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Career in Fashion Industry

Looking their best has been a basic urge of human beings if right since the dawn of civilization. This very urge is the backdrop of the myriad fashion trends that have come to characterize our modern existence. Today, everyone irrespective of his age, sex, social class or profession wants, to look not only good but also fashionable.

The word fashion is associated with glamour and excitement and has given rise to a whole industry. As the fashion industry is fast paced, so people with genuine interest in the fashion market and a burning desire to excel can thrive in this field. The Fashion Industry offers a whole lot of new careers and is not limited to designing clothes as is commonly believed.

Fashion Careers exist in the areas of Art and Design, Communication and presentation as well as in business and technology. There is no dearth of opportunities as this industry is growing constantly and integrates creativity, design, business and technology. Presentation of your talent to prospective clients or customers also plays a major role in this field So your communication skills can take you places. Being computer savvy is essential in this industry.

If you are artistic, creative and brimming with original ideas, then you can have a high flying career in the fashion industry. If you are not so artistic but have business acumen or managerial skills or strong computer skills, then too you can carve a niche for yourself in the fashion industry. The variety of opportunities in this field attracts people with different interests, goals and abilities. Indian fashion designers have been making a name for themselves in the international market for quite some time now.

The business of fashion is ever changing and rapidly growing. Though the industry took a long time to find its footing in this country, it is now in a position to take competition from foreign countries by surprise. Especially during the last one year, this industry has registered a tremendous growth. One important attribute to do well in this industry is to be a good communicator. You must hone your written and public speaking skills to make high – quality presentations to clients.

Basic knowledge in marketing, advertising and business is essential for working in the fashion industry. As most of the designing and editing is done using Software Programs such as Adobe Photoshop, it is imperative to have strong computer skills. Specialised professional skills in painting, drawing or photography are necessary for positions where hands – on creative work is integral to the fashion design process. Fashion designers create designs for Clothes, Accessories, Footwear, Lingerie, Sportswear, Children’s Garments, etc.

Some high profile designers cater to individual customers or produce their own collections or work for fashion firms. The beginners in this field need to be properly trained, because without formal training it would be difficult unless you are exceptionally good.

Eligibility :

One is eligible for vocational courses after completing Class 10. These courses are offered at polytechnics and vocational training institutes. If you want to join a course after completing 10+2, then you can go for specialised courses at professional institutes. Graduates from any discipline can undergo postgraduate training in specialised fields.

Admission to reputed institutions is based on a written aptitude test, which may be followed by studio or situation tests for creative professionals and personality assessment for managerial or merchandising or related program.

Aptitude :

Those who aspire to be a part of the Fashion Industry must have a passion for fashion. A real burning desire to work in the industry will help in achieving success. You should be patient enough to taste the fruits of success as there is no guarantee of fame and fortune. You should have the capacity to live, think and breathe fashion constantly to survive in the fashion industry.

If you are into merchandising then you need to be a good planner also as you will be handling procurement and sales. Self – Confidence, Good Judgement, Resourcefulness, Enthusiasm, Motivation and an Eye for detail are some of the essential qualities required to make your mark in the field of fashion merchandising.

If you are planning to run a boutique, then you have to be entrepreneurial and driven, possessing a combination of savvy business skills and in – depth knowledge of the fashion retail industry. Training in fashion designs or apparel merchandising will be an added advantage for boutique owners. These days, most boutique owners, are also MBAs in Marketing or Fashion Management.

If accessory designing is your area of work, then you must have some technical skills in working with materials required for the chosen speciality. You should be able to conceptualise and create designs whether it is footwear or handbags or any other leather items such as gloves, belts, hats, etc., to go with the attire. Fashion stylists are employed by magazines, newspapers, retailers, advertising agencies, television and music production companies. To venture into this area of fashion industry, you should be able to set the stage for a fashion photo shoot according to the director’s or photographer’s vision.

Stylists create the mood for the shoot by selecting and setting up the appropriate props, fashions, accessories and even models to fit the theme of the shoot. Fashion stylists also work as freelancers. If writing is your forte, then you can step into this industry as a fashion journalist. If you are good with the camera then you can establish yourself as a fashion photographer.

You must also have an eye for style and beauty and be skilled at working with the models to achieve the best possible poses and photos so as to present the clothes and accessories in an appealing manner.

Fashion Industry Courses :

A large number of institutes across the country offer courses in fashion technology and other related branches of this industry. The duration of diploma courses can be 3 – 6 months. One can join these courses after Class XII. The National Institute of Fashion Technology offers courses for the duration of six months in various aspects of fashion industry such as efficacy of IT tools in Garment Industry; pattern making; e – Business of Garment Industry; Multimedia in Fashion Designing and Garment Industry, etc.

The eligibility for all these courses is the successful completion of 10+2 with basic knowledge of drawing as an added advantage.

Prospects :

The Fashion Industry has very, bright prospects for the new entrants who wish to make a career in this field. Fashion designers are mostly engaged by manufacturers or exporters designing clothes for the wholesale market. Fashion or apparel merchandisers are employed as retail buyers or managers, merchandisers by apparel manufacturers, retailers, design studios, etc. Costume designers work in film production, television shows and theatres.

So, employment opportunities for costume designers depend largely upon the entertainment industry and its demands.

Remuneration :

The best way for a beginner is to get associated with an established designer or design house and begin with doing the menial work. Most trainee designers have to work for a stipend in the beginning, but what you can get to learn in terms of working knowledge is immense. Working as a part of a design team fetches you a minimum of 12,000 a month. As you grow in the profession, you can demand higher package according to your skill and expertise.

Initially, the remunerations may not seem very attractive, but after some struggle you will discover that the sky is the only limit in this industry.

Fashion Industry Study Centres :

DateForenoon 08.30 A.M. to 01:30 P.M.Afternoon 12:30 P.M. to 05.30 P.M.
SC / ST Candidates
4th June, 20121 to 1000010001 to 20000
General ( Open & State Quota Candidates )
5th June, 20121 to 400401 to 800
6th June, 2012801 to 12001201 to 1600
7th June, 20121601 to 20002001 to 2400
8th June, 20122401 to 28002801 to 3200
9th June, 20123201 to 38003801 to 4500
10th June, 2012 - Sunday Off
AEEE Counselling for State Quota Candidates
11th June, 20124501 to 55005501 to 6500
12th June, 20126501 to 77507751 to 9000

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