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Fashion Designing in Garment, Leather, jewellery, Footwear

Variety, as the saying goes, is the spice of life. All around uniformity, i.e. the lack of variety, can make life pretty mundane and boring. Would not life be colourless if everyone wore the same pattern of Jeweleries, Shoes, Shirts and Watches thanks to Fashion Designing, one does not have to wear the same watch or the same tie as one’s neighbour.

A dash of colour here and a twist in the shape there add variety and spice to items of everyday use. If one is creative and artistic enough to add some style to otherwise similar items, one can take up a career in Fashion Designing.

Good money and glamour are assured in this field. Since it is a common saying that a man is defined by the clothes he wears, one can be instrumental in defining the character of a person.

Time was when factories churned out similar products year after year and markets were flooded with limited Designs of Shirts, Shoes, Watches, Jewelleries, Suits, etc.

A consumer had limited choice if he / she wanted to wear or use something different, from what others used. There used to be around a dozen designs of watches, for example, and millions of people had to make a choice from among those limited designs. But things have changed today.

The fashion industry is presently one of the largest manufacturing industries. It covers all aspects of clothing and accessories for men, women and children. Big companies have enhanced their capabilities to produce as many different designs of a particular product as there are units of the product to be produced.

Some companies produce limited editions of a particular product –  each edition different in colour, Size, Texture, Design and Price. An accessory is an article or a set of articles like Watches, Jewelleries, Bags, Shoes, Scarves, Belts, Ties. etc., which give completeness, add convenience and render attractiveness to one’s basic apparel.

One’s fashion statement is enhanced by accessories. Those who are in the profession of designing such accessories are known as Accessory Designers. These designers are paid hefty sums of money in most cases.

A suit manufactured by a well known company may cost a few thousands of rupees but once a renowned designer makes a few changes on it, like changing the shape of the lapel or giving a new cufflink to it, the price increases manifold.

In short, the huge difference in price is made by the creative touch of the designer. There are various areas of Fashion Designing. One can specialise in the designing of leather items, jewelleries or footwear items.

One can also design apparels. Though the nature of work varies from sector to sector, the basic requirements remain the same – one should be creative and should be able to have the photographic eye, to imagine at the first glance as to how an ordinary – looking product can look beautiful with the addition of a few accessories.

Various areas of Fashion Designing :

  • Garment Designing
  • Leather Designing
  • Jewellery Designing
  • Footwear Designing

Garment Designing :

The Garment Designers create new styles of clothing by using the right Fabric, giving the fabric the Right Cut, Sewing the garment with the right threads and putting the right buttons. They design clothes as diverse as Western – style suits and shirts to Indian dresses like Salwar – Kameez Sherwanis, Ghaghra – Cholis, etc.

The Garment Designer gives the client the correct fashion statement. It is the prerogative of Garment Designers to give the correct attitude and personality to the ones who wear their costumes.

The Garment Designer may create a single item that sells for a fortune or may create a few designs which are mass – produced and sold in retail markets. Garment Designing receives high – voltage publicity and today, these designers get the opportunity to rub shoulders with who’s who of the glamour industry like models and film stars.

Leather Designing :

Fashion Designers in this field create and develop new patterns in leather products like bags, belts and wallets, as per the latest fashion trends. Their work involves giving colour and shape to leather goods.

The Computer Aided Design ( CAD ) system is being widely used in some of the prominent leather design institutes in order to cater to the growing demand for stylish leather goods. Production of various leather goods has got a tremendous boost as a result of this.

Since designers need to work with leather technologists and marketing specialists, technical qualifications are needed in this field of Fashion Designing.

Jewellery Designing :

Accessory Designers are employed by jewellery houses and export companies where they create new designs of jewellery or recreate old designs. Both costume jewellery and precious jewellery are designed by Jewellery Designers.

It needs great imagination and innovation to design costume jewellery since such jewellery can be made of any stone or material. Precious jewellery is valued for the quality of the gems, such as diamonds, emeralds, rubies, sapphires, their rarity and appearance as well as the design of jewellery.

There are great marketing prospects for beautifully designed jewellery, particularly for export and therefore, today there is great scope for employment of Jewellery Designers. Watches, brooches, badges and bracelets are also designed by Accessory Designers who make their foray into jewellery designing.

Footwear Designing :

Fashion Designers in this area create foot wears that look good, feel good and are economical. Footwear Designers create new styles of footwear, and sometimes new uses for particular designs.

Keeping in mind the popular demand in the markets and also the demands of individual clients, Footwear Designers design various kinds of shoes. Footwear Designers also design shoe collections for leading footwear companies.

Patterns are made and graded by them, according to which companies produce samples. Computer aided design systems have now made the entire process mechanised.

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