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Career in Information Technology Software Industry

Software & Hardware :

If there were to be one major factor of technological revolution in the modern age, the answer would invariably go to a computer. Life in the 21st century is being governed by computers.

The device has changed the very way the world goes about its devices has changed the very way the world goes about its business.

From our living rooms to office apartments in high rise buildings, the computer has pervaded our lives beyond extrication and finds application in a large number of human activities – education, communication, trade in a large number of human activities – education, communication, trade, manufacturing, services, culture, entertainment, research, defence and global security.

The importance the computer has come to occupy in our lives render in the status of a non – disposable necessity of our civilization.

If you are technologically – driven and love to work with computers, a career in Information Technology is just right for you.

The reason is that the Information Technology industry and IT enabled service like Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) etc., in India are growing at a phenomenal pace and there is a severe shortage of talent.

IT is breaking old shackles and building new interconnections in the emerging global village. It is becoming the major determinant of progress of countries across the world.

Big companies, global as well as Indian, have realized the potential of Indian IT and are rushing to invest in this sector both financially and in terms of people.

This is a field which is growing by leaps and bounds and promises to hold a lot of reward in terms of money. So, if you want to see yourself in one of chairs of Infosys or Wipro, a career in Information Technology opens the door of success for you.

Information Technology (IT), the most happening career option at present, has revolutionised the way knowledge can be accessed or shared. It has opened a plethora of gates for young budding candidates who have aptitude and kill for the technology.

The number of job opportunities available in the IT sector has helped in the rise of institutions and colleges that provide courses in IT sector.

Such institutions provide quality education in the field apart from orienting candidates to the future job requirements.

Candidates, who have high aptitude, have analytical bent of mind, are filled with creativity and knowledge, and are eager to go to different places, are the most deserving candidates in this field. Also, in the long run it is these candidates who will define the role of the future IT technologies.

In today’s expanding and growing environment, everything is available within a short moment of time. Every scalable knowledge is available no time.

Be one in the thick jungles of Amazon or in the uninhabited Moore’s Island, information is readily available. One should only know how to access such information.

After Industrial Revolution, it is now time for Information Revolution. Information Technology (IT) has revolutionised society with miniaturisation of machines of industrial revolution with silicon chips.

Silicon Valley situated in the US shows to the world how the technology can be tapered to better needs of humans. Now most youngsters dream to be part of the Silicon Valley.

India, at present, is at an important juncture in its history, having completed the transition from an agrarian economy to a full – fledged, first – world economy, operating at the leading edge of contemporary technology.

The Indian IT software and services say the story on their own. According to Nasscom in 2005 – 2006, the number of IT employees were 8,78,000 and the export growth of Indian IT software and services was 32.6 percent, above the target of 27 – 30 percent. The domestic market also showed an impressive 29 percent growth.

The IT sector in India is one of the most promising sectors. It is growing at an unprecedented rate. Developing nations like India, the Philippines, and China are leading the undercurrent and 1 spurt in the IT revolution.

The steady growth of IT sector in India is definitely a bonus opportunity for fresh graduates and young professionals. The number of job opportunities for these young professionals is growing at an unprecedented rate.

Gone are the days when M.Tech., Ph.D’s in computer streams used to lead the way, Now young energetic professionals with a high aptitude and with degrees like B.Tech. or MCAs or like simple Diploma Courses from different institutes with expertise in one particular domain hold the nerve of the market.

The domain of computers and Information Technology is so vast that it is not possible for an individual to have an in – depth knowledge of all such domains.

It is for this purpose that Information Technology has bifurcated itself and opened avenues in Software Industry and Hardware Industry.

Software Industry :

A Software basically controls the working of computer as it involves the programs that run the computers, beginning from writing a letter, making graphic design or drawing a plan, etc.

