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Career in E – Commerce and Information Systems

E – Commerce or Electronic Commerce is a technology enabled communication of a business organization with its customers and suppliers.

In other terms, e – commerce means conducting business through the electronic media, particularly through paperless information technology such as Electronic Data Interchange (EDI).

E – commerce transactions may take place involving business to business (B2B) or business to customer (B2C). Unlike a traditional 9 – 5 company, e – commerce site remains 24 hours operational, besides reaching unreached.

Due to its completeness and interactive nature it can engage customers more directly, bypassing complex distribution network that includes manufacturers, wholesalers / distributors or brokers, retailers and the customers.

In fact, we are rapidly progressing towards a new business era, where traditional concepts of dong business will be as far out of mainstream as a business without a telephone today.

E – commerce in India

India is currently in the midst of an E – Commerce revolution. The increasing usage of internet together with escalating growth of web – based business is leading us to E – Commerce both on the B2B and the B2C sides.

E – Commerce trends in India are constantly changes as per the global market. As per the study, E – Commerce activities within India can earn more than US$10 billion by 2008.

Experts have argued that the low cost of personal computer, growing internet usage and increasingly competitive Internet Service Provider (ISP) market will help E – Commerce growth day by day.

The B2B market has expanded following greater investment in the Indian telecommunication infrastructure, particularly by addressing intellectual property rights and legal protections.

In order to promote e – commerce in India, Government has already passed the Information Technology Act to provide legal recognitions to transactions carried out by means of any electronic medium including the Internet.

This Act has enforced authentication of an electronic record by a person using electronic means.

As per the survey conducted on the plans and capabilities of software companies in India, the Supply Chain Management optimization and Customer Relation Management are going to be one of the strongest drivers of the global e – commerce solutions market.

As per survey 72% Indian software houses have shown strong expertise in Supply Chain Management and Customer Relation Management.

Benefits of E – Commerce

  • It allows us to carry out transactions without the barriers of time or distance
  • It minimizes the cost of transaction
  • It is ideal for niche products
  • It is cheapest means of doing business
  • It reduces the delivery time, labour and other intangible costs.
  • It is effective and powerful communication and market tool

Enabling E – Commerce requires :

  • Domain name
  • Web – hosting
  • Digital certificate
  • Provider of online transactions
  • Designing / purchasing a shopping cart software

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