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A career in environment does not necessarily demand a specialized degree. There are many avenues open to those interested in environmental and conservation issues.

Studying Economics, Biology, Sociology, and Politics as well as law are all part of the multi – disciplinary approach required to address any environmental issue.

Working with Non – Governmental Organizations ( NGOs ) can provide rewarding exposure in the study of specific projects, issues, places and people.

The person can be employed as Project Manager, Project Officer, Legal Assistant, and NGO Manager.

For the entry level positions one can expect a salary of 10,000 to 15,000 per month. With work experience of two to three years and depending on the nature of the job and project one can earn anything between 30,000 and 60,000 per month.

Apart from NGOs and private sectors, there are a number of employment opportunities in public sector undertakings.

The expert opinion of environmentalists is required by large public sector companies before they set up any of their ventures.

Government recruits environmentalists from time to time in different Ministries and other bodies and institutions.

Besides, graduates in Environment Science can also sit in the competitive examinations like India Forest Services. Overall, they have bright career ahead.

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