Career Opportunities for Fisheries Professionals

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Employment Opportunities for Fisheries Professionals

Comparatively, Fisheries Professionals are less in number. Also the Professional colleges are few and hence, new Fisheries graduates have good Job opportunities.

Job Opportunities for Fisheries Professionals in the following Sectors :

Fisheries Jobs in Government Sector :

There is scope for fisheries graduates to join Central or State Government jobs. Fisheries graduates are recruited as fisheries Officers in different cadres, in Agriculture, Animal Husbandry & Fisheries Department of Central and State Governments as Assistant Fisheries Development Officer, District Fisheries Development Officer, Fisheries Extension Officer, Assistant Director of Fisheries, Director of Fisheries, Assistant Commissioner of Fisheries etc. Graduate & Post Graduate students also have scope to work in Marine Product Export Development Authority ( MPEDA ), Export Inspection Agencies etc.

Opportunities in Academic Institutes / Universities & Research Centers :

The higher education in the field of fisheries such as Master’s and Ph.D. programs from the State Agriculture University or any other recognized University / Institute is also helpful in this career. The Master degree holders in fisheries can also become scientist ( Fisheries ) by qualifying the Examination of Agriculture Scientist Recruit – ment Board ( ASRB ) of Indian Council of Agricultural Research ( ICAR ), Pusa, New Delhi. The fisheries professionals having Master’s degree along with NET certificate in fisheries can join the University for Teaching, Research and Extension as Junior Research Officer ( JRO ) / Senior Research Officer ( SRO ) / Lecturer / Assistant Professor / Subject Matter Specialist / Reader / Associate Professor.

The highly educated fisheries professionals can join the Universities as Research Officer or teachers. In Krishi Vigyan Kendra ( KVK ) students having two years’ experience after M.F.Sc. can apply for the post of Subject Matter Specialist ( SMS ) in the field of fisheries. The highly educated fisheries professionals call also pursue teaching and research in the Institutes / Universities abroad. Now a days, the fisheries degree holders are also being recruited in the Environmental / Fisheries Sciences based Private Institutes as Tutor of Fisheries.

ICAR have several affiliated fisheries research institutes throughout the country where fisheries professionals can work. The fisheries Post Graduates have good scope to work in Fisheries Survey of India ( FSI ). National Institute of Oceanography ( NIO ) and Indian Institute of Technology ( IIT ) for research also. The field of Remote Sensing and GIS is also recruiting fisheries professionals for research and fisheries survey work. There is also a provision for getting Junior Research Fellowship ( JRF ), Senior Research Fellowship ( SRF ) and Research Associateship ( RA ) under the projects run by the Organizations of Government in the Institutes / Universities to fisheries professionals; but for a shorter duration.

Banking Jobs for Fisheries 

In the banking sector fisheries graduates are required as Subject Matter Specialists and in Managerial posts for implementing government policies for fishermen and their banking related business. Many banking agencies like NABARD, Nationalized Banks, NCDC etc. are appointing fisheries graduates in rural development activities. The private / public banks are also recruiting the fisheries professionals to develop their banking business in coastal zone as well as inland fisheries zone.

Private & Public Sector ( Companies / Industries ) The private and public sector fisheries entrepreneurs require fisheries professionals either in their Offices, Laboratories, Farms, Fisheries based industries like, Fish processing plants, Surimi processing plants, Fish meat plants, Fish oil plants, Fish aril plants, Customer care units etc. or outdoors depending on their field of specialization. The requirement of fisheries professionals in fisheries net manufacturing companies, several fish & fish products exporting companies, which are run by corporate sector as well as the fish feed manufacturing multinational companies has been increasing day by day.

The Indian firms are also involved in feed manufacturing and are providing excellent job opportunities. Good employment potential exists in several probiotics and medical companies which supply aquaculture probiotics for aqua farmers. Many international firms are also coming up to supply different kind of food additives in fish product development. This also opens new employment horizon to the fisheries professionals.

Self – Employment

The fisheries professionals can launch their own enterprises in the field of aquaculture / Fish processing / Fish shrimp feed plant / Fisheries by product based industry / Cottage industries based on value added fish products. Now a days, Agro – tourism based business is one of the best business in which they can set motels or holiday homes having fish pond for boating & fishing, which is the main attraction of the tourist. Beside this, the professionals can run their own NGO. Several graduates have started their own marketing business in fish and fisheries related products in Indian as well as abroad.

Outsourcing / Charted Fisheries Consultant for Aquaculture & Fish Processing

In recent years, Business Processing Outsourcing ( BPO ) and Knowledge of Processing Outsourcing ( KPO ) is gaining lot of attention. Hence, fisheries professional consultants are required for the big organisation like NGO’s, Private Companies, Central and State Project Management Units ( PMU’s ) as well as Central and State Government Environ-mental Fisheries Advisor to the Industrial Sector. Now a days, aquaculture consultants are required for providing technical assistance to the people for culling or to trace up the aquaculture on their private holdings. This system of consultancy is very common in advanced countries and has been recently launched in India because there is a demand for Technical guidance of aquaculture experts.

Fisheries NGO’s

The field of fisheries is under exploration. Therefore, there is a scope for everyone to contribute towards the Scientific, Ecological and Social benefit of the community through co-operation. In India, so many people are working for the objectives of ecological and social benefits of the community. They have established Co – operative societies for fish farmers. Several fisheries / fish farmers Co – operative Societies are well established and settled in their business. The fisheries co-operative sector is developing its own fish processing plants and it too requires fisheries professionals in large numbers.

Foreign Jobs for Fisheries Professional

The doors are always open to the talented and experienced fisheries professionals in the international agencies working in the field of fish processing and aquaculture, viz. Food & Agricultural Organization ( FAO ), United Nation Development Program ( UNDP ), Asian Development Bank ( ADB ), Network of Aquaculture Centers in Asia Pacific ( NACA ) etc. Some countries having bilateral projects offer good prospects to fisheries professionals.

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