SI.NoBranchAddressCity PIN CodeContact Number
1.Sector - 16C, DwarkaGGSIP University Campus,
Sector - 16C, Dwarka
New Delhi11007528035244, 25302870
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Anand Vihar, Opp. Yamuna Sports Complex
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Plot No.3, Sector - 5, Ashirwad Chowk, Dwarka
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7.Hauz Khas106 And 107, Aurobindo Place,
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Naiwala, Karol Bagh
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10.Kashmere Gate1376, Lothian Road,Delhi11000623957140, 23931386

India is one of the leading giants in the software development. According to recent Nasscom estimates, the Indian IT industry is projected to make about $330 billion in the offshoring market.

By the end of 2007 – 2008, India is expected to hit $50 billion as compared to $39.6 billion in 2006 – 2007. Big names in the IT industry like Tata Consultancy Services (TCS), Infosys Technologies, Wipro, etc., are expected to corner a big turnover for themselves.

TCS, the biggest software service company, posted revenues of ₹ 15,156.52 crore in 2006 – 2007. The company has taken its total staff strength to 85,000.

The company has also set a target of $10 billion in revenues by 2010. Infosys Technologies is not far behind TCS. The company has planned to hire 24,000 people in 2007 – 2008.

The company reported₹ 13,149 crore in revenues in 2006 – 2007, which is 45.6 percent growth over the previous Year.

Wipro, another major leading IT firm, has more than 68,000 employees and focussed non – US regions, Europe and Japan as its key markets.

Aptitude :

One should be technology – driven and have a profound love for working with computers. One should have strong mathematical skills.

Ability to think critically and analytically and the ability to reason logically are the other qualities required in this field.

One should be efficient and hard working and have the ability to handle multi – task and to work well in a team.

Good communication skills are required to interact with and understand the needs of the clients and deliver software programs that would meet their needs.

One should be intelligent with deep and high concentration and have skills in numeracy, imagination, patience and persistence.

Learn ability is one of the most important skills that is prized in IT industry. With the advent of new technologies everyday, one has to be prepared for learning, to look for opportunities to improve and expand one’s knowledge.

One should be able to sit for long hours at a computer terminal and should be able to meet deadlines and targets.

Courses :

Various Courses in Software Technology are available in engineering colleges and other universities across the country Reputed engineering colleges provide courses in software engineering while many universities provide courses leading to BCA (Bachelor of Computer Applications) and MCA (Master of Computer Applications) degrees.

A large number of private institutes across the country also offer courses in Software Technology to the eligible candidates.

Some of the noted institutes offering courses in software technology are the NUT, APTECH, etc. These institutes have their branches spread out all over India.

If one studies in a private institute, one should ensure that the institute is accredited by the DOEACC (Department of Electronic Accreditation for Computer Courses).

One can go in for the DOEACC – accredited courses which are available at different levels – from ‘Q’ and ‘A’ levels to advanced courses at ‘B’ and ‘C’ levels.

The authorised training partners of big software multinationals like IBM, Microsoft, Oracle and Lotus also conduct courses in software technology.

After completion of a course at any of these institutes, one will be required to go through a certified examination which is recognised worldwide.

Computer Technology is such a vast field that an individual can hardly understand or master all such technologies.

Therefore, they are divided into many different sub fields and domains :

Web Technologies : In the application development two web technologies lead the field. They are Java / J2EE and Microsoft NET technologies.

The Java has been in existence for 10 Years. And since then it has become more popular. It has remained one of the topmost web technologies.

The space of development and fast turnaround time have made .NET very popular. After the release of Windows Longhorn in 2006 – 2007, .NET is set to gather further momentum.

Scripting Languages : In programming domain scripting languages play a very important role. There are a number of scripting languages capable enough to scale down the traditional programming languages.

Some of the scripting languages like Linux, Apache, MySQL, Pearl / PHP / Python, LAMP are becoming more popular and as a result more number of vacancies are opening up.

Traditional Programming Languages : Whatever be the case, the traditional programming languages will always be there.

Though the number of vacancies in such languages is less compared to others but when they are coming they are economically more rewarding and also provide for job security.

