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Image management is an important I aspect of brand management. This holds true in all walks of life. It may range from political parties, business organizations, celebrities and even employees. As cliched as it may sound, the first impression is the best impression. The impression you make during the first few seconds of your interaction with another person decides the kind of relation you would build with him. Therefore, paying attention to your image and ensuring that it is appropriate is very important for a successful career.

Nevertheless, how will you know what image you are projecting and how can you enhance it? Well, it is here that image consultants come to your rescue. Image consultants are professionals who help people polish their image. They are also known as wardrobe consultants, fashion stylists and makeover consultants. They study your personality, style, preferences and goals, and turn your attention towards your areas of improvement. They help you define your ‘right professional image’ and advise on how to project it.

Image Management Career Prospects

Therefore, whether you are an artist, practicing professional, consultant, CEO of a company or an employee, services of an image consultant can definitely improve your career prospects. Image consultants can help meet your goal, be it to land a job, get a promotion, attract clients, gain confidence or simply feel good! They manage your professional image by instilling in you a sense of poise, polish and style. Their services are so effective that today, seeking image consultation has become common in many industries and professions.

This explains why image consultancy is picking up as a referred career option among youth. Image consultants are paid for unlocking the hidden potential in people and changing their lives for the better. They meet people from different professional backgrounds who come with a variety of challenges. Image consultants listen to their clients, analyse their perspectives and provide customised action plans,

in the process of improving the image of the client, image consultants examine and work on different aspects that influence the image of a person. It includes advising on clothes, hair, make – up, accessories and jewellery based on age, body structure, status and situation. However, grooming a client is just the beginning.

Image Management Career Details

Image consultants offer valuable advice on how their clients should present themselves in different circumstances. This includes soft skills, such as posture, eye contact, gestures, handshake, assertiveness, relationship building, etiquette and mannerisms, besides voice modulation, grammar and vocabulary. To provide expert guidance in various areas of image management, image consultants build and maintain a network of strategic partners including hair stylists, makeup artists, dentists, fitness trainers, plastic surgeons, leadership consultants and voice coaches.

Image management is not a cakewalk. It requires specific training to excel in the field. There are several institutes across the country that offer courses in image management. Some institutes offer courses that provide in-depth knowledge of one or more modules that constitute image management. Some institutes also provide support to their students to start their own business. Books, workshops and training programmes on the subject are useful for learning the basics of image management.

Image Management Career Requirements

Courses in PR and communications are also helpful. Candidates can pursue courses related to the subject in distance and online modes. While academic courses certainly enhance credibility and confidence, hands – on experience is what is required to thrive in. this field. The work of an image consultant speaks for itself, where word – of – mouth is crucial for business success. Certifications from bodies like ‘The image Consultants’ Society International’ ( ICSI ) will further improve their prospects.

Image consultants manage clients and their goals. Therefore, the learning curve of image consultants is steep. The job demands high levels of focus, willingness to learn, psychological skills, ability to pay attention to details, empathy and problem solving skills. A strong sense of style and fashion, keen eye for colour, deep understanding of etiquette, friendly disposition, ability to work in teams and excellent communication skills are the other skills required to succeed in this field.

With increasing number of people across various fields seeking image consultation, this field promises a bright future. Reputed image consultants are paid thousands of rupees per hour.
Apart from consultation services, they conduct workshops and seminars that add to their income. Image consultation is a career that is both exciting and well paid. It provides
great professional satisfaction from being able to change the lives of others for better. Fame, opportunities to meet popular people and foreign travel are the additional benefits of this career.

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