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Job Opportunities in Film Making

Freelance, part – time or full – time work opportunities exist in various aspects of film – making. These are available at film studios, production companies, editing studios or laboratories, government departments that make films and the film department of advertising agencies.

Getting a break in this industry is the toughest part. The film industry is unorganised and new faces are not easily welcome, specially if you want to work off – screen. Newcomers have to prove their talent and sincerity.

There are two ways of gaining entry into this “big bad world of cinema

  1. Convince a producer / director to take you under his wing and teach you the ropes. You can also take up a job with a production house as an intern and work your way up. Most of the world’s greatest film makers started out this way.
  2. Take formal training from a film institute.

Career in Film Making – Remuneration :

Film Making job and the pay both essentially depend upon the quality of the work of the professional and networking. Further, it also depends upon one’s specialisation, the type of film, its budget and ultimately negotiation between the producer and the concerned person. While for Hindi mainstream commercial films the remuneration runs into lakhs of rupees, for short features and documentaries, it may be limited to a few thousands.

Television :

TV is a very dynamic industry. Though there is a great difference between the cinema work and television work, all the specialisations mentioned earlier have a lot of scope in this field as well. Since here work has to be done on a regular basis, all the channels employ some people on a permanent basis. The remunerations also vary from channel to channel and program to program ( serials, documentaries, news, music channels, sports channels etc. ) There is a stiff competition in this field and you have to consistently put in maximum effort to become and to remain successful. Plenty of patience is required for over – night success stories are hardly there. However, if you are really good, the sky is the limitbe it in terms of fame or money. It is important to remember that film making is not all glamour and fun.

Post – Production :

Post – production refers to all activities that follow the production, be it a film, television serial or commercial or an animation. With the advent of the latest technologies, post – production has gone digital which saves precious man hours and ensures better quality. The process is linear and utilises a combination of analogue and digital machines to execute the various steps, the effects and composite market uses the latest and most cutting – edge technology from the computing and creative world to put together realistic visuals.

To be a professional in the different aspects of post – production, it is imperative to undergo training with multimedia training institutes. Some of the courses available are digital audio and video editing, which teaches a student all about the software related to the same including the fundamentals and the concepts, digital film – making and editing, which covers the entire range of information related to film – making and editing. India is the second – highest film producing nation in the world. Therefore, there is tremendous scope for people in this profession. Secondly, India has become a global hub, in the fields of animation and multimedia. With the added advantages of cheap, qualified and English speaking manpower it has an edge over other countries in outsourcing.

Although the pay packages may not be extremely enticing at the entry level, salaries rise exponentially when a professional has gathered enough skills and recognition byway of experience. With the experience of a couple of years, the salary may go up to Rs.80,000 – 1,00,000 per month. Basically sky is the limit for the talented and hardworking people in this profession.

Filmmaking Institutes ( Courses on Technical Divisions )

Film and Television Institute of India Pune,
Law College Road,
Pune – 411004, Maharashtra.

Film and Television Institute of Tamil Nadu,
CIT Campus,
Chennai, Tamil Nadu.

Film Institute of MITS,
312, Sri Ram Towers,
Ashok Marg, Lucknow – 226001,
Uttar Pradesh.

Filmmaking Institutes that offer diploma courses on direction, screenplay writing, editing, cinematography, and sound recording.

Asian Academy of Film and Television,
Marwah Studios Complex,
FC : 14 / 15, Film Centre,
Sector 16A, Noida – 201301,
Uttar Pradesh.

AJK Mass Communication Research Centre,
Jamia Milia Islamia, New Delhi.

Film Institute of eMITS,
312, Sri Ram Towers,
Ashok Marg, Lucknow – 226001,
Uttar Pradesh.

Chitrabani – St. Xavier’s College, Kolkata ( affiliated to Calcutta University ) – offers short – term courses in various aspects of film – making from time to time.

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