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Career as Fitness Trainer

‘Fitness’ was never as popular as it is today. On one hand, changes in life style and food habits have made it necessary for one to seek the guidance of experts to keep oneself fit. On the other hand, fitness is the fancy for size zero and six packs. So, people across demographics are exploring various fitness options and hailing them as one stop solution to a variety of requirements. With this, the demand for fitness experts is on the rise. So, if you are a fitness enthusiast, do not hesitate to consider it as a career option.

Thanks to the propaganda by healthcare professionals, fitness trainers and the media, fitness no longer connotes only athletes. Today, people are aware of the fact that it relates to everyone. They recognize that fitness is essential for everyone to prevent impending lifestyle disorders and keep themselves healthy, both mentally and physically. Also, the perception that fitness means lifting weights in a sweaty gym has changed. There are several options like yoga, aerobics, martial arts and sports to explore and choose. So, options are galore for fitness enthusiasts looking forward to make a career in the field.

Fitness Trainer Job Opportunities

Fitness training is one of the fastest growing fields and offers challenging and lucrative career options. As a fitness trainer, you get to deal with many challenges. They include : Helping clients, lose / gain weight, get into shape, improve strength and flexibility of the body and overcome stress. They also train athletes to improve their fitness levels and hence their performance Advising patients on lifestyle, physical exercises and nutrition issues ( appropriate fitness regimes complement medical treatments to cure ailments like arthritis, diabetes, cardiovascular diseases, muscular disorders and blood pressure ).

The field of fitness provides scope for continuous learning. To meet the fitness requirements of clients, you will need to explore fitness in – depth. The zeal to solve complex problems can motivate you to experiment with different forms of fitness.

Fitness Trainer Career Opportunities

Coming to opportunities, there are several options available for fitness experts. You can work with a gym, club spa, resort, hotel, cruise or other health centres as an instructor. You may also start your own fitness centre and train your clients. Personal training and corporate training are other lucrative options. Interestingly, this is a field that allows you to don more than one role simultaneously.

Career progress depends largely on word of mouth publicity. The better service you provide to your existing clients, the brighter are your future prospects. To keep your clients interested in workout, you have to introduce them to new routines from time to time. For this you have to constantly update yourself with latest techniques. You can specialise in one or more forms like weightlifting, aerobics, karate, kickboxing, pilates, spinning, power yoga and tai – chi and plan interesting regimes that are amalgamation of different forms and cater well to the unique requirements of your clients. Building a loyal customer base
will keep the opportunities flowing in.

Remuneration for Fitness Trainer

Personal instructors and corporate trainers earn well, but the income may not be constant. Moreover, to get good offers, you should be skilled, experienced and certified. On the other hand, if you own a fitness centre, your income is constant. However, in this case, you have to first invest in the infrastructure. To begin with, you can join a fitness centre as an instructor. As you build your client network, you can explore options like corporate training or starting your own fitness centre. Your initial pay packet may not be very attractive ( ranging from 6000 – 12,000 per month ), but within a short period it can increase manifold.

Qualifications for a Fitness Trainer

Aspirants, who choose fitness as a profession only because it is lucrative, can not survive in this field for a long time. To flourish here, you should be really passionate about fitness and respect your job; there are already several contenders providing mediocre services to clients and misleading them. Keep yourself fit because you cannot exhort others to sweat off when you yourself are a couch potato. Be willing to invest time, effort and money in your own training. Along with strong technical skills, you need good interpersonal skills to progress in this field. Good interpersonal skills will equip you to deal with different kinds of people, influence, persuade and motivate them. Empathy, friendliness, outgoing personality, patience and perseverance are other key traits you need to succeed in this field.

A certification from a recognised organisation is a must to flourish in this field. Basic fitness courses provide an understanding of human anatomy, muscle physiology, kinesiology, exercise techniques and first – aid. Later, you can opt for speciality certifications like strength training, circuit training, martial arts, aerobics, power yoga, nutrition, sports coaching, women / children / senior citizen – specific programs, etc. Attending workshops and seminars can keep you updated with information on the latest tools and techniques.

Fitness Trainer Challenges

Training and infrastructure can be costly. Certifications expire in 2 – 3 years and you have to keep renewing them. Results are not always constant. They vary from time to time and person to person. So, persuading clients and keeping them motivated needs lot of focus.

Fitness Training Colleges and Courses

Program NameEligibility Criteria for AdmissionDurationNature of ProgramProfessional / Non - ProfessionalIntake
Department of Computer Applications Faculty of Technology Phone No. : 0484 - 2576253
Any graduate with Mathematics as one of the main or subsidiary subjects or graduate in Electronics / Computer Science / Computer Aplications / Engineering / Technology with agregate 5% marks in al subjects other than languages and humanities.6 Semesters
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