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Career in Human Resource Management a Student Perspective

Generally students graduating from the management institutes opt for careers in the areas of Marketing, Finance and Systems and a few for Human Resource Management (HRM). Lack of interest in HRM career has been attributed to various unfavorable notions or ideas In the globalized era, organizations. have realized that the need of the hour is to have skilled, well- trained & highly motivated staff to help the growth of the company.

Human Resource Management

Human resource management is about the management of work and people in organizations. Human Resource Management focuses on the people issues in organizations, and refers to all of the activities an organization implements and uses to affect the behaviors of employees. Human resource management is both an academic theory and a business practice that addresses the theoretical and practical techniques of managing a work-force.

Career Options in Human Resource Management

The Human Resource Management degree prepares students for careers in management and in human resources. There are generalist HRM jobs such as human resource assistant. There are careers involved with employment, recruitment and placement. Training and development specialism is often conducted by trainers and orientation specialists. Compensation and benefits tasks are handled by compensation analysts, salary administrators, and benefits administrators.

The Career paths lead from technical HR jobs to positions in senior HR management, such as Manager of Compensation, VP of Labor Relations, Director of Employment and others. While most students choose this major to become human resources professionals, others do so to better prepare themselves for careers in the general field of management. Students are prepared to become generalists in human resources or to specialize in areas such as organization development, training and development, labor relations, and compensation and benefits. However there is moreto HRM than just being the internal function of a corporate. Some options open for professionals interested in career in Human Resource are given below.

  • Corporate HRM : The role of a HR manager in the corporate sector is to search, select & recruit suitable & qualified staff for his organization. It is also concerned with the development, motivation & training of this staff in order to maximize their satisfaction & minimize turnover. Typically a bachelor’s degree in management allows entry into a junior cadre of HRM, or an MBA is usually the norm for entry into mid level / senior position into HR department of large organization.
  • Training & Development : There are some companies that specialized in T & D as a business. Their jobs is broadly to “Train the Trainer” or in the other words, train HR managers to , in turn, train employees of their organization & equip them with certain skill sets. They often hold workshops on “behavioral skills” etc.
  • Recruitment consulting : Recruitment consulting is actually a very lucrative & fruitful field to join at this stage. There are several recruitment consulting firms in India. In some the business & business responsibilities are split by industries & in others, they are split by functions. The general requirement to become a recruitment consultant is an MBA with specialization in HR.
  • HR consulting : This is the upcoming field, where in organizations employ the services of HR consultants to either find solutions or help tide over issues relating to people in the organization. In the case of organizations that need to re-structure, HR consultant decide on those who need to be retained, fired or promoted. In public sector companies when voluntary retirement schemes are announced, HR consultants are hired to make the process smoother.
  • Career Counselling : This field includes the paid services of private organizations & also schools & colleges that provide career counselling to their students. “Several schools & colleges hire counselors to conduct behavioral test for students who are the verge of choosing a career stream. They conduct behavioral tests which help students ascertain their skills set & the field that would be ideal for them to join.
  • Academics : If a person is interested in academics & is keen to take up HR, then a MBA with a specialization in HR or OB is the best option. This followed by doctorate in the same field would make you eligible to teach HR or OB at any institution.
  • Cross – Cultural Management : This module examines the consequences of cultural diversity for international business activities and the challenges of transferring individual managers and managerial systems across cultures. Students will improve their understanding of potential difficulties in a multicultural business context and build cross-cultural competence.
  • International HRM : This module offers insights into the diversity of employment systems and structures and human resource management techniques and strategies from both comparative and cross – national perspectives. Focusing on the implications for HRM, a student will gain insight into international business operations with an emphasis on the institutional distinctiveness of business systems, and economic and political strategies of firms as influenced by the national institutional framework.
  • Equality and Diversity : Currently very few universities offer modules which study Equality and Diversity, which examines theories of occupational segmentation. This new module explores diversity and equality across the dimensions of gender, race, disability, age and sexual orientation.

This module will also identify the contribution of Equality and Diversity Policies and practices to the achievement of organizational goals, quality and excellence in an international context and explore the implications of the European Union, internationalism, globalization, social, political and demographic change for human resource management and employment relations from an equality and diversity perspective.

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