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Graphic Designing as a Careers

Graphics is a part of visual announcement. Graphic designers are the convenient artists whose creations are planned to express ideas, convey information or draw concentration to a product. They are the visual artists who have put their fine arts ability at the service of commercial clients. A number of dissimilar disciplines can fall under the broad heading of graphic design: motion picture and computer graphics work, typography and lettering, design, printing processes and printmaking, display and presentation work, technical graphics for engineering, calligraphy, model – making, packaging, drawing for advertising and so on.

Graphic designers can design a wide multiplicity of materials such as advertisement ( posters, packaging, etc. ), symbols or logos, signs, computer graphics and games, book cover and magazine covers. They may create the diagram corporate identity symbol of organizations. Graphic designers also work on TV graphics used in captioning, program titling and illustration. Computers are increasingly being used to produce graphics.

Graphic Designing Career Description :

Graphic designers are not really fine artists although they may be highly skilled at drawing and painting. Much of the design work commissioned to graphic designer involves both artwork and copy. The designer, therefore needs to be familiar with the wide range of art media such as photography, drawing, work of art, etc, and styles as well as with a wide range of typefaces and know how to manipulate them for right effect.

Whatever the field and whatever the medium, all graphic designers start on by determining as best as they can the needs and predilection of the clients and probable buyers or viewers. They must esteem project budgets. They must understand how different colors, shapes and layouts will affect the viewer sensitively After a plan has been consider and the details worked out a graphic designer will do some beginner designs to present to the client for authorization.

The client may reject the preliminary design or recommend alteration to the existing design. The designer then goes back to the drawing board to attempt a new design or make the suggested changes. This process continues till the customer approves the design. Once the design is accepted, the graphic designer prepares the design for professional reproduction.

Skills for Graphic Designing Career :

A vibrant imagination; creative drawing ability interest in the social atmosphere, prevailing tastes, needs and customs; insistence; self self – assurance, ability to visualize concepts and ideas; interest and exceptional aptitude are the necessities for a career in graphic design. Physical and mental stamina are important to handle the pressure of deadline and umpteen rejections before a design is accepted.

Graphic Designing Career Professional Courses :

While most of the ability required to become a graphic designer are to a large coverage natural, formal training has a lot of importance for securing jobs. Training to become a graphic designer means going throughout a Bachelor of Fine Arts or a Bachelor of Design program. Usually these are accessible at universities as 4 – year programs after Class 12 ( in a few cases after Class 10 ). In the field of graphic design the marketable art courses run by a variety of polytechnics all over the country are also appropriate.

The commercial art programs at the polytechnics are usually of two years period. An ability test plus merit in the succeed examination are the basic admission requirements. Innate capacity is a major quality for victory in the profession. Visits to art galleries, museums, studios, industrial and commercial organizations normally form a part of the training program. Masters degree programs are of 2 – year length for Bachelor of Design graduates. Admission is through a Pre – Exam test.

Graphic Designing Career Opportunity :

A strong portfolio is the best way to enter the occupation. Learning how to accumulate a portfolio is also taught as part of a proficient training program. The portfolio may be compiled from artwork at the training school, in part time or freelance jobs/assignments. It should reflect the designers growing ability. Computer proficiency is a basic necessity of all graphic designers today.

From reputed institutions most students are placed directly after qualifying. Practical internship and the last project help the students to interrelate with future employers leading to an advantage in placements for the student and in early classification of a probable employee for the company.

Design studios, promotion agencies, industrialized companies, stores, museums, television and Pictures companies, art galleries, art companies, journal and book publishing employ graphic designers. Many graphic designers look for work with industrial companies associated to the engineering industry to prepare drawings and plans from written specifications.

They may also take on medical illustration work. Public relations agencies, presentation organizers are also employers of graphic designers. Temporary work comes in easily with satisfactory commercial experience rather than instantly after graduating. Government is also an employer of graphic designers in their Department of Audio – Visual Publicity, etc.

Starting salaries are not standardized but in good personal companies, ₹ 5,000 may be expected. Reputed specialized degrees can fetch in even ₹ 10,000 with a large company.

Graphic designers with strong computing ability can find work in computer leisure industry designing games and other freedom concepts. Teaching is another work prospect as a full time or part time pursuit. Television, video, animatronics design, the booming entertainment industry in general and now the web are opening up more prospects for the graphic designer.

Graphic Designing Career Path :

Initially graphic designers work under the direction of senior designers. As they gain experience, they are given self – determining assignments with increasingly less supervision. Experienced designers easily move to the top position in their own department or become chief designers.

Experienced designers find it easy to get freelance assignments and often set up their own design consultancies. Their previous work familiarity provides them with an established client’s base familiar with his/her work. Multimedia and interactive graphics is a huge opportunity for knowledgeable graphic designers with necessary computer skills.

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