportunities are available in digital marketing solutions companies and in – house marketing departments of business organizations. Social media departments, which are a fad today, are another option. You can even set up your own marketing company or go the freelance route.

Some of the roles you can assume are interactive marketing specialist, social media strategist, audience acquisition manager, communities’ manager, social media coordinator, digital planner, business development executive, SEO strategist, media manager, social media web developer and web analytics manager.

The digital marketing industry is growing rapidly. There is high demand for trained and qualified digital marketing experts. Being an upcoming field, it provides scope for individual development and professional growth.

Educational Qualifications for Digital Marketing Career

To gain foothold in the digital marketing field, you need a degree in marketing, IT, mass communications, advertising or sales. However, if you want to grow in this field, you should acquire decent knowledge of all the aspects of digital marketing. Therefore, you have to try your hand at other areas of expertise and gain cross-functional skills.

On the other hand, a professional certification in digital marketing gives a fair idea about overall digital marketing process. It introduces digital technologies and applications for improving customer engagement. Some institutes are offering courses in marketing with digital marketing as an elective.

Skills Required for Digital Marketing Career

To succeed in this field, you have to constantly update your skills and knowledge pertaining to technology, marketing and the digital media. Apart from creativity, you need sound technical skills. In terms of technical skills, you should be good at web design, social media and web – related software. Analytical skills, research skills, leadership skills and communication skills are requisite.

Digital Marketing Career Pay Scale

If you are getting into this field, be willing spend long hours glued to the computer. You would be spending your time studying user traffic and behaviour, analysing relevant statistics and experimenting with different marketing strategies.

Coming to remuneration, based on the role and company, a fresh graduate can earn any amount between ₹ 15,000/- to ₹ 30,000/-. Growth prospects in the field are exponential. The future of marketing is in digital medium.

Digital Marketing Career Courses

Common Admission Test ( CAT ) 2015
Registration for CAT 201709th August, 2017 to 25th September, 2017
Common Admission Test 201726th November, 2017
Institute of Agri Business Management ( IABM )
Dates for submitting IABM Application form ( online )31st January, 2018

JEE Main

Application Form Submission 16 Dec 2020 to 16 Jan 2021.