Also the competition in such vacancies is less as few opt for such option due to toughness of the languages. Languages such as C, C++, Visual C++, COBOL will always be in existence.

Eligibility :

The high – end jobs in Software Development are performed by Software Engineers. One should be a qualified Computer / Information Technology or Electronics Engineer in order to work as a Software Engineer.

The minimum educational qualification required to study engineering in these disciplines is the successful completion of the 10+2 level of education with Physics, Chemistry and Mathematics as the core subjects.

One can also acquire a Degree in MCA (Master of Computer Applications) in order to work as a Software Engineer.

If one is a plain science or commerce graduate, but one wants to work as a Software Engineer One should be trained in a particular computer language or application process.

The minimum eligibility criteria in order to work as a Design / Software Engineer is a Degree in Electronics / Computer Engineering.

Successful completion of the Graduation level of examination, in any discipline, along with proficiency in various computer programs and languages like Java, C++, C, COBOL, FORTRAN, ALGOL, etc., is necessary in order to work as an Application Programmer.

The minimum qualification required to work as a System Analyst is the successful completion of the Graduation level of examination along with knowledge about various systems and prevailing trends in the industry.

Apart from that, one should also have proficiency in a number of computer languages and programs.

Prospects :

The 21st century is the age of computers and a software professional has no dearth of opportunities in terms of work. According to Nasscom, the domestic IT software market is expected to grow by about ₹ 1,000 crore between 2005 and 2009.

In India, the IT industry can be divided into three major areas – Indian IT services and consulting companies like Wipro, Infosys, TCS, etc.; multinational IT service companies like Hewlett Packard, Accenture and Microsoft; and research and development companies like Intel, Microsoft, Oracle, etc.

The best engineering graduates in the electronics or computer science streams from the IITs and NIITs find recruitment in the product research and development companies. On the other hand, engineering graduates from any stream, with good communication skills and confidence, easily find recruitment in IT service companies.

Software jobs involve the running of programs in a computer. Programs are needed for the working of a computer. Through these programs, a user can handle the computer and make it work to do various jobs, starting from writing a letter or painting to making an animation.

The programs are the softwares that assist a computer to function as per the desire of a user.

The job options in Software Industry comprises the following :

Computer Operators : Operators generally use the application software while working on a computer. An application software is different from system software which controls the functioning of a computer.

Application softwares can be bought separately. These softwares are used in accounting, design, development, desktop publishing, database maintenance, etc.

System Software Professionals : The professionals who operate the designing of the Operating System, developing and testing the system software.

System Analyst : The job of a System Analyst is to identify the requirements that a system should meet and producing a design that would nicer those requirements.

The design is concerned with the major parts of the system, their roles and inter – relationships. The analysts encode the procedure details in the design using a suitable programming language.

A candidate having BE / B.Tech and MCA degree in preferred. A System Analyst should have good understanding of business method and computer hardware.

Application Programmer : The job of an Application Programmer is to write a program by breaking up each step of a solution in one of the computer languages.

An Application Programmer directs computers on what to do. His job is to make codes for a program or packages which helps in the computer functioning He is supposed to develop, test and rectify the faults in a computer program in client s application into computer language, analyses existing program, develop high quality and usable code, monitor performance of programming interact with users and provide technical assistance.

An Application Programmer should know programming languages like Visual Basic, C++, C+, Java, etc. A candidate having degree of MBA (systems) or MCA is preferred. The candidate must have thorough knowledge of a computer language.

System Programmer : A system Programmer works on the efficient performance of a computer and its software such as opening system, DBMS of network. He also does the job of a technical adviser to the system analysts, application programmers and operations personnel.

Some of the personal attributes required to be a System Programmer are team spirit, problem solving ability, logical and systematic approach, mathematical skill, patience, determination to produce successful results, creativity and integration.

Database Administrator : The job of a Database Administrator includes organising file and printer server, updating database, assisting in the issues of server hardware and operating system alongwith backup and restore strategies.

