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Career in Hotel Management

Gone are the days when doctors were assigned the role of a hospital manager or administrator. But in today’s advanced era of specialization, the term ‘hospital’ has undergone various changes giving rise to demand for different kinds of professionals. Now – a – days, doctors are not the only pillars of the hospitals reputation building but the administrators or the managers and non – medical staff also share equal responsibilities as the doctors.

The success stones etc, say all. The emergence of these hospitals has also generated demand for a large number of qualified medical and non – medical professionals. A major group of these people include hospital administrators who are trained in the area of hospital management and healthcare administration. As a career, Hospital Management has touched great heights assuming a striking priority in the vast gamut of professions today.

With the service industry emerging as one of the most charming as well as fastest growing industries not only in India but also around the globe, the Hospital Management has come to be recognised as an interesting career replete with responsibilities all at once. This kind of service industry reflects more concrete and clear prospects.

With the growing number of hospital and nursing homes, there is a dearth of good skilled people who can manage them very well. The medical staff working in these hospitals find very little time to handle non – medical day – to – day administrative affairs. Moreover, handling of such tasks requires management and professional skills which need constant devotion and upgradation. It is very difficult for doctors to spare time for such things.

Thus, the delivery of effective healthcare service requires trained professionals. The whole concept of hospital has undergone various changes and various rectifications have been done.

Aptitude :

A hospital administrator should be jack of all trades. He plays a pivotal role in a hospital as he focuses on community health, health systems research, epidemiology, management of medical staff, demography and biostatics, public health legislation, urban health, health policy formulation and implementation, etc.

Also, he deals with financial management, marketing and strategic planning of hospital and organisational and staffing requirements. The hospitals now – a – days are under pressure to control the costs and yet provide high levels of services. This is what a hospital administrator is supposed to do.

He should be the one to bridge the gap between the patient and the management. In today’s world, the job of hospital administrator seems to be a promising one. The job of a hospital administrator is a very challenging one as it requires astute business judgment, excellent communication skills and superior administrative capabilities.

A hospital administrator is overall in – charge of administrative affairs of the hospital. He takes care of all levels of health services. The governing body, assisted by the administrator, determines the hospital objectives and policies and the hospital administrator puts them into action.

The nature of the job requires a number of qualities and essential attributes. It includes time management skills, personal commitment, decision making capability based on up – to – date management principles and techniques. The hospital administrator ensures smooth running of hospital activities such as front office, reception, billing, security, finance, marketing, customer relation, food and beverages, laundry and housekeeping.

One should be well versed with financial forward planning and should have a fair understanding of finance and information systems, interpretation of data apart from maintaining good communication with everybody. He takes over the charge of various aspects of health administration and hospital administration vis – a – vis patients and healthcare.

It envisages professional control, management of the medical and non – medical staff, demography and biostatics management and research in healthcare, epidemiology and community health and strategic management.

In today’s fast life, it is only the effective management that can keep things going in a systematic and productive way.  An awesome infrastructure and gleaming machine doesn’t help out in making a hospital successful. In this regard, a hospital administrator does everything from planning, finance, personnel management, purchase and supply and building maintenance to organization of laundry, catering and cleaning.

Other than these changes, an hospital administrator aims at efficiency with cost – effectiveness with the staff of various departments. Hospital administration professionals are equipped with the knowledge to plan, direct, co – ordinate and control the various activities of a large hospital while managing the complex relationships between patients, physicians, hospitals, insurers and government agencies.

Hotel Management – Prospects :

India is emerging as a global destination in healthcare and medical tourism. A large number of job opportunities are coming up in the health sector. With the increase in the number of healthcare centres, there is a dire need of trained professionals in the field of Hospital Management. There are tremendous avenues and potential for the right, hard working, sincere and human candidates.

There is currently a lack of trained professionals as it is a new emerging career. It is also one of the hottest career avenues of the millennium. There are ample job opportunities in this field both in India and abroad. Fresh degree holders can start as assistant hospital managers or administrators.

Government hospitals as well as private hospitals employ the hospital administrators. Large corporate organizations also recruit health administrators. In large hospitals, a health administrator may be given a multi – crore project and hundred of employees besides overseeing large projects relating to expansion and development of hospital services.

A hospital administrator works like a Chief Executive Officer ( CEO ) who is supposed to report to the board of directors or the governing body of the hospital. The healthcare sector has its business expanded to over hundred crore in India and it is on its way to the top of the career sweepstakes globally.

Eligibility for Hotel Management Courses :

The nature of the job requires management professionals and riot doctors per see. Therefore, not only doctors and para – medicos, but ordinary graduates too, can opt for the courses and enter the field. The administrative setup in large hospitals is generally categorized into two sections – medical and non – medical administration. Medical administration is handled by doctors but non – medical administrative setup does not require any technicality.

It is in this field that more and more graduates are entering the field. So, the minimum eligibility in such courses is graduation. For this, there is a three – year degree course i.e., Bachelor of Hospital Administration ( BHA ) for the under graduates. For BHA, the applicants should have completed their 10+2 with biology as a compulsory subject. The minimum requirement is 50% marks at 10+2. The postgraduate course is of two years duration. The postgraduate course is available for both medical and non – medical students.

Hotel Management Courses :

There are a number of courses being offered by different institutions. Most of the courses in hospital administration and management are offered at the postgraduate level the duration of the courses varies from one year to two years. However, some courses are also being offered at graduate level. But all such courses are exclusively for medical graduates.

Selection procedure in most of the institutions offering such courses is through a common entrance examination. The common entrance examination is followed by either group discussion and / or personal interview. Aspirants having good score in graduation have a favourable chance in such common entrance examination. The nature of the entrance examination is purely non – academic oriented and is aimed to check general awareness and management skills of the aspirants.

On – campus placement is provided to postgraduates in hospital administration and management.

Remuneration :

In the beginning, the fresher in this field can earn up to ₹ 8,000 – 10,000 per month. After gaining some experience, one gets the post of Chief Administrator where one can take salary upto 40,000 per month. The remuneration basically depends on the size and type of institution one gets in. Large corporate organizations give a hefty amount to their healthcare administrators.

Government hospitals on the other hand pay slightly lower as in accordance with the government pay scales than the large private hospitals. Experience makes money and after having a long experience one can ask for a much higher salary.

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