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Population explosion has led to shrinkage in living space. The need to live comfortably with style, however, has not minimized. Here comes the need of interior Designers, whose demand has increased tremendously in the last few years.

Interior Designers pack in comfort, style, elegance and functionality into small flats into our vertically growing cities as also into large mansion. If you have the flair for designing and also are creative and imaginative enough, you should design for yourself a in this industry.

You will have to design houses etc. Keeping in mind the attitudes, life style and cultural preferences of people. A career in this industry will help you to carve out a successful future for yourself.

And you will laugh all the way to the bank as you design dream – houses for people.

Interior Designing involves the designing and coordinating of the decorative elements of the interior of a house, apartment, office or other structural space, including colour scheme, fittings, furnishings and sometimes architectural features.

It is concerned with designing living space in a manner that is aesthetically appealing as well as functionally useful.

Interior Designing has long been a profession with considerable glamour and money. With each passing day the consciousness on the subject is increasing.

There are basic differences between Interior Designing and Interior Decoration. Interior Designers have formal training in the field and have great deal of technical knowledge of building and structures.

Interior Designers work in close cooperation with Architects in planning the living or working space in a building.

They prepare a layout of interior spaces ventilation, drainage, electrical circuits, air – conditioning, etc., for maximum use of space in a practical manner.

Interior Designers go about their work, keeping in mind the necessities, requirements and tastes of the client.

In Interior Designing, one has to deal in a wide range of areas. One has to deal with construction and finishing materials, lightning, paints and colours for the walls, tiles for the floors, panels for the roof, etc.

One has to select and place indoor objects of utility and decoration like television, computer, beds, sofas, wall paintings, carpets, furnishings, etc.

Interior Designers combine technical perfection along with functionality. They are formed trained to take care of such aspects.

Interior Decorators, on the other hand, do not necessarily need any formal training in the field. Interior Decoration heeds a great deal of imagination, creativity and love for playing with colours and space.

An Interior Decorator gives advice on the appropriate colour scheme, texture, fabric, light effects and decorative materials such as wall papers and tapestry.

An Interior Decorator arranges the colour scheme and furniture along with furnishing in a complete interior.

In Interior Designing, one has to understand the needs of the end – user; devise ways and means to fulfill those need, plan accordingly and execute those plans to perfection.

Interior Decoration, on the other hand, deals with the movable elements of interior Designing such objects and elements that can be introduced, adjusted or removed from the living space easily. Decoration is only the execution of the process of design.

As an Interior Designer, one can specialize in two areas – Residential Designing or commercial Designing. In the area of Residential Designing one will have to work for homes of independent families, bungalows, flats in apartment etc.

Similarly, as the name implies, in Commercial Designing, one will have to design for hotels, restaurants, cafes, banks, corporate offices, shopping malls, etc.

With the rapid growth in the number of specialization areas in Interior Designing, one can specialize in one single area like Kitchen and Bath Designing, Lighting, Landscaping, etc.

Eligibility for Interior Designing Courses :

A three – year Interior Designing course can be pursued immediately after 10+2. Many institutes offer a five – year course in Interior Designing too.

But what one must remember is that the training is just to know the technical details of the profession. One must have style and creativity to stay in business in this challenging field.

Also, one can take up any stream of study at the 10+2 level and follow it up with a Diploma in Interior Designing. It is worth mentioning that knowledge about Vaastu and Feng Shui should be acquired as these disciplines are increasingly being used in the designing and architecture industries.

One can also study Interior Designing at CEPT (Centre for Environmental Planning and Technology). Passing the Standard 12 examination or its equivalent in the Science stream is required with minimum aggregate score of 60% in all the subjects including languages, electives, practical, etc.

Standard 11 with 65% and Standard 12 with 50% aggregate in all subjects is acceptable. School leaving students of Class 12 awaiting results, can also apply if their Standard 10 aggregate had been at least 65%. Their admission would be provisional till results have been declared.

Where to Study Interior Designing Courses :

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1.IT 101Windows Networking and Security
23rd June, 2013
24th June, 2013
07th June, 2013
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10th June, 201314th June, 2013

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