He takes up the responsibility of importing third party data into the database, resolving errors reported by software and maintaining security of databases. A person having BE / B.Tech or MCA degree in eligible to be a Data Administrator.

Database Designer : A Database Designer organises the data into related record types and set standard for data access. He acts as a database architecture whose structure meets the need for data storage and reporting.

One can work in a number of positions in the IT sector which is growing by leaps and bounds. One can work as a Software Engineer in any of the large software companies operating in India.

Many small companies also employ Software Engineers, though at a lower pay scale than the large companies like Infosys, Wipro, etc. If one is talented enough, one can get a job in a company like the Microsoft or Sun Microsystems.

One can start one’s career in the IT industry as a trainee Software Engineer. In this position – which one will be taking up directly after passing one’s engineering degree – one will be required to work in the first level of back – end jobs in the IT industry.

Work in software designing houses, software development and the handling of software systems and applications are some of the areas where Software Engineers generally work.

SI.NoBranchAddressStatePin CodeContact Number
1.Hyderabad5 - 1 - 679, Surbhi Arcade,
Bank Street, Hyderabad
Andhra Pradesh500001040 - 24741625, 24742582
2.GuwahatiSS Road, Lakhtokia,
Guwahatikamrup, P.O. Lakhtokia,
Assam7810010361 - 2540529, 2548805
3.Patna MainBiscomaun Bhawan, Ank Road,
West Gandhi Maidan, Patna
Bihar8000010612 - 2219257, 6450656
4.Muzaffarpur1 - B, No. 71, New Road,
Moti Jheel, Muzaffarpur
Bihar8420010612 - 2245044
5.Chandigarh MainSCO 38 - 39, Madhya Marg,
Sector - 7C, Sector - 19
Chandigarh1600190172 - 2793225, 2795172
6.RaipurGurunanak Chowk, Raipur, Chhatisgarh4920010771 - 2292168, 771 4033544
7.AhmedabadOpp. Italian Bakery,
Mission Road, Bhadra,
Gujarat380001079 - 25507087, 25506641
8.SuratShop No.12 To 15,
Reshamwala Market, Ring Road, Surat
Gujarat3950020261 - 2352743, 2352741

Many Software Engineers work to customise data and facilitate the use of software in managing the flow of data.

Software job opportunities are available in banks and insurance companies, as well as in telecommunication firms.

Indian Software Engineers have worked sincerely to create a special niche for themselves in the world of Software. As the superior quality of Indian Software Engineers has been established worldwide, a large number of overseas computer companies are hiring Indian Software Engineers in their organisations.

Every fourth Software Engineer in the world is an Indian. Indian Software Engineers employed with big Indian software companies like HCL, Infosys, Satyam or Wipro, etc., are often sent abroad to handle overseas projects.

As the world is increasingly getting digitized and computerised, the demand for software professionals is increasing steadily and will increase even more in the Years to come.

The software sector is one of the powerful engines driving the Indian economy and in the next few Years, it is expected to throw up millions of job opportunities.

These job opportunities would primarily be in the applications sector and in some specialised sectors like embedded software. One should keep oneself abreast with the latest tools and programming practices in order to ensure success in this rapidly expanding field.

There are ample job opportunities in areas like software application development, infrastructure, infrastructure support and technology support, testing, or those in embedded systems, enterprise applications, IT security, analytics, business and technology consulting, hardware design, manufacture, support and sales marketing.

In an IT company, one has to start as a trainee Software Engineer in which position, one will be required to do software development, write codes and even do the maintenance work. Next, one is promoted to the position of a senior Software Engineer in which one is responsible for the end – to – end development of a software.

The position of the Project Leader is the next rung in which one is responsible to deliver the project on time. The senior most position in this industry is that of a Project Manager.

However, if one does not want to make a foray into management, one can work as a Technical Architect and share the same seniority level as that of a Project Manager.

A Technical Architect designs the software application and handles the technical organisation of the project.

Remuneration :

Software Engineering is a field which offers high rewards in terms of salaries. Even freshers are paid very good salaries in this industry.

