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Importance of Disaster Management : : Details in Disaster Management Courses

Disaster Management Experts are trained to manage emergency situations and respond to the needs of the people and areas affected in a quick and efficient manner. They may be responsible for evacuating the people from a disaster / calamity affected town, managing the distribution of food to the people in crisis, or providing / overseeing the medical care to the injured. Disaster Management Experts are always in demand for large and small emergencies like hurricane, earthquake, terrorist attacks or chemical disasters.

Disaster Management, as an emerging field needs the qualified personnel in the field. Disaster Management graduates will find opportunities in the development sector with government and nongovernment organisations, with consultancy firms, or could go on to pursuing research, training and teaching careers.

Response to Disaster management :

The Ministry of Home Affairs is the nodal Ministry for coordinating relief, response and overall natural disaster management, and the department of Agriculture and Cooperation is the ncdai Ministry for drought management. Other Ministries responsible for disasters of other kind are Ministry of Civil Aviation for air accidents, Ministry of Railways for rail accidents, Ministry of Environment and Forests for Chemical disasters & forest fire, Ministry of Health for biological disasters ( controlling spread of epidemics ) and Department of Atomic Energy for Nuclear disasters.

Disasters – Training and Education :

The Ministry of Human Resources and Development ( HRD ) in its Tenth Five Year Plan included Disaster management in the curriculum of schools and professional education. Central Board for Secondary Education ( CBSE ) also introduced Disaster Management subject in Social Sciences fro Classes VIII in the year 2003 and for Class IX in 2004 and later on in Class X.

Career Opportunities / Prospects :

Disaster Management personals can mostly find jobs in Government Organisations, Emergency Services, Law Enforcement Departments etc. They can also be employed in relief agencies, Non-Governmental Organisations ( NGOs ) and International Agencies such as the United Nations etc. Private sectors also employ Disaster management Experts to fulfil their Corporate Social responsibilities. Administrators / Civil servants, civil engineers, police and defence personals, fire fighters and other protective service workers also undergo training and attend workshops to augment their skills in disaster managements.

In the field of Information Technology also System or Network Administrators, database Analysts, Security Administration or Operations Analysts are also offered positions to participate in organisation’s disaster recovery planning and management. Social workers, engineers, medical health ‘experts, environmental experts, scientists, rehabilitation workers can also have careers in disaster management, disaster mitigation and rehabilitation.

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