One will be paid a starting salary ranging between ₹ 12,000 and ₹ 30,000 per month when one starts one’s career as a Software Programmer, Systems Analyst, Product Designer or Software Engineer.

In a product research and development company, one will earn a starting salary ranging between ₹ 30,000 and ₹50,000 per month.

For fresh Software Engineers in the IT services sector, the salary ranges between ₹ 12,000 and Rs. 25,000 per month.

In embedded software, the salary ranges between ₹ 6 lakh and ₹ 8 lakh per annum. Even higher salaries are paid in big companies like Infosys and TCS while overseas companies hire Software Engineers at really fabulous salaries.

One’s salary goes on increasing with work experience in this industry. With a few Years of work experience under one’s belt, one can set up a software company of one’s own. For an entrepreneur in this industry the sky is the limit in terms of making money.

SI.NoBranchAddressStatePin CodeContact Number
9.FaridabadA - 3 / 3, Nehru Ground,
Faridabad ( NIT )
Haryana121000129 - 2416970, 2412739
10.GurgaonGurdwara Road, GurgaonHaryana1220010124 - 2305304, 2322174
11.Ambala Cantt.Anant Building, Rai Market,
Sadar Bazar, Ambala Cantt
Haryana1330010171 - 2642366, 2640547
12.HissarSCO - 55, Red Square Market Complex, HissarHaryana12500101662 - 237639
13.BahadurgarhUniversal Complex, MIE Delhi - Rohtak Road, BahadurgarhHaryana12450701276 - 267633, 08901300109
14.Rohtak574 / 2, Civil Lines, Near Kutchery, Opp. Mansarovar Park.Haryana12400101262 - 245017, 08901300126
15.Shimla17, Mall, ShimlaHimachal Pradesh-0177 - 2658133, 2707047
16.Jammu56 A / B, Gandhi Nagar,
Jammu & Kashmir1800040191 - 2430265
17.RanchiSainik Bhawan, Main Road,
Jharkhand8340010651 - 2330612, 2331762
18.DhanbadVaradan Complex, 1st Floor,
Jharia PWD Road, Bank More, Dhanbad
Jharkhand8260010326 - 2303182
19.Bangalore City P.B. No.9025, 10, Kempegowda Road,
Gandhi Nagar, Bengalooru
Karnataka560009 080 - 22958803, 22958804
20.TrivandrumP.B. No.45, Indian Bank Towers,
M.G. Road, Thiruvananthapuram
Kerala6950010471 - 2461058, 2471378
21.Bhopal No. 83, Maharana Pratap Nagar,
Zone - 2, Bhopal
Madhya Pradesh 4620110755 - 2571856, 2571487
22.IndoreNo. 4, RNT Marg, G - 1, Ground Floor, Indore,
Shree Vardhaman Complex, Davy Univ. Campus, Indore
Madhya Pradesh4520010731 - 2521177, 0731 - 2521188
23.Andheri11 / 12, Madhav Nagar,
S.V. Road, Andheri ( West ), Greater Mumbai
Maharashtra400058022 - 26205800, 26205900
24.Mumbai FortP.B. No.354, United India Bldg.,
Sir P.M.Road Fort, Mumbai
Maharashtra400001 044 - 22664633, 22658976
25.NagpurGotmare Market, Laxmi Bhavan Squaredharampeth, NagpurMaharashtra4400010712 - 2521056, 07122534380
26.Bhubaneswar32, Janpath, Ashok Nagar Unit - II,
Khurda, Bhubaneswar
Orissa751009 0674 - 2531645, 2532457
27.Rourkela 1140, Main Road, Rourkela, Sundargarh, Orissa769001 0661 - 2520818
28.Jalandhar 922 G.T. Road, Near Bus Stand,
Punjab144001 0181 - 2223911, 5097605
29.LudhianaClock Tower Chowk, Ludhiana,Punjab1410080161 - 2745742, 2741646

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